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Threat level in UK increased from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’

Threat level in UK increased from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’

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Threat level in UK increased from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’

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20 Comments on "Threat level in UK increased from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’"

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Yosef Ben-Adam

still haven't seen any proof this was real

jimmy jon

BLABLABLA, we will stand in one solidity. LOL typical Lefty saying and repeating the same wreck for 10, 20 years now. THEIR COUONTRY NEEDS TRUMP

Colin Mcmillan

British troops on our streets bravo bravo who are the prisoners on our own streets doesn't seem like victory to me more like defeat . have some balls Maggie Thatcher wouldn't be 2 mins with these arseholes

That's not good enough the ones that allowed these savages into our country for them to commit vilance and murder gots to be held accountable for there action. After all if you didnt bring these devil warshipers in here on us. All these sweet little children girls and boys would still be alive today playing. So there blood is on the politicians hands that allowed this to happen and it will continues to go on and it's only going to get worst by the day, weeks, months and years to come. Politicians gots to be held liable and pay damages… Read more »
Lewrene Lamse

British Prime. You need to start vending , all people who come into your country , And if they don't have information you need , send them back were they came from, this is a good thing , your protecting your citizens ,

Russ G

Gee, a little fuckin' late to change the LABEL you're using to describe the terrorist threat, isn't it? OK, you Super Cuck, we get it: 'critical' is worse than just 'severe!' What's next, Double Secret Probation? Dumbasses!

James First

Dumb liberals will never learn.

Raffy Crespo

We need to Support PM Theresa May. It is important to all of us to understand that these attacks the only purpose is to destroy our Western World Civilization. Those who commit and support those attacks, there objective is to stop our way of life. Is in our best of interest as people to withstand and repel them. Today are 20 lives, yesterday where hundreds at Paris and in Moscow.


I like how Theresa did that little twitch about thoughts and prayers as if to really get the point across that she means it. It's obvious as hell she couldn't care less or else she wouldn't be so careless with the lives of her countrymen.


Let's bring them all over the world and see what happens. I say hang every leader out there that keeps putting innocent people in danger or fake fear!

Alluhu Akbar

Time to ban Islam

Alluhu Akbar

Britain for the English, Scottish welsh and Irish. Deport everyone else


martial law

What's the point of raising threat levels when they already knew about the bomber but did nothing? Thoughts and prayers are meaningless. Especially when the government intends to do nothing. The solutions is to expel ALL Muslims, for they are the problem! The evil ideology that May is too cowardly to name is Islam. Enough with the "not all Muslims" bullshit! They all hold the same ideology. The killing of so-called infidels is a central doctrine of Islam. You cannot coddle vipers and expect not to be bitten. This is a problem in all the western world. Wherever they go,… Read more »
James Taylor

Sounds like an English name …

Planet Mikusha

Temporary solutions to a permanent problem is no solution! Fuck you Theresa May!

Mchl Smth

So are we at war with islamists yet???

Patrick Dizon

Jesus I'm moving to the moon

Eric Smith

Libtards can not comprehend proportions

Debajyoti Ghosh

look at all the gulf countries..they don't give citizenship to muslims of other countries also….westerners are fucking idiots, they are using your own liberal system against you..and they know pretty well that they can't compete against western governments so they are trying to infiltrate and depopulate your countries by rapid breeding…..omg what in the world is happening



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