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Judge Jeanine: Trump’s transparency is what sets him apart

Judge Jeanine: Trump’s transparency is what sets him apart

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Judge Jeanine: Trump’s transparency is what sets him apart

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16 Comments on "Judge Jeanine: Trump’s transparency is what sets him apart"

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It's Mueller Time

"But what about Hillary?!"😭

jap face

I want head from her.

Robert Fields

Incorrect, you old, ugly ass bitch. trump being a filthy traitor to this country, an enemy of liberty and a moron is what sets him apart. Just as bad as the libtard left

I N V I C T U S 11

I used to like De Niro…

Gary Watzittoyaa

Need me a women like Judge J ❤

Patricia Donwen

God bless and protect America! God bless and protect President Trump! Amen

Marduk Ridwan

Gary Busey 2020, because he will Make America Funnier Again. I'm just joking of course. #MAGA

Juan Garcia

Tell them jugde..I agree with you.

Sue Sally

Obamas purposely brought in all the illegal immigrants to try to change America. Because they hated the American poor and middle class people !

Fan Dance

Yeah! No filter President of our time, but he does not carry the racism in his heart like the Leftists whom I have known in many social groups.

grin and bear it -

Oboma Clinton's bush has to be combined 80% lies.

Tom G

Yet you cut off arpaio while trying to talk truth about the birther issue. Earth is flat

Sharon Smith

More click bait smh

Paul Booher

You go girl!!! 🙂

Carrie Mcgaha

How was obama able to get over a hundred billion w/o congress but Trump can’t have a lot less just for a wall?

Johanna Nocua

God bless you judge!! ❤🤗❤🤗



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