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How to Turbocharge the American Economy

How to Turbocharge the American Economy

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How to Turbocharge the American Economy

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Tyler Donte'

Economics explained so easy that a leftist could understand it.. Maybe.

Fawad Nabi

Thats why u wanna destroy them

Mitch Hammond

Simple. Tax breaks for small business and tax raises for giant corporations. Everyone wins.

Jonathan Duenas

As a entrepreneur, I can vouch for this, I had to kill off one of my busineses because of being left with no money after expenses.

Daniel Kunkle

I know a lot of skeptics dismiss this "trickle down" effect but all I got to say to that is, "I never got a job from a poor person".

Dan.K Trimminallday

Wow rep ur locals

Robin Hood

"Intrusive regulations" like what?
"40% tax rate" thats partially because larger companies pay a lower rate of tax (or no tax at all)

Swapnil Jadhav

Taxation is theft. And a Flat Tax less than 15% for everyone is the Preferred Theft.


If you're a sole proprietor and invest money from sales into your business, that investment will not be taxed since it is considered an expense. Not investing into your business will mean that your business won't grow and you won't make more income in the long term. There are many reasons why someone will not invest into their business but taxes is just a small part.

NEY Industries

Taxation isn't just theft – it's a racket, cause you're being under constant threat of reprisal.

Conner Toennis

What does the new tax bill mean for small businesses?

Roger didit

Vote, donate, educate yourself, and humiliate Leftists and liberals, no matter where they are. Trump 2020

stephano malakay

Both the left and right agree on that… but the GOP IS hellbent on reducing huge corporate tax rates and havent done anything to help the middle class.

Orthodox Fox

A lot of commies are debunking your videos prager, and I don’t know about you but I am a lazy guy, so I have no idea if what they are saying is true or not, but I think they make compelling arguments so I hope you can respond to some of them because I am curious

Bobo Hacker

Until the Federal Reserve is history, nothing will change.

Surge Tmz

Isn't that what my President Donald Trump just did?


I agree with you that high taxes are a burden on small business, but what is even more worrisome is a monopoly called Amazon, something needs to be done about that, or else low taxes won't mater.


merry christmas and happy new years!

Simon Boulanger

lol wtf if they wanted to invest in their companies they could just declare it as a business expense and wouldn't have to pay taxes on it.

Victor Rene

is this in trumps tax bill?

Thomas Powell

Shit this sounds great when can we start? Oh wait…

Adam Winebarger

For more information on how to turbocharge your economy, check out

Dankus Memus

You act as if taxes are set by larger corporations to drown out competition and have no real financial purpose. But the reality is that the government is drowning in debt and everyone needs to pull together to pay it off. The government is going to put a little more burden on small busies because it is traditionally a more unstable employer compared to large businesses.


I’m a conservative, and I support this idea, but the confusing case against it is the Kansas Experiment. Anyone have an explanation of what went wrong with it?

Ginger miller


Ace Diamonds

the problem with cutting taxes on small businesses is everyone thinks they are a small business. if we just gave small businesses a pass on taxes that would be one thing but companies who have the same revenue as some countries GDP also get tax breaks. plus if you give benefits to small businesses big businesses will cut employees and hours to fit into the paramaters of 'small business'.



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