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Steyn: Oprah was the least idiotic person at Golden Globes

Steyn: Oprah was the least idiotic person at Golden Globes

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Steyn: Oprah was the least idiotic person at Golden Globes

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34 Comments on "Steyn: Oprah was the least idiotic person at Golden Globes"

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Sam Samuels
Master Chief 00117
Oprha could not win an election. Her life was built on the premise she was Black. And she used it. To game the system…Not to mention her Popularity is with Women. And to call out the Patriarchy as Racist. They will burn you at the stake for Blaming White Men. When there is no other country on the planet she could have got rich in. Built by Men. Defended by Men… And to quote Thomas Sowell. Brazil had more Slaves then the United States ever Imported. The United States just claimed all men were Created Equal, and banished it! Brazil… Read more »
george bush
Bill Crystal is an anti-Trump asshat. What would you expect from him? Romney probably ran up, sniffed Crystal's butt, then parroted the same sentiment. Who takes such people seriously? If Oprah becomes president, 1600 Pennsylvania will become 'Big Mama's House.' If Trump can B-slap Hillary, he can do the same to Oprah. She may appear like creamy chocolate goodness but the voting public will discover someone forgot to add the sugar in her mixture. Love the photo of her laying a big wet one on Harvey Weinstein. Let the disassembling of Oprah begin! By the end, her brand won't be… Read more »
John Grytbakk

Hollywood is a circus. …so why would anyone listen to anything these clowns has to say?

Lo Va
Wow, I am bitterly disappointed in Tucker Carlson whom I normally look up to — this is a sad day for me. There is one woman he fears. How pathetic; lucky for me people don't validate me so I will criticize Opera…she needs to shut her hole; this is the woman who gives the devil place for all of Hollywood! You see the KJV Bible warned us about Opera; she nonchalantly believes she is Jesus. She pretty much has her own religion and you would know this if you read the Bible everyday and pay attention to the blasphemies that she… Read more »

Oprah the Eugenics gal


Obama, now Oprah, will America never learn Not enough idiots in Hollywood to vote a President into Power. Democratic Snowflakes and perverts. Oprah a Wienstein Castoff, she is a hypocrite.

Steven Watson

I think it's safe to say that we are not going to make another Black ass president in our lifetime.

sissy lou

Oprah hates white.

BBB Today

Oprah?..Stick to your diet meals Oprah, many women in her position knew about what Harvey Weinstein had been doing for many many years of the many rapes and sexual assaults of many actresses. Disgusting.

Paul Latour

Why are people so afraid of upsetting Oprah?

Kath Connelly

I would have worn red

Joyce S.
Oprah is cool. I don't think she'd be a good President now because she's really focused only on women's issues and we have to build our men up right now. Many national issues to tackle also. Probably wouldn't be able to handle the politics of politics. Probably wouldn't enjoy it. But she might be convinced to run because she's a black woman. First female president being a black woman? She might go for it. We'll see.If Trump can keep building the economy and stabilize it. If we can rid this country of illegals and get the wall. If we can… Read more »
Chloe7 Seven

Wearing that black was about as appropriate as wearing a black bikini to a funeral. Most of them wouldn't have made it if they didn't play nicely.

angelo lopes

Just more hypocrisy from a load of self righteous hypocrites who knew about Weinstein and his odious brother .Luvvies who threw their arms around paedophiles and perverts then screamed NO MORE.None of these people and that includes Oprah should be rewarded by being President.

Michele Grzywacz

If she picks Gwyneth Paltrow as a running mate, I'm all in.

Lesa J

Oprah is racist against the poor..and..racist against other colors.
If your not rich and black she would not even speak to you. That's how I see her.🤔


Conservatives are running scared at even the idea 😂

Saveea Paris


Billy Ray Whitfield

Bring it on, Racist Fat Woman!  President Trump will not be leaving office before January 20th, 2025!  MAGA!

Justin Yurgel

This woman stated she wants old white people to just die.

betterdays when

A mental desease liberals definitely have something going wrong upstairs.

DK viking KD

least idiotic, perhaps, but still out there on the far left..

DK viking KD

thus far Oprah has been protected by a respected talent and decent politeness – if she enters the political stage she will get pounded, and I don't think she can remember how to deal properly with negative criticism anymore – she will get so pissed and offended eventually that people will see her for the person she really is inside:)


Oprah doesn't know the difference between "persecute" and "prosecute." A problem.

Gridlock Gamer

Oprah is a manipulator, a liar. She will have every democrat voter backing her.

Sock That Cuck

Weinstin and Polanski always wore a tux to awards nights. I like how they are all now wearing black in solidarity for them.

The Vo Show

Oprah? That's the plan? Won't she split the Michelle Obama vote?

Beth Griesauer

These two are awful creatures!

Tom Andrejko

Oprah is a Wind bag !!!!! What a Nut Job !

Tom Tuttle

Again. Another black against whites and white men especially.

Frank Castelo

Oprah knew about Weinstein and still kept his friendship. She is just another libtard with no values.


Looks like Planet of the Apes rerun.


If Trump wants to beat Oprah hed better huild that wall fast, erase Obamacare quickly and bring all the jobs back to America and raise wages for everyone and solve this North Korean issues.



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