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Tucker: People who hate Trump gone hilariously mad

Tucker: People who hate Trump gone hilariously mad

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Tucker: People who hate Trump gone hilariously mad

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29 Comments on "Tucker: People who hate Trump gone hilariously mad"

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Hillary sold 20% of Americas Uranium to PUTIN! If anyone gets the death penalty it will be HILLARY CLINTON!

William Tecumseh Sherman
William Tecumseh Sherman

Christ a bunch of kindergarteners can report better news then these asshole liptards !!! Trump 8 years!👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Have these bozos never heard of Taft?

Thomas Piatt

Can it get any crazier? Haha, anything's possible regarding the left.. And I mean, Anything!

jeff snow

Nobody should have to pay for a Liberal's psychiatrist!

Vincent Valens

I expect this shit talking from liberal fake news for the next 8yrs of Trump's presidency. All they do is whine.

Generalissimo Generalissimo
Generalissimo Generalissimo

that's what Leftist called "ageism" and "fat shaming"


hilariously mad in a comic sense of as in the fear he will flush the reputation of the usa further down the toilet ??


Fuck these communist Democrats about time to go clean

Planet Mikusha

Fat shaming isn't a thing when it's done to Trump.

Planet Mikusha

2 scoops of ice cream for everybody commenting on this video!


Is it a possibility that I don't like him because he gave $110B to Saudi Arabia, the state sponsor of terror?

Forever Happy

To be honest you brown nosed republican pawn, I couldn't care less about his health, weight or eating habits.  What concerns me is that in only a few months time it seems apparent that his lies regarding healthcare and Mexico paying for the building of the border wall, only two lies of many, have been overlooked by those that fall to their knees in adulation for this orange haired egomaniac.  They're the ones who are mad as are you.

I Cunt Spell

louise mensch has a number of STDs, she is also clinically mentally ill.

Zephyrr Sky

MSM is making Americans sick. They are literally killing themselves and I hope it continues until they ruin themselves. Wake up Sheeple.

frank caan

It's really a good thing that MSM (fake news) acts this way. It just keeps The People focused on doing the RIGHT thing — much like they did on Nov. 8, 2016. Baby, was that such a big and sweet surprise. The Silent Majority is silent no more and the pipsqueak media was left shocked, bothered, and bewildered ever since. =))


BO was a chain smoker for years while POTUS and they kept pictures of that out of the press. Now they're picking on a 70 yo who works harder in a week than any of them in a year. Putin? Putin? <"I'll have more flexibility after the election…"> You mean THAT Putin?


TRUMP 2020 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷👍👍👍💗💗💗👍👍👍🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

Sherylin Matthew

Funny if only because Trump said he is way to busy to watch TV. One lie after another.
Secondly, why would Trump NOT want to be friends with a country that can wipe out the planet? Why be enemies?
Doesn't mean they have to kiss each others butts. But I would rather Trump and Putin got along than didn't.


lol, people in glass single wide trailers shouldn't throw stones. 8 years of pizzagate, benghazi, lady in the mens room, gun grabbing, gay marriage fearing, immigrant smuggling, war on christmas, forced healthcare death panel propaganda, private e-mail servers, and dozens of other extreme silly trigger points for conservatives.

kat Mats

I know I am not alone when I state I am so sick of hearing about the Russian connection with our president. Ever notice Liberals who shoot their mouths off on social media never
state how they would like to see our country run?
All they have is insults and hate. These punks have no vision. It is the Clintons who need to be investigated. Talk about selling out America to line their own pocketbook.


carlson and hannity ……….trump butt dwellers.

Sybille Stahl

Well, I never heard of Louise Mensch until today, this video, but I heard plenty about Don Jr.'s changing story on the Russian contact. I expect a lot of Americans care more about what three top individuals in Trump's campaign did and lied about than they care about some loony British blogger and conspiracy theorist.

Linda Douglas
Republicans, we have to always remember that the liberal media, and the rest of the President Trump haters, also hate us!We must never forget who we are and we must remain strong and united. The more they try to beat us down, the stronger we get! President Trump will be voted into a second term! The liberals better get used to having us around for a long time!Tucker is a good man. a fair man, and we appreciate him, and yes, almost all coverage of President Trump has been hostile,but the Trump voters trust him, and believe in him, and… Read more »
Rick Delgado

Can't wait to hear Tuck the cuck, say " Oh my God, who killed Kenny".

Clara Adams

Personally, I can't stand the TRUMPANZEE because he is selling American out. He is a RAT Fink scum bag who owes his presidency to Vladimir. You'll see.

Jim Battersbee
And the people who support Trump completely lack any rationality. Trump once said he could shoot someone and not lose support. He was probably right. That is not rational, that is not sound thinking. So, a large part of the American population is hysterical, either pro or anti Trump, both groups are unhinged. The hostile coverage is entirely Trumps doing, he generates it himself with his childish and offensive tweets and his vindictive attacks on American citizens. All the whining and bleating by Carlson changes nothing.If Mika was "bleeding from a face lift", then surely Trump is old and fat.

To refer to Trump's train wreck presidency as the result of "hate" or "hysteria" is pandering to Trump's most diehard fans. Tucker Carlson is a lying fucking hack who will say anything for a buck.



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