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TV host fired for appearance on ‘Tucker’ speaks out

TV host fired for appearance on ‘Tucker’ speaks out

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TV host fired for appearance on ‘Tucker’ speaks out

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24 Comments on "TV host fired for appearance on ‘Tucker’ speaks out"

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Eric Boyd

Canada (like Europe) is a prime example of what we DON'T want America to become. A disgusting, pathetic collection of cucks, cowards, freaks, faggots, and feminists… and maybe a few genuine tough people thrown in the mix. And if Canadian released ISIS fighters cause us harm, we should invade their country. We'd own Cuckanada in 3 days.

Jeremy Parsons

Ahhh socialized at last. I hope people like the BLM will start getting arrested for their crap and the entire CNN crew if we had Canada's laws here in US.


My Country's dead!


Hey Canada, want this shit to stop? GET RID OF FUCKING TRUDEAU!

Mama Trama

It was not a good conversation. He looked like an idiot because he didn't know what the letters stood for, and you rudely talked over him numerous times. It makes sense that he would not be allowed to go to another news outlet. Many companies have similar rules.

Angel with an a

What? He totally represented them 100%. That's crazy


people in America get fired for Twitter post

A Dohmnail

There has never been and is no free speech in Canada. You absolutely can be fired and possibly jailed for speech. I do not even know who this guy is but he should never be fired for his opinions, as ridiculous as they are. The problem is that we just have a state sponsored and paid for media system that is ideologically based, much like the US. At least in the US you have alternative views that can be expressed. Canada is like Europe in which they will imprison you for talking about ideas they do not like.

Richard KL44357

is this the sunshine days that justin Trudope promised the Canadian people?
Dam commie bastard!

antonia banoczi

Canada is a liberal fascist country…..

Agusta Sister

Make a bet.say nigger nigger nigger and not be black


There must a revolution for a new constitution to sanctifying freedom of speech and once it is in the DNA of a country’s birth no one should dare to make a mockery by passing so called hate speech laws to shut down debate or criticism in Canada

Global Agenda

As a Canadian and frequent watcher of LeDrew this reeks of Censorship. CTV is totally controlling the narrative, just as CBC pushes any 'agenda' that Trudeau and his LGBTQ Community wishes. Too bad for LeDrew getting caught up in the Freedom of Speech debate here in Frozen Canada. Peace.

Master Chief 00117

Give him a job at Fox…That would make the Fascist Canadian Government mad as hell… Knowing they helped someone get a raise and better job! As I would stick it in their eye. Muhahaha….

Tim Rudisill

"No one likes to be mocked, Mr. Beck" Haaaa! 🙂

Rix Pix

…but he's not an alien! Lol

Rix Pix

Because truth is competition for the MSM!

Celebrity Dildos Inc.
Celebrity Dildos Inc.

I hate how shocked Tucker Carlson acts about everything. You know exactly why anyone would have an issue with you or your show. And I wonder how clueless he would act if Fox wasnt paying him to run a show that panders hard to the worst of Trump supporters.

yann zahn

a hardcore liberal came to defend their lgbtqqwruietbsvnka whatsoever, and then was fired by his liberal boss. liberal's free speech haha

Nunya Business

He should have been canned. He isn't credible anymore.

John Grytbakk

The West is a very crazy place now.

My ways of thinking!

I love Tucker, but he is being FAR less than honest here. Wanna test the theory Tucker? Go back on Infowars again! I remember that fox told Tucker after he went on Infowars about two years ago that he CANNOT go back on there again. So, give it a try and let's see if you too will be fired! I'm betting YES! Lol! It's the worst time in our countries history right now to hold the U.S. up as the bastion of free speech. We have lost it and we have to fight to get it back!

Bigg Redd

I mean Tucker.
Tucker Tucker bo bucker,
Banana Fanna Fo Fu….er,
Me Mi Mo Mucker…,

Jessica Contreras

Old men tucker you can't even read!!! Get some glasses 👓



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