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Liz Wheeler: Millennials Are Too Stupid to Speak

Liz Wheeler: Millennials Are Too Stupid to Speak

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Liz Wheeler: Millennials Are Too Stupid to Speak


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25 Comments on "Liz Wheeler: Millennials Are Too Stupid to Speak"

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Caitlin Eleanor



Roy condescends because he apparently cannot counterpoint.


Ah a baby boomer tweeted this, the generation that ruined America.

acorn sucks

Its not a shame when people don't vote. I'd rather have stupid people stay home.


To be fully honest, the reason us Millennials are in such a sorry state of less voter participation, as well as lacking in manners or proper education is being of the Baby Boomer hippies that began the destruction of our culture.

Evening Buzz
Lets be honest here. There is probably less than 1% of the population under 30 that have the experience or gravitas to make informed decision regarding the matters at hand. Millennials only have the right to vote because of the corruption of our political process. The thugs in the establishment hope they can sway enough naive voters to vote for them. ***The real requirement for voting should be at minimum: Age 30; Have worked and paid taxes for 10 years; Speak English fluently; Be able to identify themselves with a legal document; Be able to answer correctly at least 10… Read more »
Zombie Hajde

As a millenial who has been in her career for over a decade, I have been with my husband over a month years, I started my own business (and surpassing all my goals) and still work part time at the job I love, I have a threenager that I try to home school, 2 dogs, own my own home, and try to be a leader in my community.

I totally understand, comprehend, and have a valid opinion about my life and what I think is the best way to do things.

D Storm

Most of Einstein's great work was done by age 26.


Jobs DID NOT invent the computer

Feminazi slayer

You have a good writer for your show


How old are you?

John Doe

Wow, congratulations. You made a bunch of straw man arguments. Oh, and that ad hominem…

Nobody is "ignoring" young intelligence. We're simply asking you to RESPECT YOUR FUCKING ELDERS.


what a fucking dumb ass blonde bitch

Cody Mcgonagill

a genius is a genius at any age and this bitch is not one of them it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot then open it remove all doubt. I hope she looks back at this in 20 years I guarantee you she will agree with me

Tennessee Native

LOL But millennials are stupid as f@#%. It's not even funny.


Anyone can look clever with a teleprompter in front of them – Hey look at Obama !


Any retard can read off of a teleprompter. lol

Its called work ethic which most millennials don't have. Hell 70% of the millennials I interview for a job "If they bother to show up" can't even put their phone down during the interview and thats why they are to lazy to vote as well. And besides every person you mentioned grew up in an age of instilled work ethic that they were taught not a bunch of lazy kids with a phone stuck in their face wondering if there is an app to open this can of spaghettios they are staring at. In truth you can pin a lot… Read more »

This just in …. Mozart, Jobs, Rockefeller ACTUALLY FUCKING DID SOMETHING! And NONE of them were from your generation! Thanks for proving the point, spokesmodel!


Anne Frank didn't write a lot of her 'diary'. Her father did and he filled in the gory details using a BALL POINT PEN which had not yet even been invented in Anne Frank's time. And, BTW, has anyone even bothered to read that quasi-porno trash? I didn't think so. Read good, wholesome stuff like Mein Kampf, or The International Jew, by Henry Ford, Sr.

Dar Lawrence
You can't blame a snowflake for being a snowflake, you have to blame the cloud that bore it. Bad parenting makes for bad children because, after all, you can't know what you don't know. In other words don't get pissed at the millennials get pissed at their parents. Okay now you're pissed did it accomplish anything? No… well I guess instead of getting pissed you should start mentoring millennials. I can name about 40 or 50 kids that call me dad and run up to me in the street and give me a hug whenever they see me and guess… Read more »
Dar Lawrence

No one knows everything but everybody knows something. I have learned lessons from children. In fact the other day my daughter taught me something incredibly valuable that I could not see for myself.


True Liz but the average millennial is too wrapped up in their own first world problems to see passed their nose. Look how many college students take gender studies, I can't believe it's even a thing. You can't compare the 20 somethings of the times you referred to the millennials, there is no comparison. Those people worked to make the world a better place, this generation just wants you to use the correct pronoun for on of their made up 100 genders

thomas tannler

I was very young and I knew a great deal. Often society has had to catch up with me. I knew there would be a reaction to outsourcing and that it was unfair. and there was to my horror, and many more things. So just ignore that person

Jerry Vinson

jrc99us: You believe the majority of people over 40 are hippies ? That was a small minority of the population. The majority of the US population has been conservative since the beginning.



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