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Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry

Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry

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Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry


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39 Comments on "Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry"

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I hope generation z does not end up like this

Alicia Tur

I had no idea millenials were so bitter.


I hate being a millennial.

You might spend more productive time attempting to LISTEN to non-millennials who are NOT your parents or your 'diversity' professors (and applying the steps they suggest that you can take in your everyday lives to NOT 'suck') as opposed to making some sort of sarcastic, NON-'apology' YOUTUBE video replete with inferences that everyone ELSE is responsible for you failing at the game of 'Life.' Sorry about a reference to a vintage board game…look it up on ebay and have mommy and daddy buy it for you b/c I've taught 'Life Skills' to students who are developmentally DISABLED and who to… Read more »
Tommy Walker
Millennial's are the worst and lamest generation ever, with their annoying voice cracking and every other word is like, your music is shit your generation is shit so all of you just kill yourself and do my generation a favor,, ,, put on some real music- clash stones Led Zeppelin T Rex sex pistols all 60s & 70s rock no rap shit!!! and please save yourselves and save cool,, sorry but it's true,, Cool is dead ,, sad,, and you lost your New York accents , Southern to, you all sound the same, sounds like you're constipated when you talk… Read more »
Nanaminera A
so it's your parents fault for raising you the way they did? and it's another generations fault for all of the problems we have? hmm. ..I see let's blame everyone and not recognize how crappie we really are that'll fix everything! there has never been a Generation more self absorbed, hypocritical and entitled ever! You guys want things to get better start with You! by serving others and being grateful for all of the sacrifices your parents made for you. Not all are like this but the great majority are. I can't listen to any of you talk with that… Read more »
Casey Sawyer

Wow. This is proof they really are idiots

Britta Hanson

Most educated in what? Gender studies maybe. Lmao.

Britta Hanson

And this is what millennials do best….blame everyone else for their own problems. Professional victims.


Millennials have a lot of bad stuff against them. I still think we suck.

shawn obarker

I did not raise my girls to be like these fucktards !


Could you just support Trump?  Then you will be just fine….and all will be worth your surviving in my basement.  I still love you, my Millenial son.  I am sorry I did not kick your butt and make you apply for that internship but instead I let it by "your choice."  I new better…. I did tell you that you would be sorry for not taking the position…. and now we are both sorry.

Ivan Alexander

Dear Millennials, If you could never find a job after college then either think outside the box, start a business, and create jobs! Or learn a trade by joining your local unions.

Sincerely, your fellow Mellennial Carpenter with a Liberal Arts degree (political science).

Tele Caster

Thank God my 20-something kids don't cry and act like the spoiled idiots that make up a large percentage of millenials. Terribly selfish generation that can't see the forest through the trees.

Centrist Philosopher

Every generation has its pros and cons.

When we were born is something we have no control over.

Bashing our own generation is therefore nonsensical.

I was born in 1985 so I am an 'early millenial'

Charles Jerzak

Sorry Millenials, your parents weren't hippies, they were YUPPIE SCUMBAGS!!!!

Wow. And just…wow. Here's the deal: The #1 problem with "millenials?" Craptastical videos such as this one. "Starring" one self-righteous youngster after another who boldly waggle their fatty fingers and asses in the faces of and spit on all those who came before them. They are all clearly so much better than everyone else. Of course while doing this, they conveniently ignore the fact that they are expressing themselves "themselfs" by using cell phones, computer networks, websites and an ENDLESS list of devices, technologies, ideas and methods that WERE CREATED BY THE VERY ONES that they show such blatant disrespect… Read more »
Menaced Dennis
my parents were normal innercity people. they lacked any education, my dad 8th grade my mom a GED later in life. they worked alot, and didnt always make the best decisions. They always put me first and i had a fun lively childhood on the block. They kept me away from bad things, drugs etc. I never blamed them for not telling me about college or skilled trades, they didnt know what these meant themselves, and i worked odd jobs for years after high school. But their basic support of me, the work ethic they demonstrated, the nurturing they provided… Read more »

Millenial = Born in 2000 and after (2nd Millenium)
1985 – 1999 = Y Generation.


Jory Porteous
Our generation, is the most educated, don't get pregnant at a young age compared to our predecessors, don't drink, smoke or do drugs nearly as much or at all (but not everyone is as keen on getting high). We are self centered, narcissistic and such because we were taught that to be successful we must focus on our own interests and ours alone. That we were special and that we can do what ever we set our mind to, which in turn caused most to focus on our specific needs above others, go to school and accumulate debt except for… Read more »
nathan scavera

stop sulking, and being a bunch of babies like there calling us, be violent, be loud, stand up against them,
force change upon them.
Fuck The Baby Boomers!
if its a generational war they want, by creating enemies out of us before we could become adults, i say we give them war,
the only way things change is if we force it.

Nᴉʞlɐs Hansen

Starting blaming yeselves by saying ye shouldn't ever get laid.. if suicide.. good for nature.. one less.. if not and better.. good on ye.. fuck humanity at a whole.. how hard canb it be not to screw up majorily? Start a war, rape a women.. kill some birds and be pyro.. but why drugs RDs/ODs/ETC, obesity, animal-rape Zoonosis/STDs stem from and inbred?? tf..

There goes those Millennials blaming everything on everyone else. The wars blame them on the politicians. Stripped of natural resouces – bull shit . We need to take all of your electronics away (including your cars) and you can either all ride a bus to work or a bike or walk like I did. Those damn baby boomers (or that is right I am one of them) and I have two Millennials and they are so lazy and entitled. I am kicking my 25 year old out of the house when he finishes college this June and and he can… Read more »

Millennials are spoiled, entitled, brats that need a good hard kick in the ass and set straight. I have worked with a few and they are still babies who need to have their diapers changed anytime they do not get their way. AND NEVER EVER MENTION THE WORK "OVERTIME" to them they will "FU**ING FREAK OUT".


Grow up, get a job, pay off your student loans, move out of your parents house, put your playstation (games) down, turn off the TV and stop whinnying you damn spoiled brats. Parents stop patting them on the back for making their beds and putting their dirty clothes in the hamper. They should be doing chores, taking care of themselves and do I mean do not loan them any money or pay off their credit cards. They need to learn responsibility

Millennials were given too much as children and now they expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter with a great big red bow. Participation trophies were stupid and should not have been given out. You need to build your own self-esteem through hard work and sacrifices and not through hand-outs and pats on the back. When you start working in the REAL WORLD your boss will not say thank you and praise you for everything you do. Your reward is keeping your job and a pay check in which 30% gets taken off of the… Read more »

boooo hoooo – snivelers

Grey Beard

So there, then. It's not their fault. They're the victims!!


Hang out with non-millenials to find out how annoying you are.

John O'Brien
I was not a teenager until the mid seventies, and not an adult until almost 1980. Yet, I am still called a baby boomer. If you were born in 1962, then you carry the blame for the baby boomer generation, without having enjoyed the privileges of that generation. No worries, we are used to being passed off and ignored, but move forward regardless. Insulting responses are nothing new to us and we do not expect to be taken seriously. We enjoyed movies such as "Back to the Future" that skipped the oppressive counterculture early baby boomer generation, and hungered for… Read more »
Collin Hennessy

Keep playing the blame game, that's always productive.

Joshua Wang

eh you do suck, but for different reason gen z is where its at.

Josh V


Bruce M.

Class dismissed! Fucking baby boomer motherfuckers!

Htoo Doh

I am millennial, I'm not narcissist but depressed. And almost half of the stalemate does not describe me(maybe other), I am 13 year old. Though, maybe the other half is true.

Bob Lake

Blaming an entire generation…
Go fuck yourselves, clueless ingrates…

Carlos, Castrejo

the sarcasm was too obvious, more subtlety is needed


Speak for yourself….. I'm awesome

Antonio Ballon

what a fucking bullshit i just saw?



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