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Tucker: Social media takes aim at Matt Damon

Tucker: Social media takes aim at Matt Damon

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Tucker: Social media takes aim at Matt Damon

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24 Comments on "Tucker: Social media takes aim at Matt Damon"

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john kelso

Someone whose life is wrongfully ruined by  someone like this rosie bigcowhand might just snap. if she destroys someone wrongfully and they have the right familial connections. they might just get a sniper bullet in their forehead, as well as their entire security detail. Be careful Rosie you may drive someone too far that they don't care anymore. just safety advice.

dan wald

Unfortunately all the social media is anti freespeech and we don't have a place to shere our views freely.
Anti freespeech Twitter just blocked my account for the second time with out warning I told them that I am willing to remove any tweets that is aginst their policies they still blocked my account.

Cesar Hernandez

Tucker Carlson you a fukin idiot


This shit makes me see red. The 20,000 people wanting Matt Damon to lose his career deserve to lose theirs, see how they fucking like it. Bunch of whiney cunts.


It's not about what you think, it's all about what the left say. They are trying to shut us up about other things too (such as "we like Trump" ) sh sh sh, I'm afraid to admit that because of the backlash I'll get and I'm in Australia. It's reached over here, unbelievable.

John Thompson

Matt has four daughters,,,,,,,,,,,, good luck with that you sexual pervert


– Matt Damon

Sierra Pearl Shrewd

What's more messed up about this is that he is not even being accused of sexual harassment, he's in trouble because he simply JOKED about sexual harassment.

RayLo RayLo

20,000 signed a petition in a country of 330 million?
Big deal.
Just ignore it and you isolate the PC dumb asses!

Bob Baker

So somone else has to play pretend! Who cares actors are nothing, fake people doing fake things

Alfredo Forte

He's a crap actor anyway..

Elke Summer

telling a gal she's PRETTY and making a JOKE is the new SEXUAL ASSAULT!!!


Wow,the left is eating itself.I guess it is inevitable.


So glad I don't use Twitter. Although I do enjoy President Trump's tweets that Libtards lose their minds over.

Corsair Cowboy

Reason dies under Feminism…#GOODLUCKWITHOUTMETOO

richard hendrix

He's Guilty by association I always loved Matt but he was very close to Damming evidence against others,and he never stood up to what was going on around him.

Michael Hale

I'd be the first to start a petition to leave Matt Damon the hell alone……pretty scary when his career could be at jeopardy because he expressed an intelligent response to a question presented to him. As usual, the libtards read something that is not there – note his jilted EX Minnie Driver had the most caustic things to say about him. Damon is well liked and generous and talented. Find another target lefties…….

Michael Hale

Reason has died

True Believer

WOW! What's next?
No hugging your children or relatives?
No sitting on Santa's knee?
They are getting ridiculous.

whoami iamwho

9/11 was an inside job (WTC 7 collapse. enough said)
The DNC murdered #SethRich!

Diane kriwox

best educated? maybe by progressive liberials .

tam bam

"Black people commit crime 5 times more than white people"
How many people are willing to post this on Twitter ?
Now tell me about free speach


First time I've actually agreed with Fox News!


burn him at the stake.



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