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Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?

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Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?

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39 Comments on "Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?"

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Mark Yates

This is why everyone in the US gets Due Process. Now isn't that nice that we have that. Not all countries do! I absolutely unequivocally support the death penalty unashamedly. No doubt about it! Justice has to be carried out.

Franco Parnetti
I want to say something and see if anyone else agrees:I opposed to the death penalty not only because its against life (and Mr Prager brings very good arguments to have eath penalty), but because sometimes there might be mistakes in the justice system, and people could be executed for crimes they didnt commit. How many times have you heard of someone that was put in jail and people later discorered that that person was innocent?The thing is, not always we will have hard evidence when people murder or rape someone.I would argue that life imprisonment is a way better… Read more »
Ryan Sellers
I understand the notion of "what if they are innocent"The thing to understand is that if sentenced to death it takes YEARS of legal battles to actually kill the person which helps to solve that problem as well as our concept of innocent until proven guilty where we prefer to let 10 guilty men walk free rather than one innocent die.I am actually opposed to the death sentenced. Not on a moral level but a pragmatic level. It actually costs more to kill the person than to let the person rot in prison due to the years of legal battles.… Read more »

I think that death penalty is only acceptable when the guy still poses a (significant) threat to society after prison/recovery, I mean, either he'll go back to committing heinous crimes, or serve a life sentence or be lobotomized, which I believe that is just unhuman. If there's another way to recover them I'm open to hear it, but I don't believe that as of today, there is.


When as a society are we going to focus more on the solution than the punishment?
All I'm saying is, when do we draw the line that rehabilitation is no longer plausible? In America, we don't seem to care.

Alex Smith

For once a prageru video I disagree with, I mean I respect your opinion but I just disagree. I don't believe in an eternal hell so I believe the death penalty let's the worst criminals off easy.

Plus one mistake with this is too much.


Blood for blood, we should've kept this saying but the beta males won.


The death penality is pricey and controversial, it needs to be firing squad no man gets a bullet that doesnt kill. Public execution should be mandatory. Execution should be accomponied by legal reform to the point both trial and laws are not done by judges but should a official break a law a civilian trial should be used. In the case of a non official they get a regular trial. Laws can never be one sided all men are under the eyes of the law. The laws need fixed though some are ridiculous.

Danny Basquez

Dennis Prager is wrong on this issue (but from a fake Jewish perspective I understand it, c'mon he is clearly not a real Jewish believer). The New Testament of the Bible that most Christians consider their primary text is fairly clearly against the death penalty sans God. Overall I love PragerU but concerning this issue he is wrong. I also resist the idea that the government should be killing its citizens, the Constitution doesn't really cover that.


My cousin and his friend were murdered execution style in 1995. Their murderer will be released from prison next year. He should have faced a firing squad.

Edgar Sandoval

He skimmed over the argument of innocent people being executed. Really? A single innocent person being executed is too many. Imagine that person was your brother, sister, mom or dad? Or if it was you. Our judicial and incarceration systems are too corrupt and faulty for a death penalty to be an option.

Michael Hanover

I usually side with Dennis, but have to part on this issue. " it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer"- Ben Franklin.

I simply don't have enough faith in the government to let it decide who lives and who dies.


Funny how most conservatives are about making the government smaller and more restrictive, but letting the government apply the death penalty would actually give it more power! Kind of ironic if you ask me.

While Im not 100% in favor the death penalty I think it should be applied to mass murderers, how can you kill multiple people and have no remorse that is beyond redemption.

Also an interesting question, what if you have to kill someone in self-defense?

ken barten

Ever notice that all who those who demand murders have a right to life…
Are the 1st ones to support and protect Planned Parenthood and abortions on demand?….
All need to die a PAINFUL death

Dalvin Bolden

If you are to murder someone it must be for justice and killing is self defense murdering and killing are two different actions yes both promote death but there are different see killing is a survival tactic while murdering is something premeditated we all have the instincts to kill that's just human nature but to murder is something way more crucial, it's making a decision for whatever reason.

Yehonatan Kane

You're lack of "understanding" isn't convincing anyone.

Richard Zheng

As a person who lives in a non death penalty country and who supports death penalty I know many hardcore conservative right wingers who are against it. Apart from saying it should be up to god to do the punishment. They say what happens if the murder did something worse than a single murder isn't killing them less worse than the multiple murders that the murder committed. They also say the support of executing anyone is all based on emotion rather than logical thinking and that's what uneducated cavemen do and we should be the better man.

Dj Rasta

I think that rapist and murderers should only be released if they are going to save lives (becoming a doctor, a fireman, a soldier, etc), else they are just going to do the same shit again.

I believe they should be punished, but i also believe a doctor is worth more to society than a guy in a cell

Ritalin Popper

If you don't understand then I'll explain it for you. You admit that innocent people can get executed.
See? Simple.


Even if it's only half of 1% that are wrongly convicted, YOUR STILL MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE… holy shit are cuntservatives so blinded by their bloodlust and perverted sense of justice that they don't see that, and they have the audacity to call themselves pro-life, what true scum.

Jeff Bridges

What he DIDN'T talk about is the death penalty a DETERRENT? The Left says 'no' because if it were a deterrent then there wouldn't be murderers. But that's just STUPID like all Leftist thinking. We have no IDEA just how many millions MORE murders there would have been and how people have stopped short of killing someone and stopped because they were thinking of the consequences of being executed themselves. That number is incalculable.


So cuntservatives defend the murder of innocent people and call themselves pro-life, what pieces of shit.

Damoclese CoE
"Do you really believe that the torturers, rapists, murderers of Dr. Petit's wife and daughters, and evil men like them, deserve to keep their lives?" No, I think they should be killed, and that is a grave weakness of mine. For me the fundamental point is thus: Capital punishment robs people of opportunity. I'm willing to acquiesce that a murderer let go or kept alive could kill again, but what if they don't? What if they understand that what they have done is wrong? What if they have the opportunity to repent? Are we really so short sighted as to… Read more »
Joey Misciagna

kill the murders and save the tax payers 💰 money. an eye for an eye. if your family member was murdered you would not be for capitol punishment. if you do than you did not respect that family member. PLEASE don't be an As*Hole. thanks.


Isn't life time in solitary confiment worse than death, id rather die than live in solitary confinement

Aurayon West

I have to say, I'm on your side, sir…
I don't want to say anything more, because I've grown tired of childish arguments on the internet.
A huge majority of the people who comment on my stuff just call me names and spout unintelligible nonsense =/
However, if someone would like to have a true conversation, no caps or being an a-hole, hit me up 🙂
I love conversations about human psychology. I've been studying it for a few years, now. (Not the weird college stuff. From actual books published by notable therapists/psychologists ^-^)

Anthony Duin

Please refer to the teachings of JPII, who is adamantly against the death penalty.


The Chinese proverb states: If you borrow someone's money, you got pay him back; If you killed someone, you got pay back your life.

It's not moral since it's not the government's job to kill people, and the government could murder an innocent person. Hell I'm against life imprisonment since the taxpayer has to, essentially, clothe and feed a rapist, serial killer pedophile etc. Fact is, scum who is beyond rehabilitation, should be exiled to a remote place, like the Sahara desert, and be left to fend for themselves i.e. you're not killing them because they have a chance to survive through their own merit , it costs the taxpayer practically nothing (besides transporting them there) and a place like that is so desolent… Read more »
isaac hubbard

Im against the death penalty because of how long it takes to kill the criminal. If it is 100% certain they did it, Kill them now. Government gets in the way of everything. Even Pragers arguments are wrong.


Not only are they cared for for life, they get to masterbate to the rape memories of their deceased victims. A thought that makes me nauseous to think about. That's another reason for the death penalty. Sorry to be graphic, but it's the truth.

Lil Potato
Here's the thing. You can say "it's virtually impossible to execute an innocent person" but that's just not true. And what we considered "damning evidence" 20-years-ago is shown to be faulty and not as valid as we thought. People used to be sentenced to death if they didn't pass something as faulty as a polygraph test. Now we know ANYONE can pass a polygraph test if they try hard enough, and anyone can fail a polygraph test if they're stressed enough. Even the most trusted forensic evidence is being questioned. And even if they confess, there is a problem with… Read more »
sizzler 102

lobotomy is better

Jesse James
The death penalty is never moral you are murdering someone because the committed murder therefore put the person who ordered their execution and those that carried it out just as guilty of murder as the person they are punishing and also we see now with DNA evidence people being found innocent that were once found guilty so there is no doubt innocent people have been put to death and in most states anyway the death penalty costs more for the state than life in prison in that people found guilty and given the death penalty have several guaranteed appeals which… Read more »

How many liberals who oppose the death penalty openly call for violence against Trump and Trump supporters?

Jesse James

Why is that people that call themselves pro-life are usually pro death penalty which if you are pro death penalty by definition you are not pro life

Mr Nye
Prager U, can you make a video that defends trump or something? I mean I know it's not your style, but I'm really annoyed by all of these talk show hosts bashing trump weekly with no one defending him except for himself. That would be cool, but honestly it would be better if you could predict the out come of all of these talk show hosts constantly bashing trump. I hope it ends someday, but it never seems like it will since they make so much money because they fulfill the liberal fantasy about how terrible trump is. I doubt… Read more »
John C

I am for the death penalty. You give up your right to live when you murder others


Bias trash networks worse than TYT.



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