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Prof.: Trump admin exaggerating MS-13 threat

Prof.: Trump admin exaggerating MS-13 threat

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Prof.: Trump admin exaggerating MS-13 threat

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45 Comments on "Prof.: Trump admin exaggerating MS-13 threat"

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Mario Mosin

Well I grew up in the hood, and yes they have the resources there not as stupid this professor thinks, just wondering when is the last time the professor lived in an MS13 gang area.

Jay Forbes

ok…I GOTTA! switch the type of be weed I'm smokin! cause WTF was that "PROFESSOR" SAYIN?????


Tucker 1st off MS13 has been around since the 80's. They are mostly El Salvadorans. Yes they are violent and brutal. But they are no more violent or less violent then any Pagan, Hells Angel, Mongol, Warlock, Crip or Blood, Aryan Brotherhood, Mafia. Instead of trying to turn this into a immigration issue why not turn it into a war on all gangs. Ah yes, but that wouldn't sell as good to your audience who is misguided and fears every Latino person they see must be a illegal immigrant.

Chad Rushing

The Professor fails to mention that last year the Obama administration was in charge of deporting criminal illegals and the policy was to catch and release. Now it is the Trump administrations turn and they will deport automatically with no release.

mike sergeants

proof the liberalism is a mental desease

Micro Aggression

wow what intellectually dishonest interview, but that's the norm on FOX "NEWS" especially with Tucker…

Peter Jachmann

he is a dickhead

Moon Flower

I am starting to get annoyed at how reporters beleive their p.o.v is of any importance. I am here to listen to the professional so shut your trap wipe that stupid confused look off your face because all your doing is looking constipated while shitting out your mouth.Thank you.

Gerald Trice

Only a liberal nut job would defend ms-13 gang violence and crimes as a minor subset of illegal immigration. It's time for working Americans to stop supporting colleges and universities that hire liberal morons as professors. Let the "what can I get free today" crowd support these anti-American institutions.

Jeff Durkin
What was the point of this segment? That a professor said something dumb and then walked it back? Not exactly news. Given the very real threat that MS-13 presents to communities across America, news segments about the gang are important. However, I didn't learn anything from this, other than Salinas (who I've never heard of before and will never hear of again) got a bee in his bonnet over some sloppy language from the DoJ, used some sloppy language of his own and then…said he was wrong to use the term demonizing. Then the two of them talked past each… Read more »
Baller Boy

Lmao.. if you are still scared of MS13.. you needa leave our country.

Zero time for fun

I guess I agree with the Professor, because he's basically saying, their not as bad as the admin says, but their pretty Damn bad

Black Bird Hollow

This guy is so far removed from reality it isn't funny.

Mabel Batista-Otero

The left suffers from baby dropped on head syndrome.


"An expert on MS-13" – LMAO. Execute this cuck immediately – his rhetoric is putting Americans at risk

Razib Baral JOY

This motherfucker is a professor, Jesus fucking Christ, no hope for the millennials.

Artie Willis

Los Lobos
Kick Your Ass
Los Lobos
Kick Your Face
Los Lobos
Kick Your Balls Into
Outer Spaaaaaace
Shit the Zetas would fuck ms13 up

Jason Kawada

Tucker is a dumb ass.

Ed Hurley

This imbecile should have one of his relatives chopped up by these P O S then let him talk


Take that bow tie and go take a ride through the streets.. then say its overblown.      Clueless fucks.

Robert LaForce

if it smells like a cartel and walks like cartel it's a cartel!


there should be a ban on bow ties, they cause extreme stupidity

Hara Yaya

Can someone with a very very high education background explain to me what is this Professor argue point? I am not smart enough to get it!

Kurt Boulter

Just ONE statistic in the gang needs to sink in. To become a member of MS13, you need to kill, murder a person in front of other gang members! So, even without any other crime, they have murdered at LEAST 10,000 people, matching the low life gang members in the USA. Let that simmer for a few minutes.

Idiots who call themselves professors, should just shut up and let the DOJ to deport the CRIMINAL illegals first, then go after the rest!

The Christian and American Patriot
The Christian and American Patriot

This man is an idiot!! MS 13 are no different than ISIS Terrorist!! Murderers are murderers so deal with them as such!!

nick pap

typical liberal. dances around the truth. a threat is a threat; it must be dealt with either way.

Chris In Minneapolis

media not trump is exaggerating. ms13 are dangerous but they are scared little kids who need to be put down now and their adult leaders who are all in central am prisons need to be killed as well. the black gangs are much more dangerous, larger and organized. we need to deal with the black gangs first. ms13 kills what maybe 20 a year, black gangs about 3-5k. we all know who the real problem is, ms13 could be eradicated in a month if these liberal pussies in gov allow police to do so.


This moron just wants to pick a fight with the Trump administration. There is zero reason to defend MS-13. Find them and execute them.

Shay Houk

dump  this professor into the getto at midnight!

Louie Hernandez

This professor fits the perfect description of a Latino homosexual pedophile

david nelson

This bloke's a professor?!!! Wearing a fucking dickie bow doesn't make you a Professor. Brains and common sense seem no longer to be a prerequisite for the job.
Nobody with a brain would ever make themselves look and sound like a wanker in a public forum like this knobhead!!

Vanilla Dazzle

Why are we even deporting them when they should be put in jail? Prisons might be overcrowded but sending a message we don't uphold laws isn't going to help

Terrance Miller

These are the professors teaching our children? Seriously?? WTF?

Jess Fulbright

Cartel is a noun and is defined as an international syndicate, combine, or trust formed especially to regulate prices and output in some field of business. I would say MS13 does fit that description; their field of business covers a wide range of illegal business' from human trafficking to drug trafficking.

Catherine Lockey

Tucker – Gettysburg College has a story for you today. Check out college President Janet Riggins' request students should boycott tonight's speaker. So, for those students who do attend, how will this affect their grades? How will their campus social lives be impacted? Author of website Jihad Watch speaking at Gettysburg College tonight. Additionally, community not allowed to attend. Time to take a closer look at Gettysburg College and their Middle Eastern Studies Department.

hyperspace0 fka Jeffrey S. Geist
hyperspace0 fka Jeffrey S. Geist

I need to learn to be more sensitive to others. NOT!

Shawn Gifford

Ok Tucker, would you stop using the same old line, there are more then 10 million here illegally, the media and the goverment have been using that number for over a decade, please use the real number……

Lisa Mastrangelo

Tucker gets an A+ ! Expose the BS for what it is !!


ms13 needs to be exterminated, no arrest, no trial, no jail, death on capture, period….

Mountain Dew

ms13 is just a small group vs biker gangs like hells angels

terry stinnett


Carlos Hernández

Typical lefty faggot that doesn't know shit about this gangs and how they terrorize the population of central american countries.


Immediate deportation won't solve anything because they just come right back. They need an immediate bullet in their head, or better yet, chop them up with a machete to give them some of their own medicine.


The Professor forgot to mention the link between MS13 and the Hells Angels?

Panzer Pete

Cucker Tardleson lookin' all bewildered as usual.



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