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Trump Jr.: Nothing I would do to ever endanger this country

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Trump Jr.: Nothing I would do to ever endanger this country

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31 Comments on "Trump Jr.: Nothing I would do to ever endanger this country"

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Words of My Leader BingBing BongBong BingBingBing
Words of My Leader BingBing BongBong BingBingBing

Yeah the judiciary will decide who is right and who belongs behind bars

Dave S

Lol the loony left is stuck on STUPID. 2020 is gonna be an easy win for Trump.


The most I could really accuse him of is political naivete in having the meeting himself instead of a subordinate & not doing the research on this lawyer. She was a lobbyist who catfished him into meeting with her over opposition research, when she really wanted to talk about the Magintsky Act

Coda Rex Flex

The entire lot of leftist media is going to be in prison someday. I hope they know this. How odious can they get!!


he did it on purpose to have this be the main thing on the news again.

Mike King

Difference with Watergate is that the Republican Party then had the backbone and integrity to tell the President he had to resign.
Trump is an embarrassment to our country he HAS to go.

Red Warrior

The Liberal media, ignoring the DNC collusion with a foreign power and creating a lot of Political wind.

Mike King

Fox News need to back away from Trump whilst they still have a business. Losing the FAIR AND BALANCED strap line is not going to get them off the hook.
Sadly all this Russian collusion is distracting people from realising that the healthcare bill is actually a tax break for the richest

Rebecca Silva

Lots of people know people in Russia. Not everyone gives them uranium.

john osborn

Idiot Son #1 "endangers this country" BEING TRUMP'S SON. A former CIA officer said the Russian woman had to been sent by KGB as, in spy parlance "a cutout," indirect agent "with plausible [certainly to likes of HATEty] deniability" to explore  contact for seasoned operatives to follow, "classic KGB MO."

Karoline Littlefield-Vibik
Karoline Littlefield-Vibik

I have dirt on Rachel Meadow…the fucking lesbian….she can't have a man, so she think she can attack everybody because her life is so perverted….

lion head

That what the KKK says,

Eli Ohlman

Most of us know neither Trump nor his kids have gotten a fair shake by the media. Most of the commentators on Fox do speak the other side though. Thank God for Fox and OANN.

President Oso

Trump Jr and Sr are going to prison for life, and it's going to be great, it's going to be great! Check out my Pinocchio Trump video or Donnie will destroy you with his Tweets!

watch man

Dumb ass democrats and their lying media again trying to make something out of nothing. Nothing illegal here. Hillary and Comey need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Dan Keller

Another nothing burger from the America haters.


Wait until CNN figures out that Donald Trump knows Dana White and Dana White knows Valentina Schevenko who is a Russian Muy thai champion who likes guns.

Alone and Unafraid

Hmm Russia is attempting to offer me this great intel for daddy. These people are friends i won't report them. You can tell they are friends and dad must have spoken to them. Boy, he's gonna love this Hillary dirt. Let me go fly there with roaddog Kushner and some buds and retrieve it from mother Russia. Yeah we'll be just fine.


Good idea – if you can't cope with the facts of the latest incriminating revelations, it's best to focus on how excited most Americans are to learn that they will be relieved of their embarrassing clown-monster president because he's guilty of treason. It's important to try to make them all seem silly – and to not appear to be getting more and more desperate.

John Grytbakk

The Left is so pathetic. ….so desperate. …hysterical morons.

Anti-American SCUM.

Slak Jaw
So, Donald Trump Jr. gets an email indicating a Russian lawyer wants to meet with him and provide compromising information to the Trump campaign provided by the Russian government that could hurt Hillary Clinton. Junior forwards that email to Kushner and Manafort and all agree and attend the meeting. Turns out, according to them, the Russian didn’t actually have said information. The Trump campaign spins this as ‘nothing to see here – no collusion occurred because the Russian didn’t have any information to collude with’. No crime, move along. Let’s make another comparison: Bob knows a guy who knows a… Read more »
Tony McCallister
lol this is the smoking gun….first he said "I didn't meet with Russia officials" then "I did but it was for business" then oh shit "fake news has my emails better publish on Twitter" thank God for real news agencies pursuing this story otherwise we would have a president not held accountable for his lies and this whole Whitehouse staff is going down you mark my words you little bootlickers….god imagine that Bill Clinton got impeached for lying about a blowjob, how fucked Trump is…..this just proves that in America even a president is held accountable for his actions this… Read more »
Eric August
His email response to "Russian providing information on Hillary, and their support of the Trump campaign" was "If its' what you say it is, i'd LOVE it". He SHOULD have said "If it's what you say it is, i'm going to have to inform the FBI". The idiot Trumps are among the most ignorant snakeoil brand salesmen to ever soil a country. I fully believe they would gleefully commit treason (and i bet they have multiple times in the private sector and gotten away with it) without even being aware of it, because their navel gazing is so intense, they… Read more »

Oh junior, did the media pick sides when reporting on Watergate? Benghazi? Hillary's email? No. They reported on the story.
As it turns out, you have shown yourself to be willing to collude, and they're reporting on your error.
That's not bias. You own it.

Have a nice day.


Junior didn't know who "the woman" was but invited Manafort and Kushner to attend, and they attended also not knowing?
Good luck with that.


Why does Trump jr always look like he is about to burst into tears?


I'm so tired of the left. When are they going to go away?


Bottom line:  He is not an experienced politician, and he blundered.  He did NOT break the law.  Hillary DID.  The libs are NUTS, and the only response is never-ending political warfare.  Too bad, because the American People are the real losers, but the wacko-left leaves NO other alternative.  F- the looney libs.  FIGHT THEM.  FIGHT THEM….

Kevin Walsh

He should have taken that email offering Russian help to authorities instead of taking the meeting


The goal of the Russian attack on America was to discredit our institutions and they have done that at least on the political extreme right. Because once you stop trusting the institutions of America you don't have America anymore…..



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