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PragerU Live: Legal Scholar Ilya Shapiro Discussing James Comey’s Hearing (6/8/17)

PragerU Live: Legal Scholar Ilya Shapiro Discussing James Comey’s Hearing (6/8/17)

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PragerU Live: Legal Scholar Ilya Shapiro Discussing James Comey’s Hearing (6/8/17)

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19 Comments on "PragerU Live: Legal Scholar Ilya Shapiro Discussing James Comey’s Hearing (6/8/17)"

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Neptune !



comey was a leak and wanted trump investigated

Raj Kapadia

Comey just wrecked Trump. And does Trump's attorney honestly think anyone would trust that proven liar Trump over Comey?

Tom Nelson

Face it, the New York Times is a frequent mouthpiece for the CIA, hence the frequent, unspecified sources. Quid Pro Quo.


This inquisition is an obvious partisan witch-hunt and a waste of the nation's time. If it has any value at all it is that it further weakens the MSM.

Kathryn Ludrick

The best thing would have been to terminated Comey at beginning of Trump administration. Comey had already proven himself not credible.

Tom Nelson

Trump's loose cannon propensities were made evident to anyone who still had doubts and his fast and loose relationship with truth telling (narcissistic defenses) were also, once again, high-lighted. We have a seriously flawed guy steering the boat (Captain Ahab, anyone?) but not certifiable–yet. Beware the proximity of White Whales, you know what happens then.

Christopher Major

New subscriber. Good stuff so far.

Craig Anderson

those blue eyes really pop against that blonde background

Sebastian m

The New York Times is crashing like Jospeh Pulitzer and The New York World. Pulitzer was also a Democrat.

Robert Black

Come lied so many times, who knows what is true? Still, Trump is vindicated, the Russia canard is a proven lie, and Comey is the secret source for the NY Slime.

Sentinel HDD

Why is this college promoting politics.. ??? What is this?

Eric Bess
So what I heard – there is still no evidence of anything, but the left will continue to insist that the mere presence of an investigation proves that Trump should be impeached. The left felt left out because Hillary was under attack because of something she did that they feel like they need to retaliate. The difference – Hillary DID break the law by setting up an illegal server. The ONLY reason she wasn't indicted is because Comey said they wouldn't be able to prove that she intentionally broke the law, despite the statute not calling for intent. At a… Read more »
David Lowery

Yeah, but Trump isn't a lawyer, so he can claim he didn't realize his language would be taken as if he was a sovereign entity. The US government forgets, somehow, that lawyers are supposed to interpret and clarify directives by non-lawyers as a significant part of the their jobs. Trump IS NOT A LAWYER.


what if comey, is a commie?

Seth Evans

Gotta love the Prager U editing–drop you right into the middle of an ongoing convo without any setup, framing, or context. XD


Comey is Obama's puppet.
A deeply corrupt and treasonous agent of evil.

Bert Leo

"memo"??? no, these were notes written after the fact, and could be construed in any number of ways

Bert Leo

this is "influencing" of the flynn investigation is such a non story. the text is there in plain english. trump said the same thing publicly in news conferences, objectively speaking, the language he used did not illegally pressure comey to end the investigation. anything can be construed anyway one wishes to construe it.



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