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Scarlett’s Report: Teachers Bring Black Lives Matter Movement to Classrooms

Scarlett’s Report: Teachers Bring Black Lives Matter Movement to Classrooms

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Scarlett’s Report: Teachers Bring Black Lives Matter Movement to Classrooms

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20 Comments on "Scarlett’s Report: Teachers Bring Black Lives Matter Movement to Classrooms"

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Elton Hudson

My God, you're a beautiful woman! Thanks for your report.


F@ck BLM, and F@ck public schools.

Deborah Bond

What happened to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic? I guess if you place your child in "state schools" this is what you can expect, right?

Suzanne Miller

I am not in support of this social movement. Black lives do not matter any more than any other lives matter.

Teresa Schenkel

Can't the parents call school board meeting and request different curriculum and standards in the class rooms.. get attorney involved?? Doesn't this start at home?? The American family needs to demand change for what is right!! Education for the truth..They voted them in now come together and ask for your change..All lives Matter!!!

Tracy 01

BLM needs to be labeled for what they are terrorist

Cindy Somerville

parents must stay informed about school curriculum, homework, daily school activities etc..

Ada Blanco

Pathetic! As a parent I would sue that teacher!!!

Healthy Ambitions

I would take my child out of traditional school.


parents need the choice to send their kids to what school they want now more than ever

Kimberly Maples

Parents have a right to not have their children in these classes. The "teachers" are being allowed to brainwash our kids. DO NOT APPROVE IT!

Marina Flores

You are a beautiful woman BUT what is more important is that you always speak BEAUTIFUL TRUTH!!! God bless!!!

Paul Pappalardo

The left really wants to keep this Country divided


Get rid of those teachers.
Eliminate Affirmative Action and racial quotas, hire on the basis of merit only, and limit children's exposure to political rhetoric in the classroom.

Linda Dunlap

Education is already so biased people are devolving so I find it repulsive because I know it will be half lies and assumptions. Racists educating and breeding hate, never works good for any humans.

Silver Summit

Our public school system has been going down hill for years. I would never send my children to public schools!

Josef Rademacher

In my freshman english class, our whole 3rd quarter is focusing on black lives matter.



Lindsay Taylor

This is just sad. Following a basic curriculum INCLUDES social movements and can be a pretty important learning opportunity about HISTORY (among other things). Remember that subject??? I fear for the children whose parents don't believe in and support empathy, equal rights and accountability.


Indoctrination. That's what's always been.



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