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Sessions: I’m confident I made the right decision to recuse

Sessions: I’m confident I made the right decision to recuse

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Sessions: I’m confident I made the right decision to recuse

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36 Comments on "Sessions: I’m confident I made the right decision to recuse"

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William Matthews

President Trump has to come to the realization that everything he wants to get done will not happen overnight. He has to be patient, especially when there is so much push back from both political parties. He must also think before going to Twitter. Or not tweet at all.


DC is full of sewer rats . Scaramucci is the only one so far that is going after those fat bloated rats. Sessions did not have to recuse himself because it was an Intelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation. Sessions is useless…. It did not have to be this way.

Cousin Melvin

Alright, AG Sessions, I'm convinced, you can stay.

The British Patriot

I like Sessions, perhaps his decision to recuse himself was a little odd but it actually may have helped the President in terms of liberal outcry but doesn't help end the fake Russia narrative.

He's been doing a phenomenal job as AG on other matters such as drug and human trafficking and I'm sure if he stays on long enough he'd probably get round to investigating the Clinton crime family.

He's genuinely a great person and a real patriot, I hope he remains AG.


Guess Jeffs memory was a little cloudy but he's steal a good paid puppet

63 Rat Rod

Stupid old fuck should walk into traffic

President Oso

I loved Sessions in Deliverance, he's a great banjo player but Trump and Sessions are going to share a prison cell very soon! Happy honeymooning Mr Trump and Mr Sessions:). Check out my Pinocchio Trump video or Donnie will destroy you with his tweets!

Samantha W

Sessions followed the rule of law………if anyone has a problem with that then they should move to Saudi Arabia.

We Are Borg

Flynn and Sessions turned me towards Trump. Flynn is gone, I would hate to see Sessions go as well. Sessions is a true American Patriot, I believe that for sure.


And this is why Sessions is an idiot. That and trying to go after marijuana again, like the ancient idiot he is.

Dee Copeland Patience
Dee Copeland Patience

I didn't like jeff sessions until trump picked on him. He seems like a decent person who doesn't deserve the poor treatment.

Rain & Thunder Sounds
Rain & Thunder Sounds

He will testify against Trump. I guess hes doing the job Trump hired him to do. Take down criminals.

joanna tam

Trump is stupid. Just leave the Russia investigation alone and do his job and keep the good picks he chose to do their job. Trump is not thick skinned enough and too naive to make a president

tammlen 2

…think Sessions was too quick to recuse without any real reason. "Virtue signaling" seemed to play into his decision. That, and concern over his own reputation. Left Trump out to dry.—

Rising Bluetuber

He's such a good man


This is the first Goverment EVER of the pepple by the people…. learn to fight togethet against ALL corruption and LEARN what United We Stand means.

Silly Rabbit

sessions what a cuck. how is he still praising trump

carolynn markiewicz

What about investigations for Hillary,Obsma,lynch,Comey.We the People want this.

eric brown

Sessions made the right decision. He has to back off if their is an ingoing investigation into collusion with a foreign power. Trump is in the wrong here.

Shewolf Three

Tucker, could you stay in El Salvador the rest of your life? Perhaps you will meet up with some trans people that will school you. As many me the mooch says karma karma.

Amit Misra

TRUMP is providing cover fire to Sessions. Sessions is about to bring some serious charges against some key people in terms of leaks. Remember before TRUMP fired Comey he built him up. Here TRUMP is bashing Sessions so people will side with sessions so that when sessions makes some serious decisions than people will not be able to immediately attack sessions. Watch for some serious charges against some key people in the next week by sessions.

D'yer Maker

AG Sessions is a man of high integrity and he loves the country

He did the right by recusing himself, but but it made him impotent to prosecute Hillary or help the President against the Russian allegations. He took the job out of selfishness, and purposely did not advise the President of the consequences of him accepting the position, which HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE. I love what he has done so far with immigration, MS13, etc. but he needs to be demoted to Rottensteins position , Rottenstein needs to be fired and we need a new AG, hopefull Rudy. And once Hillary et al is in jail and everything else is straightneed out… Read more »

As a massive Trump supporter I don't think I could continue to do so if Sessions was let go. Sure he shouldn't have recuse himself but he didn't know he would have to until the department told him he should. This man is doing more then anyone else in his administration and actually following what Trump ran on, Trump should be going after rosenstien, not sessions.


Unprecedented? LOLOL. If you think drunk and disorderly conduct in the White House began with President Trump, you haven't been paying attention.

skybarking info

Sessions is Trump's best friend


OMG, the poor man talks and acts like an abused partner in a relationship…

Rosie Favela

I have always been a fan of Sessions. I always thought of him as one of the Good Old Boy's and a True Conservative Patriot.. I think AG Sessions has been doing a lot of Good and So has our President.. The best thing people can do is Pray for our President and AG Sessions..

julia dulchitiz
Tucker is fake opposition. He posed a false premise to AG Sessions. Whether the recusal was legally right or wrong isn`t the point. Trump is not upset for the recusal, but for the fact that Sessions went through the whole process without warning him he intented to recuse, rendering Trumps chosen AG ineffective in the Russia charade and therefore open to manipulation by the left. Sessions was disloyal. REgardless of his attempt to make up to Trump, he should be fired. We are doing this and that, bla bla bla, he is locking up whoever he can, but no mention… Read more »
Fred Munoz

So we are going have even more people in jail. I guess they're in need of more slave labor.

dana becker

Excellent interview ! Both MEN are very dignified .

Andy sinishtaj
Bullshit he should of Never recused himself! There is no stupid protocol that should come before The Constitution that's the law of the land and right now our constitution is being attacked at every angle with impunity by the Deep state and Jeff Sessions rather recuse himself so he can look Fair. Anyone saying if the law what you know I one point slavery was the law to so somebody had to break it in order to do the right thing. No law should be worth allowing the coordinated attempts to change the results of the election by having Trump… Read more »
Blarney Stone
Sessions' recusal doesn't limit him from Comey, Lynch, Rice, GPS Fusion, Seth Rich, Awan Bros. / Wasserman-Shultz, Clinton – or any of a slew of overt and open issues – that have been in the spotlight for MONTHS. Clinton committed 3 Federal crimes. Comey stated that specifically. Time to begin prosecution on that matter. That means TODAY. NOT 3 YEARS from now – Today. So – step up. Let's see some special prosecutors and grand juries.I'm not a big fan of the tweets – and I like Sessions – but Trump is also correct – and the time is NOW… Read more »

Jeff Sessions needs to leave the potheads alone and go after the real fuckers. Or, resign.

Cody Stills

look at his hands sheep illuminati on Fox news wake up people


All good, but what about Hillary and Obama investigation??



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