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Judge rules against Trump administration on rescinding DACA

Judge rules against Trump administration on rescinding DACA

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Judge rules against Trump administration on rescinding DACA

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35 Comments on "Judge rules against Trump administration on rescinding DACA"

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Cesar Sánchez

When they going to stop anchor babies? When they going to stop anchor babies chain migration? They are three to four generations of anchor babies and they still born everyday anchors babies.

Carlos Sanchez

DEPORT all thes wfucken IMMIGRANTS. The whites are already getting fucked by te black PEOPLE and getting there white woman fuckend in the ass by niggers they want Hispanics to smfh

Wesley Morgan

No ! build the wall deport them all . send all worthless judges along with them . the judicial system is so corrupt I can think of no reason any American should " OBEY " these scumbags or their laws anymore .

A sheep in wolf's clothing
A sheep in wolf's clothing

These judges should not be allowed to do this. Only the Supreme Court should be able to have a say in what the President signs or over any legislation… and even that should be limited and only done under extreme circumstance. These hack judges should be disciplined for sticking their nose where it doesn't belong

Wesley Morgan

If daca passes don't pay your taxes …..would that make a good hash tag?


Another judge in need of warm blood. Human trafficking is so in style now. Bring me 3, one to cook, one to clean and one for the yard. Now. They must pay my taxes back for their free stuff.


Take it to the Supremes Court, this is the Security of the Country, Judges have no say in the matter.


Ha ha, fuck trump


Lol, gee when a Judge in conservative state blocked the A.C.A implantation Foxnews was cheering and applauding the decision and Trump at the time praised it. But now that it goes against them it is unfair. Shites.


Wow, not much on FOX about Feinstein having released the Fusion GPS guys 10 hours of sworn testimony released refuting the lies of Grassley and bringing to light so much information for those who've been complaining of "no proof". You'd think they'd be all over it?

Again! The 9th circus court. The Carcase Of Lion Terror Judges of the old hatred of Philistine Jdg 14:8 And after a time he returned to take her, and he turned aside to see the carcase of the lion : and, behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion. The carcass of the lion is the fall of the lion. Lion is symbolic of Judah. 🇬🇧 The law givers. Genesis 49:9. Tares sneaked in the tribe of Judah. Joshua 9. Took over the scribes. 1 Chronicles 2:55. Destroyed the law. Matthew 23. Deu… Read more »
Master Chief 00117

Federal Judges are not elected Legislators.. His ruling is about as useful as teeth on a chicken…


That judge should be locked up for treason.


Ignore this over reach by a judge that has no jurisdiction!

Kim S

No DACA!! GET rid of it. Build the wall!!

Gridlock Gamer

It's long passed time to start hanging these traitor-judges.

joe lukasik

and the SC will just overturn yet another activist left wing stupid judge


We need DACA We don't need the wall!

louis borselio

Time to beat the fucking shit out of these lawbreaking judges.

Eric Stromlund

Build the wall
No more trespassing
Keep out and stay out…
Come in legally and get in line or don’t come in at all..
Why are we so worried
About None-American
People… 🇺🇸
Trump 20/20

c j

9th circus court

Sir Alfred Lawrence

President Trump betrayed his base

Mike Villano

Hey Judge Queer,
You don't have the power to usurp our vote.
We should pull you out of your chambers and beat the living crap out of you in front of your colleagues.

Alexander Hart

Just like everything else to do with the nation's security the judges always block him, when it comes to security, the judges WILL fail as usual cause the president doesn't answer to them, especially about security

Aden Aden

That sucks what's happening to the kids in DACA even tho their parents brought them hear illegally. They don't have anything to go back as they grew up here. Now the president wants his dumb ass wall or he'll deport them. Smh that's some dirty ass shit I don't care what your views that's a fucked up thing to do.

ThE BeSt !

I love how the judges keep ringing trumps bell . ha ha ha ha ha great .👨

jimmy jon

if you HELP AND SHELTER ILLEGALS you should be JAILED. no matter if you are a judge or not


Feinstein, you fucking fraud, there's only one side and that's the American side. You had better stop selling out the Americans otherwise payback could be hell.

Smriti Capoor

YESSSS!!! do what the people say! We need a world without border!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Jahz D

I didn't vote for any of these treasonous judges, I voted for Trump to build the wall!


Excuse me, let me rephrase the title to this video. Obama judge stops progress yet again.

Captain America

What about you shut the fuck up Diane Finestien! You WHORE!

Captain America

And where is Diane from?
San Francisco. She had much to do with that communist judges actions!


Who has the power to fire these corrupt judges

Rix Pix

Ridiculous that some liberal cuck judge can screw with America like this. Just insane!



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