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Street Justice: Does Melania Trump have a stunt double?

Street Justice: Does Melania Trump have a stunt double?

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Street Justice: Does Melania Trump have a stunt double?

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19 Comments on "Street Justice: Does Melania Trump have a stunt double?"

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Jojo The dancing monkey
Jojo The dancing monkey

Hey judge Jennie your a cunt!!!

The Government

Who the hell told this lady that she's funny or entertaining? that was just sad

Stephy Sarabia

That dog just sexually harassed Judge Jeanie!!!

Anson Vintz

Laugh it up, Judge…..soon you'll be out of a job when PUTIN COMES MARCHING IN AND BOTH PARTIES ARE GONE!

I love how subtle the brainwashing and propaganda for a divided america works in this show. 1)The melania double conspiracy theory wasnt started by the left.. it was started by the just one woman on twitter, who posted the video on twitter and it was something that she personally believed. 2)This rhetoric about "left vs right" is what is dividing america. Just because one person who identifies herself or himself as politically inclined towards the left or towards the right… does something or expresses certain opinion.. dosent mean THE WHOLE LEFT or the WHOLE RIGHT thinks exactly the same way…… Read more »
Zep Tepi

Hillary ate her.

Deplorable Sylvester

Aww, looks like the trolls didn't like this report. 😕sad face
Was it because she was in a blue state and people didn't get triggered?
Don't be sad 😢😢😢 Cheer up ❄️❄️❄️

Billy Holmes

The world would be so lucky to have 2 Mrs Trump so classy so beautiful such a complete opposite of the man looking Mrs Obamma

Repairer of the Breach
Repairer of the Breach
The Bridge to Life One of the oldest questions humankind has been asking is, “How can I know God?” The question is a valid one. What is He like? What can we do to please Him? How can we get to Heaven? If we work hard enough to be a good enough person will He accept us then? If we do enough religious activities to get His attention, will that do it?   Fortunately for us, the answer is surprisingly simple. The “Gospel” that the Bible talks about literally means, “the Good News,” and the news is good indeed!   First, we… Read more »

Keep the Italian guy for Italy's sake. He clearly voted for the Renzi's Democrats. 😩

Marcel Stegeman

Love the Judge


She has a Double, at home!

Elvin Ostrup

She prob'ly used a stunt double during those nude shoots.

Jonas Sandoy

And now the left is telling us apples is healthy. Conspiracy to bring down Trump!

Renaldo Smith

Question how many a hours does it take to do this segment.

Renaldo Smith

In the liberal city of New York


I can't believe anyone actually liked Michelle, our nation's bell.


Yes, she does… his name is Caitlyn Jenner but honestly, he looks too feminine so I think people can tell.


Why doesn't the failed Judge here just do it? I mean, they both look like transgender dudes.



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