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Tucker: The truth about what we learned from Comey hearing

Tucker: The truth about what we learned from Comey hearing

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Tucker: The truth about what we learned from Comey hearing

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19 Comments on "Tucker: The truth about what we learned from Comey hearing"

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Кристина Дождь
Кристина Дождь

♡ u Tucker!
💋 I'll always be skeptical, and mindful enough not to step in the bullshit.
God bless!

Timothy Kan

Trump is a total dump bell…


Came here to see if Tucker pulls his face..disappointed 😒😂


The truth??? As if Tucker has the truth!!  Pffffff!!! speculative BS, yeah, like Tucker's

Manuel Govea

And Mr. Trump is smarter 50 times more then all demos.

Marvin Sannes

The Rooskies is the deflection from what was in those Podesta emails. Hey! What happened to the content of those emails? Scream "Russians" and the media goes off with the ring in their nose.

Harpist Los Angeles
WHY is there even an investigation?, since the investigation's subject matter was supposed to be Trump and Russian collusion, which has been proven there was no collusion? There was no collusion so the investigation should be cancelled! This investigation is absurd. Why does it seem that this "big picture," i.e., no reason for the investigation, is being missed by everyone in the press? So, what we have here is an investigation based on something that has been disproven, which is now going to be resided over by a man (Mueller) who is good friends with Comey! and a man (Mueller)… Read more »
Damien Corbally

This is "not" bias at all …omg

Elizabeth S

Plainly and precisely summarized; Thank You Tucker Carlson!

bee4pc goldrule

Its all a scam they had nothing on Trump so Comey pulls a leak stunt to open a criminal investigation . Muller should of never opened this case but he is part of the swamp and a 25 year friend of Comey.This is the Deep state and media in collaboration to undermine The President.

B Ahve
I'm supposed to believe Comey is such a cuck, such a coward, that he will allow the President to believe he would do something he knew wasn't right. WRONG, try entrapment. Try he tried to trick him and then when he had proof. Bust him. Comey is a weasel. But he was terminated before he could trick Trump, I think Trump knew this whole time. And just because you think Trump likes you, doesn't mean he is gullible and manipulated . Trump is not a chump. This is part of who he is. Maybe he is the only one who… Read more »
Roger Clemons

Tucker will always be that spoiled brat of a kid who was humiliated by Jon Stewart when he asked Tucker " How older you, and you wear a bow tie ". Classic. Tucker was 25 and acting like a know it all.

kyle wallis

need to stand behind trump

Jim M
Wait. If the content of the supposed "tape" was exactly what was said, then why would he have anything to worry about? I mean a taped conversation doesn't lie. So he felt compelled to release a written note of their (he and the President) interlude because of his fear that the President's comment was a threat that there was a tape.(?) Why? Probably because he is FOS, and was worried that some of the glad-handing, weak-a**ed, BS he told the President would come back to bite him. His comment "lordy I hope there are tapes", just show that between the… Read more »

I wish the libtards will stop already with the muh Russia investi…. matter.

Joe Morelli

Damn leaks….exposing Trump's criminal behavior. 🙂

Joe Morelli

Fox News uses Nameless leakers all the time. EX: Wiki leaks.

Joe Morelli

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse Trump. Mr. LAW AND ORDER

Joe Morelli

Mobster's have gone to jail for "Hoping" nothing bad happens to someone if they don't pay up. 😉



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