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Ingraham: Kathy Griffin meant to shock and dehumanize

Ingraham: Kathy Griffin meant to shock and dehumanize

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Ingraham: Kathy Griffin meant to shock and dehumanize

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37 Comments on "Ingraham: Kathy Griffin meant to shock and dehumanize"

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Barbara waters

I'm no snowflake, but no one slept at my house the night these images flashed up on the screen. And the kids? Have you heard of night terrors? Griffin should be so proud of terrorizing not only Barron Trump, but for all kids who saw this across America. Shame on you, just isn't strong enough. Shunning her and everything about her is!

Lisa Mastrangelo

Why does the law protect the guilty and not the innocent ! This is a display of encouraging a sick mind to take action ! How can they say Islamophobia is a threat to Muslim people and they ask for protection by banning hate speech against them ! I call out Trumpophobia against these MSM and celebrities that are spreading Trump hate !!

The pathetic, redundant Hollywood creature, Kathy Griffin, needs the attention and self-approbation to re-start her so-called career. Backfire!  Let her visit the many countries where decapitation is law so she can experience the savage practice in person. In today's world with its compromised moral climate, this is no joke and hopefully justice will prevail. In one way or another, Griffin, herself, needs to endure the shock, pain and revulsion that she has forced others to suffer. She has spat on our First Amendment and our country. Those who support her are no better. As an artist and former Hollywood technician, this is… Read more »
Tim Walters
Socratic Method It's a form of cooperative dialogue between individuals based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions . Not a single thing of what I just wrote will be comprehended by a single left wing idiot . Why ? Because Logic is a menace and Truth is an enemy to those scumbags !

Ask Kathy Griffin if she really wanted fame and to all liberals left wing courageous Antifa thugs to do it to Prophet Mohammed of Islam and more than fame you'll get!

Buzz Miller

Kathy G went on MSNBC and talked about how hateful Trump is. Really Kathy? Hateful? Look in the mirror and you will see who is actually hateful

Peter Adelmann

Sean on Democrats: "…they claim they have the monopoly on these groups…" They also can appropriately claim the monopoly on hypocrisy, idiocy, and self-destruction.

Frank Pitchford

what about the families of the victims of the murdered men didnt kathy think of them yes she did and she didnt care $$$$$$

lyn ells

This was a threat against President Trump just as evil snowflake Madonna's statement was about blowing up the White House with President Trump and family living there. Yes, it is past time to boycott these fools and their employers, etc. Hit them where it hurts and that is in the wallet. USAA came back as a sponsor of the Hannity show because money talks and they faced losing big time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


go to China and do that


Mr. President, take this fact, according to who comes… she is a woman, with a sick mind and soul, feeds on hatred and vileness. Mentally disabled ! She is desperate for a minute of fame, in front of MSM to support her, to get some sponsor and to win the approval of all those radical thugs who vandalize for the country.


Kathy Griffin = the most hated woman of the USA!

Clive James

KG's actions could incite someone to act in an ISIS kind of way towards our President – isn't that enough to have her handcuffed?

David Patton

Laura, Isn't there any way you could work in the communications cadre at the White House?

Linda Fukuyu

Good, We need to boycott that bitch Kathy .. She's a useless and with no talent and a very sick individual !!


Yes. The 'left' hate the American people. Sadly, it's trickling down to young Americans.

Pamela Martin

What Griffin did was wrong but it is good to think maybe Trump will get a taste of what if feels like to be dehumanized. Maybe it will teach him to be more respectful. Well, probably not.

Kelley Broussard Mackaig
Kelley Broussard Mackaig

I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the reactions from the liberals over all of this. Particularly CNN and Anderson Cooper.

Leann Wilson

Conservatives need to stand up .. I'm tired of the high road .

Dennis Vance

What's overlooked is that children have been horrified, traumatized by this image. This, in itself, is an act of terror.

Interested Party
She is so right! The left can congratulate Kathy Griffin because she is now the new "poster child of hate" glorifying the depth/reality of Trump-haters and bringing it to the world stage. Performance art isn't new and using sensationalism to reach our psyches has been done over and over, there are so many examples. She sat back watching, absorbing all this hate in the world: terrorism bombing/beheadings, angry mobs and world demise theories…then being the opportunist she is, why not use it all as a publicity stunt. Art Performance: is this image really a reflection of us? Does it say… Read more »
Tony Arcieri

Take all money from the Leftards they claim to hate market economy so let them be without corporate sponsors

Liz N

I don't think it makes any difference about her motives.

Martin Coté

What people are learning is that Kathy Griffin is as ugly inside as she is outside WOW THE MORE I LOOK AT HER AND THE MORE REPULSED I AM (press conference). A great point by Laura Ingraham when she talks about dehumanization truly being the most disgusting social treatment used by the left in lieu of an argument on the issues because they are so righteous.

Ingrid Bullard

Poor wretched Kathy Griffin she needs help from a psychologist.

Mary Sherrill

Kathy, Snoop Dog, and all of the other liberals who are doing these mock murders of Trump are pushing their agenda and becoming enablers. If some one does any attempt on Trump's life Kathy and the rest are just as responsible.There are people out there who seriously suffer from some type of psycological problems and could be taking this seriously and follow through with this disturbing behavior.

My Channel

Kathy GRIFFIN is subhuman.


she is so hideously ugly the ugliest thing that rode the wrecking ball that destroyed her life! really she was a nobody- she is sub human-blames the Trump family for her own acts of evil- she is a bully- mean and nasty ugly- Katy go into the woods so we don't have to see your face ever again!

Judy Gagnon

Kathy Griffin is a washed up, washed out, hollyhell has been trying to find relevance because the older she gets the uglier she gets. send her ass back to Canada.

James Waldy

I wish we wouldn't refer to people we don't "celebrate" as "celebrities". Kathy Griffin means NOTHING to me, let alone someone whose "talent" I would celebrate. Same for Rosie, Amy, Joy, Whoopi, etc.

Jonathan Moore

She intended to spread the message that it's ok to behead people!!!! Not just people, our President. I'm no lawyer, but this has to be criminal in some way.

jason cullity

EXACTLY! They are NOT true feminists! They are hypocritical C'S. Liberals are a disgusting human beings.

Ian George

I dot think that trump junior will be affected by the vile islamic terrorist scum so called comedy.The trump family are strong protestant .And we protestant can laugh at californians who are basically idiots.They are a bunch of marxists who will pay a heavy price if they challenge our protestant jesus belief.

doyle Brockman

liberals suck I am r ready to go to war against them

Pixie Dust

That's what we all need to do : STOP SUPPORTING HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS!!! Other than occasional Redbox rental ($1.29) NONE OF MY MONEY GOES TO THOSE SCUM. If I want music, I buy it second hand on eBay, same with dvds , so if everyone did this, those Hollywood shit heads wouldn't have a pot to pee in!!! Also, I got rid of my cable and I never go out to the movies or concerts, so it isn't me supporting those assholes 😂😂


Laura said Trump is subhuman in the eyes of the left. I agree.

But doesn't that sound familiar? The left as a whole also dehumanizes the preborn child as well.

To hold up the bloody remains of a dismembered human appears to suit the goal of the progressives; like a trophy hunter with a good kill.

Such obvious evil.

Brian Wurch

She incited a machete murder in Illinois today, a white guy killed by a girl, so yeah she incited.



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