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Rep. Nunes discusses special counsel, recusal, leaks

Rep. Nunes discusses special counsel, recusal, leaks

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Rep. Nunes discusses special counsel, recusal, leaks

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22 Comments on "Rep. Nunes discusses special counsel, recusal, leaks"

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Brandy Pompeo

👉👉👉 #LinseyGraham is a #RHINO!!!! FIRE HIM!!! 👈👈👈

Mary Plaidy

Look no further than the Jarrett wing of the Obama compound. They are trying to hide behind the Russia bullcrap to hide their own Russia ties. They've also got dirty hands in the Iran deal.

Keep It Real

When will Fox report on the class action lawsuit against the DNC!??

Lyle Smith

Need to see if Seth Rich was unmasked. That would show volumes


Nunes, you are just another Republican COWARD


Thank god, a grownup in charge.

Bill Diblazin

This is great! So many hidden gems by Nunes in this interview. Basically the stories are fake leaks to nab traitors and Obama followers while destroying the MSM…there is no collusion with Russia…Lynch, Rice, Clinton and Obama are SCREWED. Plus Lindsay Graham doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, but we already knew that

Coleen Perkins

I like Nunes!!

Bigg Redd


Justo Munoz

nunes looks guilty

Bob A

Track down the Obama people that ordered the unmasking! Charge them.

Bob A

If it is reported from NYT or WaPo it is completely fake, or twisted. Demand documents and names of sources or reject the reporting.

Ermeric Carolissen

Pence is the Leaker. He has the most to gain if Trump's impeached.

Jorge Leyva

Nones is a fool! This guy is a weasel! Trump worshipers remind me of those monkeys you see at the zoo with their hands over their eyes and ears!!!! Trump for prison 2017!!! If you have a sense of humor check out my Donnie Dump cartoons and give me a like:)

Angie Dunham

Nunes was quite simply Bullied by the Demoncrats. They were responsible for the crap that is going on.

G. H.

4 people NOT to be trusted, Graham, McCain, McConnell, Chaffetz.

G/man. 444

It's King Obama, he's so but hurt behind the scenes about his legacy and the lack there of.


An interview between two Russian spies. Good stuff on Fox News these days.

sam jackson

Wtf is taking so long?


McMaster, McCain remember these two names.


I want the Dems and two rinos impeached for spending my tax dollars on HERESAY from a PROVEN FAKE NEWS NEWSPAPER. There are NO RUSSIANS, NO MEMO, NO CRIMES, Yet these Dems and two traitors are smearing my President name, spending my money, and wasting everyone's time and energy. How about the LEAKERS, is anyone looking into podesta and his Russian deals when he was Obama's administrator, and working for Hillary and the state Dept ? Where the RUSSIANS GAVE Podesta about 30 million dollars for a Russian company ???


Thank You Devin Nunes for being what you are and doing what you do. I am proud of you!



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