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Phil Donahue’s Insane New Theory Why Trump Became President

Phil Donahue’s Insane New Theory Why Trump Became President

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Phil Donahue’s Insane New Theory Why Trump Became President

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39 Comments on "Phil Donahue’s Insane New Theory Why Trump Became President"

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Mark Dice

If you love watching my videos then toss me a one-time tip at to help me become fan-funded because YouTube is screwing me by demonetizing my videos since they claim they’re too “offensive” or cover “sensitive content.” 

Or support me on by chipping in a $1 or $2 a month and let’s keep rocking! Thanks for having my back guys! They’re not going to stop me!!!

Bo Gonzales

A wild eyed lunatic. Totally representative of the mainstream left.


Mark: Your reactions and commentary to the videos are hilarious! Keep up the great work!

Tony Alexander

This geezer is still alive?

George Ortiz

Mark, Phil escaped from the same asylum.

tuco james

another has-been trying to revive his career by ragging on Trump 😀

Happy Daisy

Mark, maybe you should go easier on senile celebs that have been irrelevant like forever.

Olde Hatt

Lol, what an idiot. Look at the shit eating Crap News Network guy taking it all in. Pathetic…


CNN is Isis

Democrats Are Pedophiles
Democrats Are Pedophiles

This little fucking fruit Brian Stelter calling his show "Reliable Sources" is hilarious. It's more conspiratorial than Alex Jones from a decade ago.


Hey! Its Enrico Palazzo!!

Donald Wilson

Lmmfao! Donahue looks like my grandfather that wont eat his oatmeal before getting out the bed

Tom Burke

Is Phil Donahue a psychopath?
Do bears shit in the woods?

root loggins

I thought this old fart died in the 90s

irAte irishman

This washed up retard needs a straight -jacket.

Thom Florio

Mark, this man pleaded to the camera on his show while holding a one-armed girl in his arms — the result of an unsuccessful abortion — for more efficient abortion clinics for women to abort their children…not realizing if he had his way that beautiful girl in his arms would be dead and either rotting in a landfill or incinerated in a furnace. The man is a total jackass.


Now I see why Phil Donahue doesn't have a TV show anymore; nobody wants to watch that nutty fucker!

E.P. Belltell

Phil, reach out to Hillary, take her hand, and together walk off to somewhere far away. Sher may even teach you Bill's cigar trick you hypocrite old bastard.


I thought he was put in the ground 20 years ago. Now that I know he is alive I think he has just been in a the coo koo house the last 20 years. Anyone with his demeanor is fucking nuts.

Gordon Robbins

Why didn't anyone help that old man to find the MEN'S frames at the optometrist?

jameslu5t linde dermanruff
jameslu5t linde dermanruff

these people on the left believe the nonsense that comes out of there mouths. that to me is the scary part.


Catfish eyes… I can't believe anyone take Phil Donahue seriously. What a liberal tool.

Ms Mccoy

I never watched that idiot since he belittled Ali infront of Foreman and Frazier. Sick Asshole
Ask them all to skip rope and made fun of him saying he was selling shoe polish. Foreman Stuck up for him with the rope skipping when he had Parkinsons. Hate the scum. Looks like he has have Plastic surgery also

Jeremy Winters

Has Phil suffered from a stroke or something? He sort of has those wingnutty, unhinged eyes I'd expect from someone with acquired brain damage.

Robert Leiter

Seriously I thought he was dead years ago lol

Michael Duffy

Trump won the presidency because he ran against man-hating Hillary Clinton. She's probably the worst presidential candidate in American history. Utterly unlikeable. All the kings horses and all the king's men couldn't drag sow across the finish line. There's an old saying, ' you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig".

Brandon Williams

The ultimate poverty pimp questions why the Don got elected, wigga please!

D Evans

I would rather a Pussy Grabber then a Pillow Biter.

DR in TX

Is there a liberal in America that's not a koo koo bird 🐦?

Kay Jones

He's as nuts as Pelosi and Maxine Waters!

DR in TX

The man can hardly speak a coherent sentence. Funny, though, I thought Phil Dumbahu died a long time ago.

BoSox Hater

Senile uncle Phil needs to be rockin' in a chair next to Wee Willie Clinton and his wife Hillbillary. Yeeehaw, bitches!


I thought he died….a long time ago. Cunt news network can't get anybody else on air.


He looks good for his age. He must be about one hundred by now

Gizmo Thewytchdoktor

apparently banging marlowe thomas didn't help him one bit.
apparently he won't grab any female by the pussy….even when they will let him.

richard bobby

Phil's face screams dementia.

Em Gee

Donoghue loods NUTS—CNN is FAKE !!!!!

Michael Lancaster

Phil Donahue looks like Smeagal from Lord of the Rings!!


is he still a live??? old 🐕



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