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Student: Capitalism, USA, not socialism, ruining Venezuela

Student: Capitalism, USA, not socialism, ruining Venezuela

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Student: Capitalism, USA, not socialism, ruining Venezuela

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47 Comments on "Student: Capitalism, USA, not socialism, ruining Venezuela"

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The student was supporting his opinions with facts, the other person was just saying things with no backing.

Ramius Z

All I can say is Wow! The shit people will talk themselves into believing! So now we are responsible for the failure of Venezuela, just wow.

Meister Scheißster

What a smug, pretentious little schmuck. He's got that smile that keeps popping up that makes you just want to slap the stupid out of him.


My GOD, is that kid STUPID!!!!


That kid is in college? He doesn't even look like his balls have dropped yet.

Ana Medina
Considering Dekotah's shirt costs more than the average Venezuelan monthly income, I do not think he has a leg to stand on. I am a Venezuelan American and I can tell you that the socialist/communist regime is corrupt and has destroyed what was once one of the richest countries in Latin America. In college I would hear Americans speak of socialism/communism as this fair ideology, so much so that it became almost a "cool trend". My people are being massacred, what is happening in Venezuela is worst than genocide. Anyone who has visited in the last 15 years will tell… Read more »
Alejandro, Rosillon

I´m a Venezuelan and seriously heard this kind of crap coming from him is difficult.

Smart Monster Gaming

Hahahahaha! What a dolt!


This "student" should visit Venezuela. Let's see how long he lasts before he cries for his mommy.

Nunya Bizniz

"But it isn't REAL socialism/communism!"

yeah guis it just works! it like totally works guis! can't u see it working? we haven't tried socialism/communism ever because the socialist/communist nations are socialist/communist in name only! real socialism/communism works because IT JUST WORKS, OKAY?! god.


Millennials .How sad.

Eric Joseph

WTF are kids learning at school!?!?!

Armando E.

this fuckin prick is such a lying bitch, How can he say there is capitalism in venezuela? how can he say majority of deaths are from the government side? where is he getting his info? I just wanna punch his disgusting lying face.

Plancha de PIEDRA

That "student" needs a lot of study. More Mises, less Marx.

More Rothbard, less Ché.
More Rallo, less Piketty
More Huerta de Soto, less Lenin.


That smug little cunt needs a good ass kicking.

Pale Spectre

It seems that commies have won the Cold War.

Glenn Cunningham

I can not believe this!! craziness at its worst. ignorant as can be, get a transfer to the Bolivarian University in Venezuela and you will find out what hell is…..

Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina
Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina

Hay que ser muy imbécil para creer de verdad en todas esas cosas. Pobre niño de verdad.

Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina
Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina

Yo de verdad lo invito a que venga 2 semanas, con mi sueldo, le doy alojamiento en mi casa, y su única misión en 2 semanas, será conseguir papel toilet. Mira de verdad mas nada, ni siquiera jabón, pollo, leche, carne, azúcar, café, harina de maíz, harina de trigo… No, solo papel toilet.

The Big Fish

What a faggot.


That kid is confUUUUUUsed!

Tyler Granville

This kid is like 15 years old wtf does he know

Paul Mach

This kid is crazy!

Fox should pay him a ticket to Venezuela and try to survive like we do in here!
If you people wanna know the truth interview somebody who lived in Socialism, not some random kid talking shit..

"Well Tucker, if you see…" See what kid!?.. Everybody see, see and talk when you don't know is easy dumdass. What about live that shitstorm!?

This is awful Fox, you guys most be desperate.

Ann Watson

I hope this young man runs for president – I love him – I would vote for him

Ann Watson

Tucker the capitalists are paying to destablize Venezuela so that they can come in and privatize everything – do you think Tucker – that the Philippines – not now with Durerte but before him – are any better than Venezuela ? No –

Jon Foster

01:20 "Well, Tucker…"
03:20 "Well, I mean…"
04:11 "I mean…."
04:17 "I mean, I think…."
05:57 "Well Tucker, I mean…
Inarticulate Millennial speaking IDIOT!


But its not real socialism guys xddd
better try again right? better ruin another country to be proven wrong and then say it wasnt real socialism.


Stupid kid!! Bet he's never ever wanted for anything in his whole life. Damn, you can't stop stupid.

Pedro Coimbra

kid… go back paying with toys and leave works problems to adults, you still smell of diapers…


They are "poor", but they can afford to buy riot gear.


That kid spit straight facts.
The host had zero knowledge of venezuela.
Saying it's a "mess" doesn't address the reasons why.


Didn't the congress shut down in the u.s?
Isn't health care still NOT-FREE in u.s?
Aren't people homeless and eating from trash cans in the u.s?
Isn't the USA 30th in world education?


Skidrow is worse than venezuela.
No one in venezuela lives like people in skidrow.
the gov' wouldn't allow that. Having a home is a human right in venezuela, lybia and russia.


Damn, that kid has a psycho look… like he would send you to a gulag without blinking an eye :/

Doris Leedy

Dakotah as Venezuelan American: whoever is teaching you how great Socialism is should give you the chance to live in such a place, so please go and visit Venezuela, live within the people, for at least a couple of months then you can talk about how life in Socialist Venezuela really it is.

Tucker is an asshole.. what kind of anti-argument is that! "Starvation" "Toilet Paper" .. thats not the deal here!! You know nothing about Venezuela neither so how can you just deny the well structured arguments of that boy (who by the way, knows nothing neither… #TuckerSnow #StudentSnow). Venezuela is not ok, but the problem is Who's fault?! and there IS USA INTERVENTION throug Almagro and Multinational Corporation.. Of course there is.. they are mad that the power they had over Venezuela is gone with the Bolivarian revolution. I BEEN THERE and the economic war is as tangible as media manipulation.… Read more »
B-rad -

Damn! This kid dodges questions and shifts blame like a pro! We may be looking at the future democratic presidential candidate. If the democratic party still exists when he is old enough to run for office.

Maria De Los Angeles Morales Mavarez
Maria De Los Angeles Morales Mavarez

OMG what is this shit??????? the thing that kid needs is to come here (Venezuela) and spend a month like a normal citizen… and see if he still supporting socialism. I am a 18 y/o medicine student in valencia Venezuela and every fucking day its a nightmare.


The liberals are socialists…..of course they damn anything that means freedom for the people.

Jeanne Nickerson
Educators have brainwashed students into believing that socialism is a step to utopia, that all is equal, and no one controls anyone. And they believe it! Rush had a caller this week wanting to know why socialism wasn't working in Venezuela…Rush asked her if she knew what it was, and she responded with the brainwashing story. Rush put her in her place by describing what REAL socialism is. Until this genie is put back into the bottle, many Americans will continue to believe that all is equal under socialism (not realizing we'd all be "equally poor"!) and it's the next… Read more »
Dr. William Redmond

What an ignorant kid. He is trying to convince people that 2+2=1. No logic, no critical thought, just "I'm saying it's this way and so it is!" The socialist regimes have destroyed what was once a pleasant place to visit and a country moving rapidly towards first-world status. Now, it is more like a toilet full of socialist shit!

Marc Jeric

Socialism – religion of poverty, gulag extermination camps, mass murders…This former refugee from a communist hell could give you appropriate lectures.

Michael Anderson

This kid would make a great brown shirt or a kkk spokesperson.

Don Lavrich

socialism = poverty and death, whereas capitalism = wealth, health, and a full happy life!

Tim H

Is dakota a guy or gal? College has screwed that thing up real good


Ew, it's Tom Holland's ugly, unsuccessful half-brother. Socialism doesn't work, deal with it.

Alyssa Draculesti

That piss ant brained schmuck kid is completely clueless to real life.



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