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Judge Jeanine: Dems can’t come to grips with election loss

Judge Jeanine: Dems can’t come to grips with election loss

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Judge Jeanine: Dems can’t come to grips with election loss

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45 Comments on "Judge Jeanine: Dems can’t come to grips with election loss"

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Barbara  Mowrey

Hilary said and said LOUDLY that NOT accepting the results of the campaign would be a threat to our DEMOCRACY! "HILARY IS THREATENING OUR DEMOCRACY! " SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE. SHE PUT HER FOOT IN HER MOUTH, so to speak.

Jeffrey C Clarke

restore the constitution of 1793.

Vivian Volta

my goodness Judge Pirro is absolutely Delectable!

Letsbe Rationalhere

It's been SO much fun to watch the Democrat party crumble to pieces!


Trump supporters, ever so slowly, will find that they were taken by the master con man.
Give it a little time, about six months, and you will see what I mean.

Even before Trump is inaugurated, the economy is already moving in the way he wants it to. Situation on the ground in conflict ridden parts of the Middle East is also moving according to Trump's professed foreign policy. The players in the Syrian war are moving anticipating that American aid to the rebels will be withdrawn. ISIS is losing ground to the Syrian army rapidly. EU leaders who wants war with Russia are predicted to get booted off from office. Just by outlining a clear foreign policy direction, Trump even now is influencing situations in most places of the world.… Read more »
Greg Taylor

If this keeps up the gop will be in power for the next 50 years!

David's Daily Dirt

plenty of us have had presidents we decided we would never accept as our leader we didn't moan and groan about it! we definitely didn't go vandalizing the country or smear fest in the media! CNN ABC MSNBC all need to hurry up and bleed out they have no business reporting news in our country!


the racebaitors of the white left, are so racist that they still think that black people support their divide by race "liberal" plans….


Palmieri is a leftist asshole scum.

Annette Bell

I love Judge Jeanine.

Cherokee Queen

They are a bunch of dimwits. I have tried to talk to some of them but they just don't get it. They don't understand the middle class.


I love it. I hope they stay that way. I've have never been this amused. What a wonderful Christmas present. I wasn't expecting to be so happy watching them be so pathetic in so many different ways. The female anchor on CNN today was having fun talking about Trump's plane crashing with hopeful amusement. They are so unhinged. Nothing has changed with them since John Wilkes Booth. Same kind of people with their same kind of hate.

Anthony Maddison

what happened to "when they go low we go high"?


This hysterical cow is the fucking worst. I don't know how anyone watches someone so fucking abrasive and awful. Unattractive doesn't even begin to cover. She is fucking hideous.

brudyboy 58

There's nothing I worse than a sore loser.


What scares the Democrats most is that the American People will now have the opportunity to see the REAL Donald Trump, not the Caricature they have created of him.

Any Truth

Trump people voted for COMMON SENSE, etc.! Idiot anti-Trump protesters and sore losers!

Norman Bates

Stopped the video after just a few seconds. Sounded like a chicken farm with thousands of chickens squawking at the same time.

If you're going to put up a video (instead of a circus) get organized so the viewers can make at least a little sense of what's being said in the discussion !!

sebastian cuello

I have never liked Trump, but it's true that Hillary doesn't connect with people. She wears a $13,000 Armani suit to give a speech about economic inequality in America. Wtf lmao.

Mary Budd

Dems still don't get it. The same old song out of them.

The thing you don't understand is many so-called liberal vote for Trump or didn't vote at all! You FOX peeps create all the "problem" from thin air by falsely categorizing people in two groups, left and right! Most people is in mid-section with POV from both side. I assume i am categirize as a liberal and i HATE HC, love Trump, and all MainStreamMedia is here only to remind us that there is a left and right and we MUST pick a side… Like Trump says, we have to be unite, America is one nation! Must stop focusing on so-called… Read more »
Donald Harvey

how can a y news caster reader ever condone a criminal action like hilery Clinton clearly is she should be bunged up I obviously mean in jail yuck wash your minds out

Thomas Kurilla

stop the whining

Rick Salt
Symone Sanders , a young black Democratic strategist wants the DNC basically all black and brown .I say yes , you go girl with your socialist , race dividing agenda , of course you'll be at the top of the pyramid , right ? The youth of today are the delusional communists of next election , damn scary , I guess they'll be putting the hard working right-wingers in labour camps in Alaska .Funny thing is when the population of Muslims gets around 5% – 10% , Islam will start demanding ,and implementing their laws , Oooo sounds like a… Read more »
Helena Red

Stop sanctuary cities and deport. That alone will fill in the deficit greatly.

I live in L A and there are no laws here. Money is given out to Illegals  like water.

They are NOT even grateful for all they get. They just demand and the politicians  do

what they want for them. It is INSANE  It is so crooked and lawless.. I prayed for Trump

everyday to win..

Deport ALL of them not just the  gangs murders etc. ALL OF THEM. EVERY LAST ONE!!!!!!!

I was born in L A. This is my country.

Helena Red

Oh and yes they voted illegally. I witnessed it, They lined up in droves couldn't speak English and someone was there telling them who to vote for.

jay west

I can't stand that the leftists are still calling me a racist because I didn't vote for a WHITE WOMAN.


I have a crush on Judge Jeanine

Don Seagrave

BREAKING NEWS ⚠ Wikileaks Drops Bombshell Cia Provided Podesta Emails to Wikileaks Not Russia!

Hoe Slayer

Obummer made America lose so many jobs and isn't even an American citizen! What a joke. I can't wait to pay lower taxes under Trump and not have to deal with smelly Mexicants anymore.

Antonios Karasulas

Americans are showing the world how immature so many of them are. Fair election, landslide result. Americans rioting in the streets and burning the US flag? Grow up.


Democrats evidently fail to realize that relationships are a two way street… just because a particular unpopular group likes YOU doesn't mean YOU like them!

Pj Aj

narcissists and sociopaths NEVER take responsibility.
liberalism is a mental illness.

Gus Armstrong

The globalists can't admit they over estimated the depth of white altruism. The self flagellation was never going to go on forever.

Friar Newborg

LISTEN: the Democrats are SHIFTING AWAY FROM WHITES, and issues that matter to whites. They are becoming a party of Non-Whites. At the same time, Trump is going to bring more JOBS to America, and that will help all races. The Dems failed, and they do not even know why.


Obama was not mine but I had to put up with him.


I think Kellyanne is a brilliant woman but I also think she is due for a role in the Walking Dead as one of the dead. She is looking very tired and run down.

Jimmie Ryan

The DNC has been working hard on the efforts to destroy the United States, They cut back Military spending, they gave amnesty to illegal immigrants, Obama care, They made deals with other countries which weakened our nation. They thought that Hillary they could continue this trend. Now that this is not going to happen because Trump won, the DNC is having a hissy fit. Because they know that President elect Trump will restore America and make us Great Again.

Tesslynn Amburgey

demoncraps are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DNC is corrupt!!!!! Wikileaks exposed them. Project Veritas exposed them. HIllary is a treasonous hag that DESERVES to be in prison. Get over your stupid party that is DEPLORABLE, it rigs stuff, it steals stuff, and still they COULDN'T win with dead people and illegal voters. They are very ugly and unAmerican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austria 1966

trashy liberals

Sonya Anew

Jennifer Palmieri: "I would rather lose than win the way you guys did?"

My Response: "You mean, by winning the electoral college, the same way the election is won every time????"

Arctic Ice

Jeannie is a Judge Hillary is only a Lawyer, she Trumps Hillary, the corrupt candidat.


There was voter fraud but it was in Hillary's favor. Are these democrats mentally incapacitated?

Janik Litalien

Holy shit, I like the Donald but Kelly Anne Conway really hit the wall after the election…



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