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Weekly Update 12.22.17

Weekly Update 12.22.17

VIDEO: Trump TV. Videos, live streams and more. Tune in for the best in conservative videos.

Weekly Update 12.22.17

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Matt Warner

Great job lying to public

Matt Warner

Whatever Russell

Boomer Games

Loser trump

Ivan Kinsman

Sorry to spoil the party Laura but, as Bernie correctly points out, the controversial tax cuts plan is a big win for Donald and his super rich buddies:

Sanders attacks tax plan as Trump celebrates with friends: 'You all just got a lot richer':

Maxi Man the Maxi Can Martinez
Maxi Man the Maxi Can Martinez

Thank you Laura. These Trump News Clips Should Be On MSM Prime Time ! #MAGA



Chandini 82

Good job.Thanks

Jenny OkieGirl

God Bless President Trump! God Bless America! 🇺🇸


thanks for the real news!

Heart of Dixie

President Trump is Making America Great Again

Paulo Sergio Amâncio
Paulo Sergio Amâncio

JUNDIAÍ/SP – BRASIL – Good Morning. I have a blog that calls itself Patriots from the City of JUNDIAÍ/SP – I have a blog that calls itself Patriots from the City of JUNDIAÍ that is non-profit, I wonder if the Donald Trump Channel for President authorizes the sharing of these videos. I support President Donald Trump and all the Christian countries that today defend themselves from Communist Socialism and Islam. Brazil – Paulo Patriota CJ


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Steve Baish

I think you tube is putting these videos down the pecking order . They never seem to come up when uploaded. Then a week later, up they come

Randy Bostic

Terrific job! It's not easy taking on fakestream media, the swamp, the establishment, and the wackos all of whom, most apparently, do NOT want America to be Great Again. We admire you Mr. President. Thank you and Happy New Year.


If you don't like him, why are you watching him? Also, why do people hate Trump? "Oh, because…my friend said so." Really people? He is your leader, not your enemy.


You are fake news!


President Trump put a stop to these criminal traiders that are making and passing laws to destroy our 2nd Amendment the same criminals are allowing Armed terrorist training camps to be set up in every state while disarming the American people what part of shall not be infringed upon do they not understand TREASON should be punishable by Death my opinion

Kim Smith

Thank you Laura Trump for keeping us informed with our Presidents TRUTH. PLEASE KEEP OT COMING. MY TV IS IN THE SHED NOW FOR 1 YEAR. GOT MY BRAIN BACK



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