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Tucker vs. Maloney on transgender-military debate

Tucker vs. Maloney on transgender-military debate

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Tucker vs. Maloney on transgender-military debate

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30 Comments on "Tucker vs. Maloney on transgender-military debate"

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James Cooper

This isn't a debate. It's just bigotry. Fuck man!

henry lopez

As a marine I agree that taxes dollars shouldn't go to sex changes and that the operation will hurt the number of people ready to deploy at a moments notice and before someone says anything about woman getting pregnant that is one of the reasons why woman haven't been allowed in infantry units because that would affect the numbers of who is ready to go fight and die for this country.


Now the military is worried about wasteful spending and they go after pennies? Please. If you're gonna do this, at least have the balls to say why. This has nothing to do with wasteful spending and everything to do with political and ideological motives.

Debbie Cormell

I served proudly as a Woman US Army… gays were in the military, but don't ask…don't tell worked. To have Taxpayers foot the bill, have hormones screwing with brains & bodies while trying to have my back? No

Angel Asmodeus

I must be misunderstanding  Tucker .  Mr. Maloney is defending the right for the transgender people who are already in the service to not be throw out . If we already have transgender and they are meeting what it takes , I can't see why they would block people that wants to sign up . America is a nation of all kinds of people …I actually think we stand stronger if we all come together as one in our nation .   Might just be me , but I think Tucker should shut the hell up !!!

Marlon Brimmer

Tuck is such a fuckin turd


Get him Tucker!

Jj Jones

Take a good look at the intolerant left.

James Nelson

The mentally ill need to address their problems outside of the military.


these poot-butts stick their pecker in another mans ssa, yet president trump is disgusting ???..

J Pol

Just reword the law to be, anyone entering the process or who is in the process of changing gender, must have their tour of duty postponed, until the change is fully completed, then they may choose to continue with their duty or end their duty as they themselves determine is necessary. Men and women are both allowed to serve, so this wording would make it fair to everyone.

A Wild Sea Pig

That pregnant women argument is retarded considering the military doesn't allow pregnant women in the military.

Amore Gonzalez

So let me guess this. Iam walling to risk my life for the USA but she hey came pay for my to get a pussy


Let's hope this is stays front page, the democrats are too stupid to understand their defense of creepy ass drama queen weirdos cost them the election.

The Obama Admin. along with congress requested the Rand National Defense Institute to research the implications of allowing transgenders to serve openly in the military. They found that approx .1-.5 transgenders served in military with approx. $10 Million a year in taxpayer money given for surgeries, psychiatric care and medications. They also reported that transgenderism is a psychiatric condition listed in the Diagnostic and Statistics Manuel of Mental Health.. (the standard all Psychiatrists must use) as DSM-5 or Gender Dysphoria… and the DoD should review and revise the language to adhere to requirements for military personnel insuring mental stability. In… Read more »
1tired citizen

The typical liberal argument for every occasion is that if you don't agree with them then you must be a racist, prejudiced, homophobic, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-everything. It is impossible to have a common sense conversation with "a liberal with a cause".


wow ! tucker you need anger management

Nora Blue

Kristin Beck is a man. He served. Vote this moron out–Smug idiot.

Peter Giacobbe

Tucker is on point, very sharp.

Sharon M

This is not black, white gay issue!! Very expensive and there are mental problems.

S Being

Get BTFO Tucker Carlson you fucking slime. Next time when you lose a debate to someone who is obviously in the right try not to act like such a pussy. And while you're at it, remind yourself who's out there in the godforsaken desert, defending your smug ass from that Islamic State those talking points of yours are about. Fucking dipshit.

Bill Smith

Don't try and play political correctness with the truth about the battle field.

If you are under a transition between sexes, and needing hormones, surgeries, or in need of special accommodations and/or will be in need of accommodations if you are shot this could disrupt the battle flow injury recovery attempts in saving your life or the lives of others.

Don't try and play political correctness with the truth about the battle field.



Uber Soldat

Trump just shutdown thousands of incoming bogus sexual harassment claims in the military's future.

good goat

There is no way that these democratic mouthpieces can actually believe in the stands that they take! Why would anyone want people with a serious mental defiiciency in the military? Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

River Tuccaro

Tucker is fucking awesome.


What I don't get is why Tucker didn't outright say trannies are mentally deranged. It would wipes that stupid mug right off Maloney's face

Tim Cole

God bless you Tucker for being the most rational voice on television.


So just make it a policy that their transgender transition surgeries are not to be covered by the military medical coverage and let them serve.


Looks like he memorized all of this. He repeated many lines twice.



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