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Tucker: We’re moving to standard where accused means guilty

Tucker: We’re moving to standard where accused means guilty

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Tucker: We’re moving to standard where accused means guilty

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37 Comments on "Tucker: We’re moving to standard where accused means guilty"

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Chickens come home to roost.


Funny how all the "left" perverts are guilty, but all the conservative perverts are innocent. Interesting how that works.


Liberals wanted this and now they're being destroyed by it.

Alex S

You mean like Jose Zarate? Who was declared guilty of murder by Fox news even though he was found innocent in the justice system? Yes we are moving towards standard where even the president goes on television and says someone is guilty without due process

Guada Galindo

It’s over Tacka!

Dennis Beers

We are innocent until proven guilty!

David Sibley

It is very common because it has been defined so broadly. It has been defined to include normal behaviors.

Barnabas Born

Just start shouting allah akbar already

Thaddeus Pawlicki

Perhaps it is mass hysteria?


Deplorable's lose, morality wins! People like Tucker Carlson's reputation can't be redeemed when the people begins to wake up from the drug called Trump.

Rob Happe

Attack is the best approach. Sue women making false statements after so many years. These crimes must be reported when happened and not when it's convenient!

Shaun Varga

LOL not so funny when it happens to your guys, is it? Fox News is the king of publishing bullshit like birtherism.

Maester Laemon

Tucker is just prepping his defense for when those little boys accuse him of touching them in naughty places!

Care to C

Innocent until PROVEN guilty, last time I checked — that's the law in our US of A. Jury has 12 people on it.

Sheldon Cooper

I hate to break this to you, but eye witness testimony is technically evidence so please stop saying that you don’t have proof because you have 5 different women, and the mall Roy Moore was banned from. He isn’t innocent. Also, only like 5% of all reported sexual crimes are false.

Augustus McRae

Dems have been caught offering money to women who will lie about Trump sexual assaulting them. I don't take any of these allegations seriously anymore. Just too much dem anti-trump collusion going on and too much dem money being offered.

DarthRevan .Gaming

Do you people remember what Tucker said about Al Franken?
Now that the spotlight is back on Trumptard they start to claim we should have more proof… what about all the other witnesses who corroborated the testimony of the Trump victims.


"To be accused means to be judged guilty" … Let me correct that for you Tucker… "To be accused by a WOMEN means to be judged guilty"… because we are living increasingly in a female supremacy society. Men would not get away with this horse shit.

If we act like this is just a standard of justice issue we are missing the point.. this is a specific group trying to assert itself as a untouchable class in our society. And to be clear that untouchable class is Women on the Left

Christian Tshiamala

Tucker preaching!!!

Katherine Richards

What fun it will be to watch the crazy when men start accusing women in high places

Explosive Yamz

Bunch of psychopath sickos run this world. And that's a fact.

Samantha Young

So the accuser is anonymous… The constitution says we have a right to face our accusers. So this man was fired and don’t know who accused him? Wow


They swept through europe years ago just before the invasion. Seems America is on the verge.


David Letterman was publicly raped with a false restraining order at 1 time in his career. County Judges rubber stamp them to put the accused immediately on a NCIS weapons surrender/confiscation list. The DOJ also pays people $1500 to be domestic violence victims and fallow through with prosecutions.


Is Hillary also innocent until proven guilty?


the spectacularly dim john oliver claims Dustin Hoffman must prove he didn't grope a women in 1985 otherwise he's guilty, surely it;s up to the person making the claim to prove it ? he may or may not be guilty, but Oliver is basically calling on Hoffman to prove a negative which is impossible standard! if something happened over 30 years ago and you have no proof then i question the wisdom of making the claims now.

Niki L

Poor Tucker, his party lost. Trump is next.

Tina Bailey

Sad times for America!!!

John Grytbakk

It's a disgrace. America is a ruin.

D Lish

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook both sexually harassed me. They should both step down immediately.

William Nelson
This is the Left's new Instant Political Hand Grenade, they'll toss at any one they oppose. Despite the fact, most of the Politicians currently accused are Democrats. Ignoring facts, and the elements of the law, in place with good cause, to protect people from false accusations. I find it Rich, that Gillibrand is slinging mud, while she and others in the Democratic Party, protected Bill " The Sexual Predator " Clinton at every turn. She is a Prime Example of the Ironic Lefties in the Democratic Party. Who believe misdeeds by Democrats are no big deal, but want to crucify… Read more »
Par Reech

Salem witch hunts all over again. Those who fail history are doomed to repeat it. Thanks brain-dead libtards & feminazi cunts. SMMFH


Go to LNT to see a guy confess to voter fraud. They came in from out of state and it's on VIDEO.

colleen t

No, accused does not equal guilty, but as in everything there is an obvious fact and a proven fact. I don't need something to be proven for me to believe it. OJ was proven innocent but everybody and his brother knows he murdered two people

Brooks Orlando

I dont always agree with Tucker, but spot on here. Well said!

Andrew S

The left have come to use "sexual conduct" smears as their key political weapon in recent times… we fail to stop their "progressive" agenda, at our own peril!

Thomas Fisk
Come on, Tucker, you should have known this long before Weinstein. They tried like hell to accuse candidate Trump and couldn't get a single woman. The threat of exposing the lie was simply too great for the accuser. The big question here is who is the real power in the feminist movement that can so blatantly launch an avalanche of accusations. What is very rarely even mentioned is the accusations of sexual assault in the military. In 2016 they claimed in one year (I think it was 2015) over 20,000 sexual assaults were reported or occured. In 2017 what did… Read more »


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