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Murray: Middlebury was repudiation of university spirit

Murray: Middlebury was repudiation of university spirit

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Murray: Middlebury was repudiation of university spirit

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12 Comments on "Murray: Middlebury was repudiation of university spirit"

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Mikey Triggs

Remember the college campus was an environment established for listening to non-mainstream ideas & exchanging different views? Liberals man😕


I've visited Middlebury College. Nice campus. Crazy left wingers, now. Sad decline.


What these schools are is adult day care.


Bernie Sanders communist country up there

Bruan Hardrada

The rich kids shut him down, think about that.

As a Middlebury graduate, class of 2000, I find it hard to figure where blame really lies. There is no question that the crowd went too far, but I also have no doubt that this speaker was arranged with provocation in mind. The political climate at the time was especially poisonous, the students leaning towards activism were poised to protest at the faintest sniff of an excuse. The liberals of every generation need a cause, it is part of what makes America great. This was a trap set by conservatives, and they took the bait. Of course, the negative effects… Read more »
Terrence Jimerson
I do not think Murray being a conservative is what caused the protest. It is believed that the Bell Curve suggests that blacks and lower class whites are genetically inferior. Free Speech is a right, but does that mean we should invite white supremacists on campuses. That being said, I do not condone any violence the occurred on campus. Violence should not be tolerated, and it only weakens one's cause. It is funny how Tucker and Murray did not actually discuss the contents of Murray's book. Hmm, I wonder why. I wouldn't be surprised if Tucker started inviting Alt Right… Read more »
Bubba Lee

LOOK UP MURRAY'S WORK! The Bell Curve chapter 13 shows that controlling for environment doesn't come close to closing the huge racial gaps in test scores! =IQ is genetic!

Ralph A. Wolf

American universities have become cauldrons of intolerance for dissenting views.

Charles Martel
Dr. Charles Murray has been vilified for just suggesting in his Bell Curve book that intelligence levels, at least the cognitive abilities measured by IQ tests, are largely genetic in cause. Psychologist Dr. Richard Lynn, in his book "Race Differences in Intelligence" gives seven reasons for believing in a genetic component:  "First, the two races have evolved independently in different environments over a period of approximately 100,000 years (Mellars and Stringer, 1989; Cavalli-Sforza, 2000). When two populations evolve largely in isolation from each other for this period of time, genetic differences between them inevitably evolve for all characteristics for which… Read more »
star shine
When are we going to stop all this from happening? Colleges should get punished for allowing this to happen. No one is allowed to stop someone else from speaking…..this is called Unlawful Assembly…any assembly that disturbs the peace….and it's Not protected under the constitution. Now if they all stood there…with their signs….and didn't make a sound and stood peacefully….then that is peaceful assembly and IS protected under the constitution. Start arresting people who are disturbing speeches and start punishing schools for allowing it. It will only get worse and these people think they can get away with it…..they have to… Read more »
All Universities and colleges that have protests like that on campus should close its doors for a time and take the loss. They are letting those types of protests go on. What ever happened to "respect your elders"? All these protests are happening because of the educational institutions. Whats going to happen next give degrees to the highest bidder with out the college or university education?. These institutions are not following policies and procedures so place them on notice. These protesters are not exercising there freedom of speech or freedom of expression that is a mob for the sole purpose… Read more »


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