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How the States Can Save America

How the States Can Save America

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How the States Can Save America

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Philip Hall
How about meaningful limits on Corporations forming the Oligarchy. How about amendments to get Money out of politics? How about Breaking up the Big Banks, The Corporate News Media, and overtly large Institutions that effectively control our government by controlling the flow of money and controlling the boundaries of arguments for both the Left and Right. What happen to Teddy's Roosevelt Busting those Trusts. Why is our country Choking once again on Standard Oil and Robber Barons? Today the Mainstream Media are trying to choke out Internet News Organizations for Liberals and Conservatives; perhaps we should just break up CNN… Read more »

Why is there no mention of inflation at the beginning? Is it already taken into account?

Test Channel

Sadly, the liberals in this nation have made everything partisan and political. Could you imagine what Soros would do if we ever opened up our constitution to amendment? Oh my. You think free speech is safe? Not on your life. They'd find a way to make it a crime to hurt someone's feelings with words.


CUT the giant DOWN by first greeting rid off them over spending DEMOCRATS. CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT NEEDED IS A BALANCED BUDGET.

Jazz Witherspoon
Elsa Richardson

North Dakota was #10 to pass the Convention of States resolution. Proud Nodaker!

DrRisen -

Oh quit your bellyaching and fearmongering. The government does a shitload for us, and the founding fathers didn't have an crystal balls.

Kevin Smith
The biggest issue with debt is our debt based currency. It is impossible for the federal government to pay off it's debt, because in order to do so they need to return every Federal Reserve Note in circulation plus non-existent ones to pay off just the Federal Reserve. The only way to secure a sufficient money supply with a debt based currency is to borrow at the economic growth rate.Ending the Federal Reserve system would be a necessary first step in addressing the national debt.A Constitutional Convention would be a good way for Republicans to pass some of their ideas.… Read more »

I never knew that was in there. That's so cool! Btw I am really glad PragerU mentions that the donations count as tax deductions. As an accounting major I am proud to hear you guys spead the word.

Robert Parker


David Leeper

It's great to see COS and Prager working together!

seth mclemore
Please get this off of YouTube advertising. We have enough political advertisements on tv and social media. Besides, everyone is hitting the skip button because in the first 5 seconds, bland monotone voiceover met with a tired played out agenda. We get the message everyone tells us, but what can we do to fix it? Where should we go? There, your 5 min video is now trimmed down to 30 seconds. 1. Political statement. 2. State that we need to fix it3. To learn more visit I work with advertising all the time and I just did this for… Read more »

Well said!


Is that 700 million to 3.5 trillion taking into consideration inflation? It might not be as drastic of a size increase

Ron Helton

No more unfunded pensions for Congress and civil service. They need to fund their own retirements. These unfunded liabilities for pensions are astronomical.

Jack Barman

Just imagine the amount of savings that we would have if we cut military spending (we spend more than the next ~7 countries combined). We should also probably end NSA spying of everyone cause it violates the 4th amendment. And maybe read that part of the constitution about congress having the power to declare war, not the president.

I assume that Prager U supports gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, and the like because small government… Right?


Oh shut up mate.

Father Time

Another excellent video from Prager U. This channel raises IQs. The public education system in the USA (and most other countries) lowers the IQs of its students. Thank goodness for an open internet. Humanities only chance at improving its logic-driven critical thinking skills.


Dude, your conservatism couldn't even conserver gender. You have lost!


How will changing the constitution help if we don't follow the one we have now?

The Search For Truth
No, a constitutional convention is extremely dangerous. Let's not open up that pandora's box. The first constitutional convention was originally just to propose amendments to the articles of confederation. Well, the convention decided to just ignore the articles and make something entirely new. This is exactly how the USA will become the USSA. Don't fall for it. A constitutional amendment would still need the approval of 38 states? I doubt it. Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required unanimous approval. Well, we know how that turned out. Let's elect people who will actually defend the constitution we have now.
This is one of the dumbest videos you've ever published. You proceed from the false assumption that "the people" want the federal government to shrink dramatically and that "the elite" are the reason the federal government is so large. It's a nice story, but it is not the world we live in. The federal government is large because the overwhelming majority of Americans want it that way. We run large deficits because the overwhelming majority of Americans want it that way. Look at any public poll: concern for budget deficits ranks much lower on the priority list among "the people" than it… Read more »
mari brenner

Oct 30 – Jim DeMint – I am pleased to announce that, thanks in part to your generosity, the Convention of States Project has released a brand new video, produced in collaboration with PragerU.

saya vaya

We should have stayed under British rule



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