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What’s a Quarter-Life Crisis?

What’s a Quarter-Life Crisis?

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What’s a Quarter-Life Crisis?

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe… youth unemployment (18-25 years old) is 49%…
Talk about a mild life crisis !
France is at 24% too ! And I'm living it !
*spoiler alert, that somewhere are Greece & Spain…

The Empire 27

I think you should stick to politics.

Pepper Spray

I cannot stand DP here… "I had everything anyone in America would love to have, but it just wasn't enough." Elitist neverTrumper dbag…


Life is shit lol

Ben Hunter

Nice job Dana!


From the mighty Ben Shapiro to…this?? Why such a rush to post this at 4AM? This feels more like a filler. It truly is something you would put on the overnight time slot. Adam Carolla's videos on life were better.

Art Lover

"Nothing will happen if you're sitting on your couch waiting for life to begin," well said.

Hokum Isolated

I hate when baby just pop-up in my hands.

Abby H.

idiots in the comments…being young, pretty, and white doesn't mean you have an problem-free life. yeah, you may have friends, money, but that doesn't mean that your mind just stops worrying and having insecurities.

And no, I'm not a pretty rich white girl. im poor as heck and Latina, but unlike y'all idiots, I can understand everyone has feelings.

lepdener jamir


Michael Leeman

God won't drive a parked car. Thank you for sharing this Ms. Perino.

Johnny Hell

seem like shes talking to rich young adults. how many ppl work in capital hill or even work in such a job. who can afford to just leave

Evolution Glitch

Dammit Dana! Where was this video when I was 25?!!


I HAD a quarter life crisis.. it was bad. i had wasted my education on liberal arts deg, and knew my life would be worse off. i since got a job that partially offsets the damage



John Barleycorn

Good advice.

S Blower

Took one look at the title, and genuinely thought it was talking about the Quarter life of an atom, no joke.


When you have a quarter-life crisis and you aren't even graduating yet:

Jesus Christ died for your sins on a cross and rose again after three days. You have committed evil deeds, as all humans have done. God is a just judge, and must punish you for these sins, because he is perfect by his nature. But God loves you, does not want to punish you. This is why God took the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and died as a sacrifice for your sins on a cross. He was punished for your sins, so that you could be made righteous in God's sight. After three days, Jesus rose again, because… Read more »

conservative women do it better.


I have a midlife crisis at my quarterlife crisis… what can I say… I am pretty smart

hehtrs sjetn

Thank you prager. I really needed this.

Michal Olos

In short, please sort yourself out with best tool to overcome mid-life crisis.

Kase 317

maybe you should have stopped with the career and got you a husband and some kids.


Very relatable crisis. I'm 22, recently finished college but I've found myself in a low end job just to pay the bills without a certain goal in life I desperately want to leave the place I live now (moms house… yeah). I have some idea of what I want to do in the short term but moving out would be expensive and I don't know whether it would be the right decision or not.


Thank you so much for this advice! It's just what I needed!

Tim Morse
I can tell you Midlife was easier than first quarter life. From then to now, I started a career a business, raised a family bought a house and traveled. What I learned about midlife had more to do with the time between then the 2 epocs. Where do we place our value, how do we invest our time, who do we invest in. My wife and I invested in 2 major things, our children and service. we invested in our children to teach them to be independent, smart but most to have virtue. In service to our church, addiction councelling,… Read more »
Todd Abbott
For some that might work, but for other it would not. Figure out what you want and adjust your life so you can reach those goals. You want to be in a big city or out in the country then a move might be eventually in your plans, but many people are happy where they are at. You had a good job, apartment, and friends, but lacked a relationship and felt bored most of the time. It sounds like you needed to join a gym or get involved with other groups. Go read at the park, go walking, go dancing.… Read more »
David K Dyer

Dana is too nice. At 22 I worked two jobs – the meat department in grocery store and delivering the local newspaper at night – everyday I asked myself, 'Why?' So, I quit and joined the US Army, became an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division until I broke myself physically and became medically 'retired' at 26. THAT is a FIRST WORLD problem. Dana, if she were NOT the nicest person in media could have merely said, 'Quit yer Bitc'n'!'



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