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Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

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Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

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48 Comments on "Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?"

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Spencer Thompson

Has there ever been a successful communist country? And if you say China you need to realize that they had to scale back their government in the economy because it was destroying it. They are hardly communistic country anymore when it comes to their economy.

I rest my case.

John Moore


Christopher Morris

Thank you, Mr. Prager.


Hitler gave millions of Germans jobs in the 1930s, had the Beetle, people's car, autobahn. Lifting Germany out of depression.

A vegetarian and anti-smoking with a WORKING GUN CONTROL LAW, pro animal rights.

Loves his country. Knows the horrors of communism.

Overall, he's just the average guy that came to great power ultimately seen as evil.


bcuz ur gay

Bruce Lee

better question is why USA no attack Kim Jong Un and save North korean people

Julia Lycyniak
Too bad that Germans' narrative now is to blame Poland for Holocaust. "Concentration camps? They were in Poland, right? So therefore they were polish! It were Poles that killed all those Jews!" Of course, it's all not true. Poles suffered as much as the Jews, because only in Poland there was a death penalty for helping or hiding Jews. Moreover, it were Germans that worked in those camps and were murdering both Poles and Jews (it was proved recently by polish Institute of National Remembrance which published the names of workers in concentration camps. That's right, they were all German).… Read more »
עדין חייקין
עדין חייקין
I think the reasons Nazism is more hated than communism is because of two main reasons: the first is because, unlike Nazi Germany. An absolute majority of the victims of Communism died because of the indifference of the government. Not because the government really sent people to kill them. Many of them died as a result of stupid government economic moves. Such as the "Great Leap" in China. A second reason is that although Nazism managed to survive only 12 years (of which only 6 years was really in operation). He managed to kill nearly 20 million people at such… Read more »

Who said i hates Nazism???? I really hate communism tho


Communism should be hated at least as much as Nazism. At least nazism kinda worked in Germany. The economy was working well and unemployment was low and everything was going quite good, until they started killing jews and attacking countries…


People don't know because a lot of teachers are Marxists. Where do you think Social Justice comes from? It splinters people into infinitely smaller groups and pits them against each other so they aren't paying attention to the real issues. They're the reason we have Feminists vs. MGTOW, Antifa vs. Free Speech, and loads of other nonsense.

Legend of Link

why isnt capitalism less hated then nazism?

Shaun Bradley

The worst thing is the hipster teens who glorify communism and celebrate killers like Che Guevara, to seem cultured or something? if I was to were a Hitler t shirt I'd be slaughtered. it's disgusting in my opinion, glorifying the worst possible regime ever known.

Il Capitalista

Simple. Because the winners write history.

Aaron Villanueva

Phil Jackson?

Reach Victoria

Reason #1 was all that was needed. And #1 contributes to the others plentifully.

Strawberry Jam

That comrade is not communism what you described. Communism is the freedom of people and workers, trying to create utopia. What soviet russia did was just a dictatorship. Communism will rise.


b-but i-it wasn't real communism


It's simple really, Jews hate National Socialism, so the goyim should too.

Michael LGBBQ Pence


Jonatan P

Because winners write history

Kobi Shitrit

Best PragerU video I watched. By far.

First of all: There has never been any evidence for the ridiculous claim that Communism har killed 100 milion people or 200 million or 300 million or whatevet bullcrap number conservatives throw out. Second: The Soviet Union experienced the highest economic growth ever recorded in history through the 1920's and 1930's. They made up for a 50 year gap in industry and technology in only 10 years, something that took the West much longer. Third: The Communist countries were responsible for defeating Nazism/Fascism. They lost in total some 40 million lives and caused the Axis 80% of their casualties during… Read more »

I wish communism would still exist in Russia.

Jake Cox

funny for all this Holocaust talk no one has yet presented any actual evidence the even one jew was gassed…. just do the math Holocaust is part of the Jewish religion. in the Torah it says something along the lines of six million Jews have to disappear before the state of Israel could be found it or something like that. there are a bunch of times throughout history when 6 million jews died.

Anton Deryabin



What about the victims of capitalism? Democracy?

random guy

I think communism as a greatest experiment ever conducted on mankind,,,,result today every so called commies want their economy to be & liberalised & wants to fair in "ease of doing business"


Because communism was created by the (((((THE CHOSEN PEOPLE)))))))), while Nazism tried to eliminate them.


Because the nazis tried to kill the jews and communism didn't, see the difference?
Doesn't matter the number, only the target.

Ibn Falastin

Nazism are the same as Zionism. I'm socialist.

White Master Mariner

I say the jewish holocaust was fabricated by greedy jews looking to cash in after WW2.
Why do i say this ? I must be a monster, right ?
Consider the millionsss of survivors of these so called "death camps" and given the fact the Germans are a very efficient people. If the Germans had truly wanted to kill the jews do you seriously believe they would have failed so miserable at it ?
If the Germans had wanted to kill jews they could have done so very easily, but the prolific number of survivors disproves any claims of a holocaust.


Until we take back our public schools and universities, we run the risk of losing our nation to communism.

Pi Napple Guy

Damn commies

HCN 27.0253g/mol

Was Cummunism ever used? If not how are they sure it will work?

Pedro Barbosa Duarte



The problem with America is there's to many people unlike Prager in power.

1776 1884

the left refuse to being up Communism simply because itll not only show that Stalin murdered way more then the leftwinger Hitler did. but also it would betray who they truly are as leftwingers. Facism, marxism, leftism are (all) based on Socialism.


I think it's because what the Communists were after were often objectively good things. Equality, Democracy, Fair wages for work. The downside being the force with which they pursued them and the authoritarianism they used to get it. I don't see communists as evil, they're simply wrong. Whereas a nazi (a real nazi not the modern 'nazi') is obviously evil.

Dislaimer: i'm a social democrat, not a communist. How many people died under capitalism? British Raj, Congo Free State, Every single US foreign intervention (Iraq, Iran, Guatemala, Philippines, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Zaire and dozens more) the native american genocide, the slave trade, South Africa apartheid, wars caused by capitalist imperialism such as WW1 and so much more. The atrocities that occur under communism are not inherently caused by communism itself. The famines in ukraine were due to Stalin's approach of divide and conquer, and the famine in china was due to overestimating how much food would be grown, the corruption… Read more »
Justin Bouche

the reason is simple, people whom support socialism know that Communism shares just about every fundamental characteristic of their ideology. They do not want to admit that their ideals are Marxist, dont work, and always led to communistic practices.


I agree with most of the video, but it's ironic when you say that these communist countries don't acknowledge the evils done in former times when the US is totally ignorant about all the evils they committed…

Sune Nymann

Death toll of capitalism. 1.6 billion and counting…

The Red Pillow

I HAVE A BRILLIANT IDEA! democratic fascism.

Bat'el Shimoni

That might be true in Western countries but here in the Philippines, communism is very much loathed due to the atrocities of the CPP-NPA-NDF, a communist organization with an armed rebel group. They have killed so many Filipinos in their "cause" and people will hardly forget those killings because they are very recent.

Harman Smith


Vu Nguyen

do not listen communist say but look at what they do.


Leftists who are supposedly anti-fascists but are socialists are hypocrites because socialist skilled many more people than Nazis in the 20th century.



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