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REAL CONVERSATIONS: There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind

REAL CONVERSATIONS: There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind

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REAL CONVERSATIONS: There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind

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29 Comments on "REAL CONVERSATIONS: There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind"

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Jeremiah Valero

This is such an amazing thing u do !!

Zambacho FromClash

Everyone must now bow down to me when i walk by, if you don't I'll consider it an act of violence. Now that I have informed you, you must do it! Respect me not on what I do but what I tell you I am! (Hmmm….. Sounds like a dictator to me but what evs it's trendy🗿)


This is why you have to give up and just live your life, stupid people like this girl, Or lamp or whatever she wants to be today will never see anything but what they think.

Jack Dawkins

The format should involve two height-adjustable microphones.

Jillian Piraccini

You're a beast

Oh god I went brain dead halfway through this video I can't do this THERE ARE TWO GENDERS/SEXES ETC. XX OR XY GET OVER IT!!! YOU CAN CALL YOURSELF WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE TO CALL YOU THAT I HAVE THE FREEDOM TO USE MY FUNCTIONING MIND TO SAY THAT YOU ARE MALE AND FEMALE.. END OF STORY like seriously get over it if someone calls me a female I'm not going to consider it an act of violence… I will consider them calling me the incorrect gender. End of story. Come on people. You… Read more »
Peter Kopperud

I love to see how civil and respectful the third man was, who’s name was correct me if I’m wrong Therman? As well as Thomas, the first man. God bless crowder and the two men who respectfully participated.


Great job. Amazing how a person trying to discuss issues is met with such intolerance – on a college campus of all places. Rampant emotion driven hostility from the get go. It's almost as if the left has painted itself into a corner and now they're in full panic, make believe mode. Those who cannot even debate choose to dive bomb and run as the girl who assaulted you in the end did. It seems that the college crowd favors burns instead of points. God save us.

Mr. Orange

Lol at the ending. So funny.

tony chang

I identify myself as a screwdriver so all of you people better respect that. If not then it's an act of violence

David Centeno

Omg the second animal was so fucking annoying to watch. Let the animals move to whatever fucking country that accepts what they want and live happily ever after.


I would have told that last cunt to fucking blow me

Draconic Arachnid

So many "special" snowflakes that are too sensitive to receive a few sexist remarks. My God. Humanity is becoming incredibly fragile.


I wish the red-headed guy would have said, "if you identify as a bobcat that's fine with me, man, go kill some bunnies and live in the woods, bro. It's all good."


Its kind of like watching a swordfight… But only one guy knows what a sword is. This is great.


LOL! That smelly looking carpet muncher that attack Steve's shoulder at the end was a psycho!

The Lonely God

there are only two genders deal with it.

VG Twisted

I understand what they are trying to get at but it’s ridiculous. If you want to classify as a girl and your a boy then don’t flip shit if you are call bro or dude just go on with your life. Don’t make this a bigger deal than it has to be.

Joshua Scott

Coming to this video and reading the comments restores my faith in humanity …

The Pink Panther

If you're not a man or a woman….What are you then?

Kevant Gross Richardson
Kevant Gross Richardson

“Democratic Socialism” SMH


I was sweating for you

Jack Dawkins

Nobody said “neuter” from Latin. Feminine, masculine, and neuter. Look it up!
I win the XBOX One, right? Keep the T-shirt, though.

Riley Grunor

The part that seals the deal is when she gets up and says “I’m not going to shake your hand”. It really portrays the maturity of these millennials. If you want to be treated with respect treat others with respect. When a 4 year old doesn’t get his or her way they get extremely defensive just as these angry and misinformed millennials do. Weather you believe there are 2 genders or not (and there truly are only 2 genders) at least be an adult and have an adult conversation.

Jamey DeBarr

I think this is something that was kind of alluded to, but how will this affect languages that use male and female conjugations for the nouns? Will each gender get their own conjugation?

Peter Kopperud
My dad taught me something. He said that say he was shot and I was on the jury of the case. What would my initial reaction be? I responded put the murderer in jail or to death sentence. But when I responded quickly he followed up. Now that he’s in jail or dead you hear that I shot him first for no reason and he was protecting himself. Now what? I said as much as I love you I’d put you in jail instead. The point is most liberals think very emotionally and try to force it upon you with… Read more »
miko asifoa

I sexually identify as the president… and I think this identity stuff is bullshit and if you think otherwise you’re a hypocrite. Nuff said, lobby that


I really was hoping Steven was going to ask the last guy a question that I had in my mind. He mentioned that gender is based on the roles one plays. Well it got me thinking because I just watched Mulan with my daughter the other night. Even though Mulan pretended to be a man to fill a males role of a warrior, it didn't make her any less of a women, just a bad ass one. Think of the women who hunted in different tribes . They are still women.. it makes his argument invalid



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