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Why Self-Esteem Is Self-Defeating

Why Self-Esteem Is Self-Defeating

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Why Self-Esteem Is Self-Defeating

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24 Comments on "Why Self-Esteem Is Self-Defeating"

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Michael Groesbeck

Ego vs Ability.

Snake Pliskin

One of my new favorite channels

lenilisi lisi

He is very right!
What did parents tell to TRUMP and Erdogan?

David Williams

My friend had the dux of his high school come up to him in a pub and begged for a job.

Jacek Czuba

Thank you. Finally something straightforward for the "all are winners" culture.

General Lee

This is a great video! The problem also gets extended to people's pets. "Give Fluffy a rub on the belly, otherwise she'll feel bad." I don't care how Fluffy feels. Political Correctness is ruining his country. What's he difference between an amateur and a professional? An amateur does when they want, a professional does when they don't want.


Let's kill everyone who's a bum and untalented and hasn't achieved anything in life. They are worthless. Right?

Yonathan Dalí

This is untrue. Self esteem is about how you feel about what you have, how you look, and how much you care about what other individuals think about you. I am a psychology student so I should know what the concept relates to. Please cease.

Arturo Garza
Sorry to everyone who watched the video and agrees with Matt Walsh but most of his points are incorrect. The actual definition of self- esteem is "confidence in one's own worth or abilities" not the practical definition he gave you of "to regard yourself with admiration." This definiotion is too generalized and only proves his point more even though it is inaccurate. Also his presentation feels very biased, his arguments come from just his own experiences. And yes I know everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion but in regards to self-esteem you can't judge this notion on whether it… Read more »

No one is sepcial. I can almost guarantee that what trait you most value in yourself is shared by hundreds of thousands if not millions.

JJ Ken-Hay

Wow, talk about a change in perspective. I had never thought of the difference between confidence and self-esteem. I mean, I am special because I am me, but I lack confidence. 😉

Robin Fletcher

He has no clue and very respect for himself. Pitiful excuse for a man.

Noah cross

But I want the award for breathing.

Colonel Dinggus

My parents always told me "you can feel however you want but you can't do whatever you want."

Bob Hans
I usually agree with pragerU, but here I think you have completly missed the point. and I am not endorsing the whole everyone gets a trophy culture we have, but I have recently learned that happiness, confidence and mental strength must come from within, and it must not be based on outside factors. Trump once said you have to tell yourself that you are great and you have to believe it, if you can say but not believe it doesn't matter so just go out there and work hard. the reason why happiness, confidence/self esteem and mental strength must not… Read more »
Daniel Mancillas
Daniel Mancillas


Mark West

Lol…great video! Earned Prager greatness….confidence!

Jeste AKA Nobody

I think it's good to strike a healthy balance between recognising your failings and striving to improve yourself, but also being able to forgive yourself for these failings and not descend into self loathing.

eric winters

USA is a country of narcissists

José Ángel

There is a big difference between narcissism and self esteem,but clearly whom made this don't know it.

Jojo jordan

finally !! some common sense! !

Kelly He

I feel like this needed to be said

Axel Erlandsson

What is this. 1984?



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