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Mainstream media slam GOP health care bill

Mainstream media slam GOP health care bill

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Mainstream media slam GOP health care bill

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19 Comments on "Mainstream media slam GOP health care bill"

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Luke skywalker

Don't these people realize Trump won because most people hate Obamacare. I think they need their heads checked. Of course this bill has problems but the media is so being biased on this one not taking into account all the Americans struggling because of Obamacare

Ivy Bridge

😂Good I hope the MSM choke on it🖕🏼

U2 boy

Obama care did me jack shit. I still can't afford healthcare, but I get the privilege of paying a fine which consists of a few hundred dollars.
Fuck off!


Mainstream media slam GOP health care bill … imagine my shock !!! Muhahaha


Leftist have done NOTHING but destroy the free world EVERYWHERE !!!

Dave S

I'm poor and I can't afford Obamacare, but I gotta pay for someone else to get healthcare who isn't working. That's why I voted Trump and I'm glad I did cause now maybe the price will go back to what ot was before and I can afford it again.

The Proverbial Hater

"Mainstream media slam GOP health care bill"

What are you talking about? Fox News is "mainstream media"… All conservative shows and radio stations have more watchers than any liberal show and radio stations… This is fact. Liberal radio shows make no got damn money and are always facing bankruptcy every year while Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh makes millions…. What the fuck is Fox News talking about "mainstream media"…??? You dumb asses you are the mainstream media the amount of white supremacist propaganda is astonishing. Fucking sheep…

Joe Dodge

You all keep Trump businesses profitable. Donald thanks you.

Defiant Christian Infidels
Defiant Christian Infidels

If the globalist deep state news says it's really bad it's got to be damn good.

Micro Aggression

yeah because it sucks shit!

Terese Iervasi

Screw you democratic

Micro Aggression

insurance doesn't mean care… then give us single payer instead of corporate blowjobs you fucking cucked out sell out GOP pieces of shit.

Good Day

LIBERALS ARE DUUUMMMMMBBBBBB!!!! obama and his minions formulated obamacare TO FAIL so that when evil queen hillary got into office she culd say Obamacare is so bad and failng we have no choice but go into Single-Payer Healthcare…..

John T
What horseshit. Obama makes these niggas sit in a room for days till they concede and vote on the affordable healthcare plan then they slap him in the face and raise the premiums and deductibles behind the scenes with the good ol' boys and try to pawn it all off on him now that he's not the POTUS. These lil bitches need to be slapped in their cock suckers. What kind of dumb fucking idiot believes this bullshit. Are you people that into undermining yourselves that you will cut your own throat to support the agendas of the mega wealthy… Read more »
All of us who are watching Fox News need to step back and think for a moment, because something is happening that a lot of you don't realize and don't understand. We as conservatives are not the majority in America, the numbers don't bear that out. Trump got elected only because the democrats got caught sleeping on election day and republicans did not. That's not going to be the case anymore. Everything Trump is doing including this healthcare bill is igniting a democrat electoral rebound that Trump supporters are too stupid and/or too arrogant to see coming. Sorry but you are. Remember… Read more »
nicholas thomas

We have a president that's not going to let him be slammed by fake news organizations. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

From the Depths of Gehenna
From the Depths of Gehenna

Fake News and obama…Liar ,Lair pants on fire…

Berta Bragg
All this rhetoric is their (democrats) game plan, to scare people. Those people are just plain evil!! But some people still don't get it, now we won't be "forced to buy" It if we don't like or want it, and no penalty if we chose not to, that is a big break! I'd rather have no medical than to be forced to pay for what does nothing for me. I can work it out myself if need be, find coverage for what suits me. I don't want to pay for the benefits of others and the benefits that  illegals get out of it "for free". That was… Read more »
Mike Donalson

When a politician is trying to convince you into buying on a great idea, just think of a car salesmen trying to do the same thing.



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