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The American Flag: A Symbol of Hate Speech on Campuses?

The American Flag: A Symbol of Hate Speech on Campuses?

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The American Flag: A Symbol of Hate Speech on Campuses?

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28 Comments on "The American Flag: A Symbol of Hate Speech on Campuses?"

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Adrian Taylor

How disrespectful. WoW

Robert Swift

Personally I disagree with schools having flags in class rooms.
I agree with separation of school and politics.
I do agree with having a countries flag displayed on an out side flag pole or in the main office to show group ownership and support of the school.

The British Patriot

The U.S. is turning into the UK. The Union Jack and St. George flags are also treated as symbols of Hate Speech especially towards immigrants. We can not allow this to happen/continue. People fought and died for our flags, they are symbols of Patriotism, Sovereignty and above all Unity.

Matthew Guevara is a traitor. If he really want's to make a change in this world he should go back to Mexico with his parents and fix that country or better yet go to Saudi Arabia and face the true evil in this world.

Victor Bertucci

And I thought it was only Brazilian Campuses were taken by idiot leftists


This can't be real. This has to be one of those Weird Al interviews of celebrities where he splices in different joke questions for the answers to another interview. No one is THIS stupid has THIS little self awareness. There's no way, he wouldn't be able to feed himself.

Da bro

was he trolling or is he that stupid…

JeffersonCounty Milita
JeffersonCounty Milita

wow… just wow… I am at a loss for words…


Pathetic. A country that can't even have an identity. How could a person approve of that line of thinking?

Jarold Williams

This bozo needs to find a different country because there is no room for him in the US

american II

Beta men

Darth Jar jar

This guy is pretty much a filty traitor.

Adriano Andrade

I'm not american, I don't live in the USA, yet I don't think an american flag represents hate. To me, that only represents another country. That's it.

That mexican guy is way too stupid but he think he's so smart… it's funny.


We have a serious problem if the American Flag is somehow just as offensive as a Nazi flag or an ISIS Flag. That's absurd!


Trump, deport this American hating spic.

Jesse Gers

Did this guy just say the U.S. just as evil as hamas and/or ISIS?!!! It's probably the most free nation in recorded history you idiot.

David Lundmark

what an idiot


Have American university students gone completely nuts?


Ungrateful, low-IQ Mexican. This is the fastest growing demographic in the US.

Now imagine what the US will look like when whites are a minority by 2050. Whites need to stand up and defend our nations, our people, and our posterity.

Dan Mannon

Bahahaha!! Ami Horowitz wins troll of the year.

Greg Schwind

After the comments about the flag, this Ami guy was just deviously glancing around the room trying to see what stupid things he could get this brainwashed liberal to say next!
I died at the part about black trans women XD

Isak Mattisson

Is this faked? For humanity's sake i hope it's fake

Michael Roberts
So… we all kind of laugh at this and I know that's the point. It IS funny he can't even pick up that he's being mocked to his face. But this stuff is just depressing now. This is supposed to be higher education, where critical thinking is honed. College should be the most unsafe place intellectually speaking. By that I mean your views should constantly be challenged. College should be a place you learn how to think not what to think. You know, there's an old stereotype that the military brain washes people. As someone who has a bachelor's degree… Read more »
Jonathan Quayle Higgins
Jonathan Quayle Higgins

We really shouldn't be making fun of special needs people.

olo bolo

If they believe in "oppressive America" which can be compare only whit ISIS or NAZI Germany, why they protest Trump immigration policy? When Trump don't allow them come into the country he literately save their live!!!

Arlis Arto Puidet

I'm not American. But I love patrotism. I wish America would regain its former glory and show the world that it isn't ruled by some racist idiots who don't understand what freedom and capitalism is…and the virtues it has. I wish every European country would become more patriotic as well. Especially countries with immigrant crisises.

jonathan mejia

holy hell. This guy is a full on idiot, than again most Mexican are just that. I am proud to be central American from Honduras and lucky enough to be born in America. His kind of stupidity is found mostly in Mexican


Is this a joke? This HAS to be a joke. I literally cannot believe that this is true. There is no way that a University Student can be this dumb.

Jonathan Small

US haters shouldn't be in the US in the first place.



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