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Tucker: Something ominous is happening in Washington

Tucker: Something ominous is happening in Washington

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Tucker: Something ominous is happening in Washington

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28 Comments on "Tucker: Something ominous is happening in Washington"

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Jaroslav Vlk

LOL classic FOX spinoff

Nicolas Perez

Trump claimed he was 1)illegally wiretapped 2)himself by (3)Obama.
1) it was legal
2) it was manafort
3) it was the FBI

John G

What a wonderful politically run country. !!!


poor tucker just found out waters wet

Mike Cannonie

We are all Comrades now. The District of Criminals is THE PARTY. It just like living in the old Soviet Union, lies, lies and more lies. Does anyone realize there is nothing you can do about this? The people are checkmated by the fact they are broke. There are two political parties and both are controlled by the same criminals. Does not matter who you vote for.

james stowe

Republicans are the stupidest of the stupid….


Tucker is correct. We have a ruling elite in this country, most of which hold un-elected government positions. And those positions that have elections are also part of the ruling elite. Just look at McConnel, Schumer, and Pelosi.


BRAVO!! POST Tucker.
Please provide additional names besides RYAN that mocked the President, PARTICULARLY the ones seeking reelection.

sand wilson

Read the bill before you pass judgement Jimmy that's a novel concept seems how the last time you guys just past Obamacare without knowing what was in it

Enuf Al Ready

Right….Muslim Obama used the DOJ, FBI, NSA, IRS to target his political enemies……..and now you are saying the lying Muslim didn't spy on Trump and his campaign……… Yea, right!

Winston C
what a slimy, completely biased load of inflammatory horseshit this is..from a so called journalst. Manafort being wiretapped, long before the election for high crimes…to which a judge must hear/see convincing evidence and sign off for those wire taps btw,….let that sink in morons. And Donald Trump being tapped by Obama are 2 different things. If Trump was on the other line on one of those taps, oh well. If he didnt commit any crimes what is he worried about? But this is just an attempt to muddy the waters by a talking head with zero credibility. If a judge… Read more »
Blue -eyed

Tucker is the most trustworthy and honest guy in media today.

A fucking hero.

M. S

Tucker, its now Sept! Your sounding like a dog that is barking at it's shadow ! we use to listen to you with conviction !

Thomas Green

This defines Fake News.


It's political espionage.

Lilly Day

Ominous as it may seem, I don't think that it's so much about Politics as it is about getting caught with their pants down. They are all a bunch of thugs. Lying comes as easialy to them as breathing.


Bring them to justice


Term Limits


The swamp monsters revenge…deep state is the enemy.

Lightning Driver

Charles Krauthammer was one of the worst naysayers, ridiculing wiretapping at every turn.

Eileen Benson

Thise who deny and lie, you now know who is crooked and can NOT be trusted.

Eileen Benson

Hannity, Thank you for all your hard work.

Joshua Gonzalez

Ignores the lies Trump has told typical fox news

Foghorn Leghorn

WRONG. "Just found out that Obama had MY 'wires tapped'

Dr Chris Gray

Allowing women to vote is the reason why we need Trump.The filthy left wing immoral creeps and the establishment republican crooks have sold out to foreign and domestic scum just for power and money women are idiots unless they are put in Their place !

Lonnie Smith

Cia and FBI are the biggest threat to our republic.

g bridgman

Lying to the public for political reasons is the best and most succinct explanation. When will the American public wake up? Oh, they did. Trump won!

J Banker

Ryan is a snake and should have been dismissed long ago.



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