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Report: Trump Reluctant to Campaign in Alabama…

Report: Trump Reluctant to Campaign in Alabama…

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Report: Trump Reluctant to Campaign in Alabama…

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14 Comments on "Report: Trump Reluctant to Campaign in Alabama…"

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Beavis Jones

Still makes me proud of Andrew every time I get a Breitbart news video and see the his integrity still 👍🏻

chris mclaughlin

He should be reluctant to acknowledge that Strange or Moore are human beings, because they are not.
They are the two most worthless pieces of shit to reside in the entire state.
He should walk up to Jeff Sessions when he gets back to Washington and kill him for the good of the American people and the people of Alabama.


The Senate has done nothing this year. Why should we support more of these Obama RINOS?

Connie Hoeft

Love the music !!


Fuck them!

Deborah Cifelli

Love the reports & love the music theme! I agree, Bannon for President, because HE ROCKS & tells it like it is!! Oh yeah!!!

the brink

How do you explain Trumps post that he is going to Alabama to support Strange?

Mark Toney

Trump should Campaign for Judge Moore. He lost his job standing for our Culture and God !!!!!!!
And Fuck Senator Bob Corker he's the biggest Back Stabbing Cuck in the Senate. If he wins reelection he'll be the next John McCain …

Lucas Helmer

I prefer Judge Moore; President Trump wouldn't mind. 😊

Titanium Ovaries

Say no to Strange!

Dark Dan

Fuck alabama and it's backwords ways….bannon for Gitmo

Gregory Serrano

Breitbart, watch it… you are an alternative to mainstream media that we need and people are really trying to trust. Then you post shit like this, when I just watched Trump at the rally do a beautiful job; great speech. I get it, you need views or whatever, but don't mess up your credibility.

Jesse T

Drain the Swamp 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Nuclear Prayer time : Lord Father, help us drain the swamp, pull the rug from underneath the swamp creature's feet and crush them into powder. Force them to REPENT and rebuild their hearts, make them a new creature in Christ. SAVED beings living for God's love. Pull them all from the clutches ofd the devil. Repent all ye swamp creatures of old. You got a soul like we all do, we choose love, forgiveness, family and friends first and then God's USA. we will die for her. Pray as you read aloud in your own home. Pray in freedom while… Read more »


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