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Media Equality Project helps combat attacks on conservatives

Media Equality Project helps combat attacks on conservatives

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Media Equality Project helps combat attacks on conservatives

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27 Comments on "Media Equality Project helps combat attacks on conservatives"

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James Davidson


Pam Hutchinson

The Liberal Media are the most Vile, Vicious, Hate-filled, Disgusting people on the planet

Eli Ohlman

Thank you all for helping!!! So glad to know your flags are planted!!

S4mm3r Sn0w

I had to watch this twice because of the tug-of-war going on between her eyelashes and bangs. I just kept waiting for the moment that she would finally reach her hand up and slap that junk out of the way but it NEVER happened! …very frustrating…

Joey Norwood


good goat

Sorry to say. it might take nothing less than a few dead bodies to stop the nonsense from the left. Because of the special protections given to the press they are getting away with libel and slander. Hopefully free thinking Americans, republicans and democrats will see through the outright lies of the media and the leftist politicians. MAGA !!!!! Drain the swamp !!!!!

Elaine B.
For over a year now I've been mad as hell and wondering who are these advertisers that keep these people in business? How can this keep recurring and getting more and more extreme and vicious and totally devoid of ethics? How did this now become common everyday practice with innuendo and blatant lies perpetuated constantly in openly biased manner and offered as so-called 'news reporting'? Why can't we fight back this insanity with the Truth? Thank God for these people. This is what we need and I will support them myself. We need more warriors like this to arm us… Read more »
Nanny Plum

It's about time! I stand with you Hannity….and for all conservatives to have freedom of speech. It's frightening how "MSM" and liberals have this obvious agenda to take down our current president, as well as any other opposing view. Love to see justice and truth prevail

Tom Nelson

Maddow is Goebbell incarnate.


Hot chick!

Rosalie Gilliland

It's about time Conservatives stop taking the higher ground, and fight these unprincipled, immoral, leftist animals with fervor. They have no substance, so it shouldn't be a protracted fight. I'm checking out Media Equality Project, and I'm ready to get more involved in defending out great President, and our constitution.

ScoutFighter #1

Hannity keep rocking on! I appreciate everything you do for us!


Support Hannity and all the supporters who believe the Freedom of Speech! We need to work together or our freedom will be stolen right in front of our eyes by the regressive left.

Sean Montgomery

Hannity did something reprehensible — slandering a dead man's reputation to provide false political cover for the Russians and Wikileaks, then refusing to retract the fake story after his network did. He alone needs to pay the price for his poor judgment. He should not be seeking to deflect criticism on others.

Phil Shea

how do I get more of media equality project? This is important work, otherwise freedom of speech in america is over, your country is doomed once you all think and act the same. WAKE UP AMERICA

Winona Brown
WE ARE WITH HANNITY! DNC staffer, Seth Rich leaked their documents to Wikileaks! Hillary's campaign chairman John Podesta stated in one of the leaked emails, that he wanted to make an example of Rich so Imran Awan, HRC IT employee, hired Alpha Jalloh and 2 "MS-13" gang members to kill Rich. With 3 GSW to his back, Seth lay dying on the street, mere blocks from his home. IT WAS NOT RUSSIA! The FBI then descended on and obstructed Seth Rich's ICU recovery from his GSW surgery efforts in the hospital and had him killed. The police body cam videos,… Read more »

Lets make #Covfefe Grate Again

Philosophic Rift

Liberals censor ad revenue on YouTube.

Feminists make lists of people that make comments they disagree with on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Now Liberals are going after sponsors on Fox News.

Liberals went after Ann Coulter and Milo free speech with threats of violence.

I anticipate Liberals will go after book stores such as Barnes & Noble as well as online retailers such as Amazon to censor conservative books.

Liberals could not get a hate speech law like the UK & Canada so these are their tactics on U.S. soil.

Micro Aggression

Where's Goebbels when you need him… what a bunch of #triggered RW PC outrage powder puff snowflakes.

Micro Aggression

Donald of Arabia converted to Islam


LOL!!! why would you style your bangs so that your eyelashes cause your hair to move when you blink?? LOLOLOL

Guardian of Justice
very simple advertisers pull everybody needs to pull together and not buy anything from them don't buy their products don't watch their shows don't give them your money period! sick of this liberal fascist nonsense they're the real communist we need to save free speech an open Forum where people can express their thoughts and their ideas, I'm so insulted by these people they think that I need them in order to get through my life they're under some weird illusion that they know what's best for everyone these people are mentally ill or sick or something is wrong with… Read more »
Guardian of Justice

GOD bless our wonderful country.

Commander Zero

Bannon needs to aggressively go after the opposition party media. Personally and professionally. The Democratic and Republican parties don't need the media anymore.


I am thrilled to have a place to use my voice… I love it that we are learning from the dimOrats!



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