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Why Feminism is Anti-God | Louder With Crowder

Why Feminism is Anti-God | Louder With Crowder

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Why Feminism is Anti-God | Louder With Crowder

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23 Comments on "Why Feminism is Anti-God | Louder With Crowder"

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J Sweatt

I know you are a Christian man, Crowder. That being said, your first though in the morning should be God, then your wife. Your last thought of your day should be your wife, then God. Giving Him praise and the glory for the things He has blessed you with. In other words, He should be the first thing you think of in the morning, and the last thing you think of before you sleep. All other things will fall into place, as you give Him the glory for all things. Peace be with you.

as a atheist trust me more than half of us don't want feminist or sjws.many of us dont hate god we just are skeptical about anything supernatural and dont see religion or spiritual manifistation as realistic to human existance. but many radical feminist and leftist progressives tried to subvert atheism by using it as a convient platform to expouse anti western and I think marxist views. I don't want to get into the issue of gender roles but I would say I loosely agree men and women are complementary. (id rather cut my tongue out than use leftist terminology like… Read more »
Reinulus Aurelius

A wife who humiliates her husband makes her whole family look retarded.

A woman who elevates her man makes herself look good.

When a woman elevates and praise and honors her own husband in public – she is doing good marketing/PR for her whole family.

Get Wrecked

Awesome video!

Charles Martel

Any culture that allows the cancer of feminism to grow will be extinct within a generation.

The reason people inherently "know" that things like murder are immoral/wrong/evil is because God does exist and "wrote" these values into human heart/conscience… "They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them." -Romans 2:15 So, Christianity can, and does, account for why "everyone just knows" that those things are objectively and morally wrong, whereas Atheism cannot account for that, among many other things[1], including itself. That's not to say that everyone will acknowledge this, since as Romans 1:18 notes, some people… Read more »
The lack of religion in someones life isn't really a major issue…..unless those non-religious people replace that void with the love and worship of the state. And since we humans are mammals, we love to follow leaders. And for this natural reason, most people either choose to worship religion or the state. As a conservative/libertarian, I believe in individual responsibility through and through. You are in charge of your own life, the choices you make have consequences. You can't wait for or expect the state OR the all powerful, ever present sky wizard to bail you out. (Sorry for the… Read more »
Shannon Shaw

This was awesome. As a Christian, I've never struggled with the "submit" part because I know that in God's eyes we're equal and the husband must "submit" to the wife just in different ways. But I have had friends who've struggled with this a bit and I think this was a great explanation.

Justin Widle

God isn't real. If god WAS real, we'd all be dead within the blink of an eye. And if god IS real, then it doesn't give a shit about it's creation and turned it's proverbial back on us the moment "adam & eve" decided to think for themselves.

Kumbu ka

maybe the reason we're in this mess is because of our inclination to show mercy

Dorky Dancer

this is an excellent channel.

Jay Dickman

2:35 he said fucktion hehehe

Andrew Ke
Funny you should mention the role family values, as it has influenced, even if slightly. the structure of western government or the structure of how power is distributed in the constitution because the Chinese philosopher Confucius believed that governmental structure should be based off the nuclear family as well. In fact the successful and happy Chinese family is too similar and coincidental to the successful and happy western family that it cannot be considered coincidence that the ideal family structure is so similar between the two cultures. It cannot be ignored at the very least. The only difference I can… Read more »

All concepts of the Modern Jew are anti God.

Michael Kaiser


Rewent Collinder

Anti-christian conception of god does not mean anti-god.


I find this video hilarious. Because I became an athiest and anti-third wave because of my mother. A Christian third wave feminist. Religion and feminism can really make a great team. Don't believe me, look at feminism right now, fawning over Islam. They day will come, when these "big girls" will slap on headscarves and beg for oppression and the fall of the west. Why do think they want that immigrant dick in their Pussy so badly.

joe Cosby

Gods Will be done!


Feminism had rotted the family to the core, and has made an entire generation of women unhappy and alone. it is nothing but a waste of time, and a waste of brain cells


I wanna hear more LWC Bible talk!


Loved this….this is how my husband and I try to love out our marriage.

Grapefruit Simmons

whats wrong with that? if god exists it is a terrible person. giving babies cancer, fuck that invisible cunt

Dillan Johnson

Crowder continues to conflate the values of the bible with the values of the enlightenment. Shocking.



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