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Woman finds note from Chinese prisoner in purse

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Woman finds note from Chinese prisoner in purse

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29 Comments on "Woman finds note from Chinese prisoner in purse"

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King Kaymen

Stop buying cheap made in China.. especially all you fat inbreads that go to Walmart.

Made in Murica🇺🇸

Jeremy Parsons
i have been to china, 12 and 14 hour work days are normal. many factories have put up nets around the buildings to keep the slaves from jumping out windows, and about 3 months ago the pope was in china and said its doing gods work to kill them for their human organs and selling them. factories in china are closing up in record numbers as the ccp demands more bribe money from the big companies or the ccp just moves in and takes over the factory. they also made new law that says all money once in china must… Read more »
ZZ Trump

It was a take out menu


Isn't communism just so wonderful?

Adam Howard

It's sad that slavery still exists and almost no one cares or talks about it


Walmart is …..WOW

Gamer 49

Prisoner? Think you reached too far, too fast there fox. Get more info.

White Master Mariner

No chinky here that can translate for us ?


sorry nobody not even Jesus can help that person

Sam Bananas


Arizona Patriot
I'm not sure what mentioning a name or an address or phone number would accomplish . Dismissing this note as BS is Partaking in the brutal slave Labor . We all know as consumers we fall heard the horror stories in China about slave labor holding these people not giving him lunch very little food very little water countless hours a day in Day out no rest. United States of America alone has rebuilt China now they've got a navy they've just put up a brand-new aircraft carrier there there enhancing all of their military equipment. The best thing that… Read more »
John Henry Reaves

Note found tucked inside new purse, here it the thing, all of those low priced items from China, come at someone's expense. In China they take Christians prisoner and force them to slave labor in factories.

That is where they make all the goodies and doodads that you lust for.

Larry Horton

this will be an American story within the next 20-50 years if we don't stop the communist socialist democratic ideology that's plaguing our colleges and todays youth. Bernie Sanders might have won, and he was running on 'redistribution of wealth'…. yea it sounds good to everyone who doesn't want to work but in reality you start taking the rich's money, the rich will just leave. leaving a broken economy in more poverty than when it started.

Cheryl Daily

Made in China, made in hell. I've heard worse are the conditions of people making our Christmas lights, we should be aware of how we spend our money and what it accomplishes. Ignorance is no excuse.

The Alternate-News Network
The Alternate-News Network

The note is a fake… It's written left to right… That's not the way Chinese write…



Vicki Fischer-Rasmussen
Vicki Fischer-Rasmussen

If this is real, I hope the publication of the letter does not get the writer or others killed.

Conservative Lantern
I have seen this story on another station and the translation of the letter changes. It is not clear that this is from a prisoner. It says that somewhere in Guangdong there is a prison in which people must work 12 or 14 hours and must complete work or they will be hit by the boss. It also says the food is plain and without flavor, and that prisoners are treated like dogs or cows are in America. The bottom of the letter is cut off here but in another news story the bottom was shown. It contained six characters… Read more »

Compared with the Norwaignain prison which treats the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik really nicely (and he still complained about the types of video games he can play in the prison), what that Chinese prison does is a much better solution: to make the prisoners contribute to the society, instead of to feed them for nothing while they can actually still work, even by force.


I would prefer to use something made by prisoners, than to pay my tax to feed prisoners who do nothing.


Who cares that millions of Chinese are held in virtual slavery when it means we can by tons of inexpensive shit that we don't need?

zhao hong

A chinese prisoner risked his life put a letter inside a purse. for what? fake new


as long as i save a few dollars slave labor over seas is ok. i support Wal-mart more than ever. always finding ways to save a few bucks

yiwei wang

"中国广西莫山监狱犯人每天做工十四小时,中午不得休息。晚上加班到十二点。谁做不完就挨打…………饭菜没有油盐。每月老板给犯人二千元饭菜被警察吃完…………犯人有病吃药要扣钱…………在中国监狱不如美国马牛羊猪狗…………" China's Guangxi Moshan prison prisoners work 14 hours a day, no rest at noon. Overtime work to twelve o'clock at night. Whoever can not finish get beaten … … no oil or salt in meals. Monthly, boss pays each 2000 yuan (300USD) for food. Food money was eaten (taken) by the police …If prisoners is sick, medicine cost is deduced from the pay … Chinese prisonner has a worse life than an American horse, cattle, sheep, pig or dog …


bad hand writing and many mistake, sent him back to kindergarten.


last time i saw this shit bush junior was running for presidency


Well, you went to prison not for vacation, right? This teaches us: don't break the law!

Lee Churchill

Watch for falling prices, and human rights.


Just going to point out the message says the "Slave" is getting 2000 yuan a month. My E-pen pall from china says she gets 800 a month as an executive secretary / web manager and that is more then a factory worker



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