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The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success

VIDEO: Trump TV. Videos, live streams and more. Tune in for the best in conservative videos.

The Secret to Success

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Binary Records

I work as a survey interviewer. I get people the country that are rude and threaten me. 3/10, I get someone that takes the survey.

steve gant

Keys to success, Don't have children out of wedlock, don't divorce, stay off of drugs and alcohol, and get out of debt as soon as possible! Keep up the good work Dennis, you're an inspiration to us all!

Dennis Boivin

A real good true one. Hard work and keep on going is the way.

Hanna G

Anybody else just think about ice cream after she said Baskin Robbins?


how did a lady working for fake news get on prager


Good goyim, work those hours and make me rich.


I don't know whether to kiss you or kick you for this video. I had planned on resigning from my job today but I'm just gonna stick it out.

beryale x

what is success?

Carlos Has an Opinion
Carlos Has an Opinion

People don't want to believe this is the secret to success because they don't want to work hard.

James Merone

Have goals not dreams.

Kevin Bartik

You need to improve yourself to be successful. Become better at what you do and you will be able to do more.


When NBC find out she made a video for Prager – she's gonna get fired.

Rhiro Yonve

Work? What's that? All I know is calling people racist and protesting so I can get my daily pay from Soros. I even get welfare and affirmative action! Pass.

Helen Kistler
Zac Golus

Don't forget. Stay away from debt and invest at least 15%

Jayesh Patil

I am not a conservative neither a liberal. But prager has brought back a subscriber.

Adam Dickinson

She’s got an amazing voice. What state is she from? She should run for senate or president. Her and Kim Commando have the best female voices I’ve heard.

François Maspuche

This is a great motivational speech.

Pzd Dawar

Prager University people.. Umm.. That's too lengthy.. I'll call your Pragerians… (Nevermind) You are awesome. Love the way the videos get you informed in a much interactive manner!! Keep going!

Mark Rodriguez

Did YouTube just take down prageru's new video about gender???? I wasn't finished watching it!!!!!


What just happened to the new Prager U gender video?  It was here 5 minutes ago, now it's gone.  Did Prager U take it down themselves, or is Youtube up to some progressive censorship shenanigans?  Did some morons get together and flag it because they don't like the truth?

noone you know

What happened to the newest video? Yt must have deleted it! Can't find it anymore!
Edit: nevermind, they fixed the issue in the video


I an't believe PragerU just privatized the video about gender identity they posted earlier today… 🙁

Robinson Mertilus

Excellent advice and perspective.

Get to work, keep working, and don’t stop until the job is done.

Wh0_Am_ 1

Where is PragerU's weekly video?

Cruz Gomes

where's your new video? I didn't have time this morning to watch it and now it's gone.


I think drug dealing is beneath me but I guess that means I am not worthy of any jobs.

Steven Chong - Creative Corner
Steven Chong - Creative Corner
Thank you for this video. I am probably the liberal spoiled brat class that Prager would love to target with this vid. While I disagree on the definition of "limited government" with modern conservatives and many of my economic views would be left of center today– there is no question that self agency is the most important key to success; the belief that you have the power to succeed. I don't think I've been living that which I know in my head to be true, I'm an MBA holder working at one of America's big tech firms, making well over… Read more »
Nice video. To wich I mostly disagree. It's a "good employee" mindset. Maybe good for most. But not for all. Every ingredient shown here is important but there is an even more important element which is not mentioned and it's super important: the difference between efficiency (work hard) and effectiveness (work smart). In fact "work had period" is not even a good advice. Sure be prepared and be willing to work hard if need be but be ABSOLUTELY SURE to work smart. Be sure to be heading in the right direction to start with. Most very successful people had "not… Read more »
Jason Schwartz

Also don't do drugs!


It's pretty simple: Marry Jewish.

Christian_Country_Boy I love Jesus Christ!
Christian_Country_Boy I love Jesus Christ!

PragerU really drew some deeply pictures of her

Christopher Geel

Secrets to Success are only called that so that it's enticing, so that people want to find out what they are, so that people can BUY into what the secrets are. The "Secrets" are basically just truths that are undiscovered.

I admire you for becoming this successful person through all of your experience. You took action, plain and simple. Well done


You can tell she's a conservative because she's good looking AND intelligent.


Screw working. Just become a victim. The democrats are always hiring and sometimes you become famous.

Trileche de la Rosa


Garrik Cook
"keep working, don't stop, and you'll find success", i told this to a lady who's been working room service at a motel for the majority of her life, and she told me that she has a hard time with education, and that shes use to her kind of work. So i said "your line of work will make you remain a peasant", I also said "if you don't choose a different field of work that allows you to move up, then your just destined to be on government programs during a economic depression", but telling her this is easier said… Read more »

Love me some M Tafoya

Jacky Li

very traditional view



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