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TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder

TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder

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TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder

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26 Comments on "TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder"

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You tell me, does the Young Turks clickbait know no bounds?

nick zwarg
Lol, so, this goes without fail. Tyt, seth myers, & John Oliver, always delete my comments. Every time. (I think it is because #5) Anyway.> The CBO was off by 50% when it came to Obamacare enrollment. Further, they have also been dead wrong on Premium Increases. Where can I see an analysis from them on why they were so off?. Anyway, some Obamacare facts. 1. There will be, at this point, 47 counties in the USA with 0 insurers for 20182. As many as 1,200 counties, 40% nationwide, could have 1 insurer for 2018. ***2.4 million exchange participants are… Read more »
Pablo Pastor

What if you went to any doctor you CHOOSED? Including a witch doctor. Would that drive the cost of health care UP OR DOWN? Second question, who survives?


I'll watch some videos but won't subscribe because fuck you.

Åke son

To be fair, Bismarck WAS German.

Åke son

Seriously, Crowder is so fucking stupid its ridiculous. He completely misunderstood the YT discussion about doctors being more likely to heal you than to kill you. Yes, obviously it had to do with advancement in medicine. Did YT somehow deny that?


I like your videos but just have a jump cut and not a white flash at every cut. It's really distracting


Watch it with the ad homonym Crowder. I love ya buddy, and I know you're better than that.

s vanner

Does the Weimar Republic mean anything to these bozos? Yeah, if it wasn't for WW2 Germany would have collapsed into fiscal oblivion – that's how you get out of the Ponzi scheme – you kill off most of the recipients.

Esme eisen

Good thing this guy hired aomeone to laugh at his jokes. Only way he can get a laugh

- -

1:40 Average Life expediency was that low mainly do to infant mortality and childhood deaths.

It wasn't uncommon for the people who made it into adulthood to grow old. Do just five minutes of research before spouting shit.

Stephen Owen
Just some points on your video:– Yes the life expectancy was low but that was largely down to infant mortality rates– On the idea that private healthcare is cheaper and yields better results, you are talking shit. In literally every report that is done, the US lags behind on price and has a lower life expectancy than most countries. Yes it is a bigger country but China has over 1bn more people and is only 3 years off you despite having had less time to develop and shit working conditions. Your healthcare is dreadful. In the UK it is about… Read more »

Pause and read the graphics he's citing.

1. He says life expectancy is higher in the United States, then shows a graphic that says Germany is slightly higher.

2. "depending on the type of cancer it can be twice as high in the United States", then shows a study that says "overall, long-term survival continues to be somewhat better in the United States" That's the best quote you can find to validate your claim?

There is a correct answer to the problem of health care. Take off you're partisan jersey and lets fix the problem.


actually, the sanitation laws of the late 19th century are more likely the reason for greater health and longevity…
but I'm just a conspiracy theory follower, I guess.

John Shoben

5:41 your literally drowning in your own delusion

Pietro Basso Silva

You talking about clickbait? You get ppl to click on your videos by adding TYT to the title. You get attention by exploiting their popularity. And btw right wings and comedy don't really go together. Every time you try you just come across as a d-bag.

Anjolie Barrios

Wait a sec. You could only get excempt from taxes if you're rich in Denmark? Isn't that the opposite for what the leftists SHOULDN'T be defending?


Stephen, why would you decide to wear a blouse? Thats so left wing!

Fed Kat

I like the "deep state" shirt the tyt host was wearing. So subtle….

Gil Fiazon


My argument against the "let's just do single payer" leftist paradigm is… if Obamacare was built from the beginning to not work then how do we know that the same folks who messed that up will do better with single payer? The USA's public education system is inferior to that of Europe and (NorthEast) Asia. Hmmmm, interesting that it isn't compared to, say, South America or Africa. Anyhoo, we already have socialized public education and that doesn't work well so how would single payer in the states work as well as that in Germany (assuming that German healthcare really is… Read more »
Joe Reyes

you people are fucking retarded

Kondzio Kowalski

"we have to protect the entire industrialised free world" you only protect western Europe, Canada,Israel,south korea, and scandinavia ok that is more then other countries but its not the "entire industrialised free world" so stop lying for the sake of your ego

Casey Mathews

basic history knowledge would really benefit the young Turks. Bismark was buying the servants loyalty, and the price was at below the cost to them

E. C. Watts

😂 Do you even economics, bro?

Teagan the Atheist
If u have more people using "free" universal healthcare than people paying….its doomed. In Canada, universal healthcare was a great idea cuz the only ppl using were the payers cuz everyone worked cuz the population was low. Enter modern "immigration" that brings in ppl who are unemployable at best and want hand outs and now our healthcare is a joke and has been for well over a decade now. Universal healthcare is failing bigtime all around the world and its cuz of mass immigration into societies where there are less jobs and more automation by the day.Like everything that operates… Read more »


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