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REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFA’s Tracks | Louder With Crowder

REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFA’s Tracks | Louder With Crowder

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REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFA’s Tracks | Louder With Crowder

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46 Comments on "REBUTTAL: Vox Tries To Cover ANTIFA’s Tracks | Louder With Crowder"

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Is Vox right about Antifa? Are they an insignificant minority group, or are they covering their tracks for the monster they’ve created?


01:46 ".. they're not causing that much havoc."
WTF !? Who is this guy, 'Antifas' PR manager?

So Long Suckers

Weren't many women sexually harassed and even raped in the Occupy movement? Weren't they also defecating right where they were protesting and sleeping?

So Long Suckers

I mean, what Vox are essentially saying is "why doesn't the news cover nice guys who help ladies carry groceries home instead of all this murder!?"

Daniel Durdan

Negative. Did I win?

Matija Kumaric

I'm so glad that antifa dosent exsist in my country the reason is simple i live in southeast europe in the balkans in Croatia an the shit what are they doing in usa,canada,western an northen europe is impossible here reason why they are not doing it here beacuse 99 percent of my country is nationalistic and right winged

Simon Potra

I clicked off pornhub to watch this, so it better be good.


EVERY right wing media site is talking about antifa but Crowder tries to take all the credit for this? Can you spell E-G-O

Marshall Hammond

My son has been in the Baltimore area since May for work and he says they call it Murdermore instead of Baltimore.

Ferrule Bezel

It's the second time that guy on the board who isn't Not Gay Jared stole the same gag from Mitchel and Webb.

Adrian Huang

Steven Crowder has a really small cock.

Prayer Warrior

Good stuff… moving forward though, I would suggest fighting the urge to get too excited to the point where you become inaudible and outside the realm of human hearing… Why's my dog barking? Lol

Christopher Fowler

Dude's entire being and mannerisms totally say "I'm a bitch that couldn't handle a fair fight against a nine year old girl, so ANTIFA's tactics appeal to me."

Paul Salamone

I truly think you have to be retarded to disagree with this, like so thick headed to sit there and say oh no they're telling me the truth with no actual facts and your lieing and really the truth doesn't mean anything as well as I have no fucning brain or eyes to think and open for myself so can you do it for me and just whisper it in my ear and i)ll never believe anyone else!

ryan day

Nice channel and comment section you got here. You really seem to attract the angry, racist, homophobic trash. Ever wonder why that is?


Seriously Crowder? You're gonna call out some loose connection to Vox and the open society foundation but you're gonna gloss over Vox president, Jewish Zionist Ezra Klein? Ssh….

Israeli Shill

Aaron Paul

Just a point that skull and crossbones has a long history in the military in general and the Prussian military in particular. It dates back at least as far as Fredrick the Great in the 1740s and is used by the USMC. SS was bad because of the actions they took, not because of any insignia.

Gail Thorne

PLEASE LETS START CALLING ANTIFA FASCISTS. Antifa is lending their name credibility almost.

Jonathon Bulmer

Fuck Anti-Fa!


Good video but correction: James Fields was a diagnosed schizophrenic who probably didn't plan on hurting anyone, but panicked and stepped on the gas when communists were blocking the street and hitting cars with baseball bats. Also Heather Heyer appears to not have been struck by the car but died of a heart attack

James Deal

I'm getting Facebook sponsored posts from BET where Eminem is gesturing he wants to kill the president. That's what Facebook is giving us.
I've been banned MANY times for much less. Yet they are SPONSORING hate speech.


Vox is right in that antifa isn't that 'significant' Vox is much more part of the problem than Antifa is, Antifa is just a symptom.

Swythe Quirksettle

I wouldn't trust a Vox reporter to wipe their own ass let alone with the truth.

C Bro

Way to steal the “are we the baddies?” joke from Mitchell and Webb 😀


6:20 " the little queer.." for heck's sake just stop with those unnecessary comments. The rest of the content is enjoyable but you're acting like a man-child.

Spunky Warlock

Definitely focus on Antifa, it shows the disgusting true nature of the left

Benjamin Moody

i think that vox guy is an antifa member

Solomon Devaldi
The only thing I have a little problem with, was that you never specified what type of chips antifa likes to eat to fuel up for the "not so voilent protests". I'm going to guess that they're dirty chips. You know, the sweet potato chips that are so yummy and a complex carbohydrate at thay! So they can have great tasting snacks, while watching their figure and slinging bricks, bike locks and stabbing people for their cardio work out! Man, those queens are clever! I'm gonna write up an antifa cookbook. No anarchy though, because of the teensy bit of… Read more »
Psyko Klown

Leftist fact checking is an oxymoron.

Crazy Delta

4Chan we're you at let's all dislikes the video 4Chan, Troll Everyone let's join the fight for Pepe Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

Vonni's Gallery

New video idea for ya. I'm YouTube, look up "eminem trump" and there's a new video with Eminem freestyling about hating trump.

gareth murray

Vox is a gay idiot

Clayton Richardson

hey can you answer this clown.


4:55 – That's a stolen joke there buddy, write your own material good vid otherwise.

Horace Wallace

here is a negative comment for you… dare you be so entertaining….where do you get off….its like you make your show so that i can come home from work and have something of value to watch

Atoms Molecules

Im glad you did a video on this. That faggot over at Vox tried to bullshit his way out of the fact that Antifa is a domestic terror group.


He says these people are a minority, but the left puts the spotlight on the infinitesimal amount of actual white supremacists despite there being far fewer of them than violent leftists.

Marie Fremlin

Note how the gay community is advocating this when it's not them.

Michael Barclay

Soros is the ANTICHRIST?! lol

Chris Fraser

Fucking gayboy

Matt Voegtli

You can go back much further than that. Que French (left) vs UK (right) revolutions.

Ken Abbott

I think the most hilarious part is that he's trying to claim the media is against the socialists.

jerjerboi bamaman
I'll take all of your very correct information in this video regarding George Soros and take it a step further, I said this when the Charlottesville events too place and still believe to be true that it was a staged event that was bought and paid for in it's entirety by Soros. Paid protesters and yes even paid Antifa, it fits the M.O. of Soros as he has been paying for "protesters" for years. Soros truly is the closest thing to a living and breathing Anti-Christ in this world hands down. He has been behind and I say responsible for… Read more »
Rhino Gaming

Now THAT's how you cover a topic in absolute honesty!
Antifa. They fight fascists. And they fight nazis. And sometimes they try to kill people walking by. No big deal.



sumereye regime

Stephen Henderson ……the most race-baiting, NRA hating, white demonizing house negro reporter in Detroit, …….needs to be called out for his bullshit.



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