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Scarlett’s Report: Quick Consequences For Anti Women’s March Comments

Scarlett’s Report: Quick Consequences For Anti Women’s March Comments

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Scarlett’s Report: Quick Consequences For Anti Women’s March Comments

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14 Comments on "Scarlett’s Report: Quick Consequences For Anti Women’s March Comments"

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Jody Maley

rational arguments, not mud slinging, disagreement is good, it keep ideas percolating, but still be able to shake hands and go together for a bite of lunch or drinks


god Scarlett is such a bomb shell.

James Casanova

True beauty start from the inside out
It is the sign the Holy Spirit is within their Heart
God bless always to our Sistren

שליח של שבט אפרים


twitter is crap. telling someone to "kill yourself" in person is insignificant and inconsequential, but on Twitter it is immortalized for SJWs on the right and left. For some crazy reason people treat tweets the same as press releases.

Preps Etcetera

Too much "un"common sense.


thank you. 👍


So what was the consequence?
So the democrats blame, not stop this madness. Typical

Randy Eubank

I agree

Luf knuht

Will Trump have to have his own marchers taking over the streets, since the Demo-Libs seem determined to bully this out in the streets? This is very reminiscent of Arab Spring. Problem may be that these bully marches take place in big cities, which are democrat strongholds, while the Repubs dominate across rural & small town America. So the logistics of transporting pro-Trump marchers is difficult. But should the country knuckle under to Demo-Libs rioting in the streets?

Luf knuht

Another great news presentation by Scarlett

Luf knuht

2 problems for Trump: how to neutralize the street marches & how to neutralize (& correct) the SCOTUS w/ the federal judiciary (essential to getting just SCOTUS decisions). How large can Bikers for Trump grow? How to get Repub women marching? How to get a fair court thus eradicating the evil legislation from the bench & have Voter ID laws. The people did not vote in either baby-murder nor men-lying-with-men. The evil Oligarchy SCOTUS did these things.

xyz abc

The Demo-Libs want to fight this out on the streets. Can the Trump supporters field as large a street army as the Demo-Libs?

Trent Rho

Conflating a joke with serious political rhetoric is absurd. Another tool of social justice p.c. fascist2 for silencing opposition and demonizing any viewpoint that doesn't conform. "Trump got more fat women walking…" was clearly a joke, and funny too. Tough sh** to people offend by it, and long past time we quit putting up with real harmful attacks on people over muh feeeeeelings.

Marina Flores

Keep up the great reporting! God bless.



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