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PragerU Live: Raymond Ibrahim (2/17/17)

PragerU Live: Raymond Ibrahim (2/17/17)

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PragerU Live: Raymond Ibrahim (2/17/17)

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23 Comments on "PragerU Live: Raymond Ibrahim (2/17/17)"

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Dennis Bamfo


Wulfrun 9

I think it's disgraceful that the persecution of Christians isn't more of a thing in the media! Another nail in the coffin of the MSM in my opinion! (and I'm speaking as a non-Christian – persecution is persecution and injustice is injustice, it's terrible how Christians have been forgotten here!)


raymond, thank you for your work. how can we help?

Alice Dexter

What's with the audio O_o

T.R. Freeman
They were persecuting Christians when I was in Dubai on an oil remediation site. Many had to give up their jobs to allow for more Muslim laborers. The work slowed down considerably when the Muslim workers took over. There was violence committed against Christian workers. The same thing happened when we moved to Sana'a! in the late 90s. We had to move our operation because we were threatened because we spoke about the violence against Christian workers. The US state dept would not listen to us! The US is going to find themselves in deep trouble within our own nation… Read more »
Kathie Dougherty

It's apparent they Muslim's and Christians or any one other then Muslim are able to exist together. Muslim history that no one talks about how they have spread throughout the world is by conquering, raping and mass murder through history. We paid for the oil and the Saudi's became wealthier beyond belief only to fund our own genocide.

Steven Singer

can't hear Jared

Jim Giant

Sargon has aged pretty badly.

Hussain Benladen

Christians and Muslims worship the same god, so it really don't matter.

Clayton Hanson

I think most political people in America have been threatened with death. And there very afraid of Iran (Muslim)

islam is incompatible with civilized nations……..they migrate only to the west to kill, destroy.  Their hatred for  the west MUST MAKE A REASONABLE PERSON….QUESTION…….WHY WOULD THEY MOVE TO NATIONS THEY HATE?  I would not want to live in any shit hole in the Mideast.  So the only reason muslims move to the west is to KILL……….NOTHING ELSE.  Their religion does not allow tolerance or co existence.  Why are Europeans and Americans so stupid to constantly try to convince themselves that muslims are peaceful or are compatible to live outside sharia law?  Muslims reject all western constitutions, laws, rules, religions………therefore they… Read more »
Java Man!

Reporters condone muslim supremacy by peddling Muslim victimization propaganda! They believe that the public eats it up, that the public loves to see this kind of thing. It sells. The public needs it's muslim victim fix. But it is tearing apart our Western culture. There needs to be a way to steer this propaganda to the right pov.

Java Man!

There is no way that Arab governments will help stop Christian persecution. They will lie to your face with their hand on the Quran that they will to take your money, but when you turn your back they will bury their sword into your back. Its islamic law to Welch on a deal. It's islamic law to have their promise be worth whale shit!


Tell who ever edits your pop up adds to STOP TARGETING pro Christian videos; it's not a coincidence that the only time your pop up adds come up are when I watch pro Christian videos; never any other video just Christian videos are when your pop up adds come up. Again STOP TARGETING CHRISTIAN VIDEOS WITH YOUR DEMONIC PROPAGANDA. 😡😡😡

Mark Morgan

Can you do a video on the impact on people's lives that the media is having, how they are destroying the livelihoods and upending free speech?

Guy Incognito

Mr. Gupta ?

Rambo Baggins

What are the titles of the two videos at the end?

Mary MacDonald

And the West sleeps on. Have they stopped teaching history in schools?

Mary MacDonald

How true this is.

Anthony Jacobs

First they came for the Jews…………

Krešimir H.

Been following this man's writings for the past couple of years. People, if you want to see for yourself just how bad it is for the non-Muslims (especially Christians) in all those Islamic lands, subscribe to his newsletter.
Your view of the world will be shaken to its core!

Itamar Greenberg

Great video as always.
I would love to see PragerU videos on the following subjects:
1. Muslim immigration into Europe and its consequences.
2. A defense of Trump's 7 Muslim countries immigration ban.
3. Left wing contemporary hysterias.
4. climate change predictions and how did they hold up.

Betty Perkowski

If Christians were birds, fish or reptiles, whose population had dwindled to 4%, the progressives would be falling all over themselves to avert their extinction. Theywould be marching in the streets with "Save the Christains" banners.



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