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How Iraq Was Won and Lost

How Iraq Was Won and Lost

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How Iraq Was Won and Lost

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Why do we invade Iraq? To destroy weapon of mass destruction. Who give weapon of mass destruction to Iraq in first place? US give weapon of mass destruction to Iraq during Iran vs Iraq war. Period.

Chris Katko

I don't care if EVERYONE thought it was a good idea to stroke the war machine. IT WAS A BAD IDEA and everyone who said it was good (including the MSM) deserves to be held accountable.


I am an Iraqi Kurd and this so true. It was no mistake attacking Iraq but it was a mistake attacking Libya. Also it was Saddam Hussein that created ISIS but everyone is still blaming US.

Mik Wind

Who cares that the situation in Iraq collapsed, it's not our problem, nor is it our responsibility, just imagine the progress we could have made within our borders if we had spent all those trillions back home? but no, we had to go in there… and what do we have to show for it ? at the end we just ended screwing up our allies in Europe with an influx of terrorists. Congratulations america!

Nitram Midnite

Lets just blame Obama for everything wrong in the world right now and cut to the chase, Iraq War…check, The Trump election…check, the price of tea in China…check, your mom burning the tuna casserole last night…check, humorless retorts in the comments section on You Tube…check,…

Giovanni junior

Yeaahh.. I would jave agreed on a lot of the other videos but not this one.. not completely that is.

louis-charles pelzer

I just discovered this channel and it's awesome. Please continue


I like his eyes

andres sanchez
You forgot the reason why Iraq wanted to try US soldiers in their courts. Because video was released showing US troops massacring civilians and laughing about it. Our military knew about it and tried to hide it. But it was leaked and the leaker was imprisoned for it. Iraq isn't stupid, they knew justice wouldn't be served if they let the US try their own military personel. Tell me if a foreign nation massacred American civilians would you not want to pay for their crimes? And what a were we supposed to do, in till when were we supposed to… Read more »
Robert M

It was all started because Saddam Hussein back in 2000 was going to change oil from the U.S. dollar to a gold back currency.  This would of destroyed our economy the U.S. dollar isn't worth shit.  So a year later bam, you have 9/11 false flag and any excuse now to invade any Arab country with oil.  Gaddafi was going to do the same thing now he's dead.

martin austin

So the solution is to constantly occupy Iraq with 30k+ troops? Sounds like any war mongerer wet dream. So much for the party of fiscally responsible people telling us we can't afford paying for healthcare or college. But has unlimited money for occupation.


Iraq war was an Israeli war fought by the US goyim. Israel has been making America its bitch for far too long, especially with the billions of dollars to them, and the fact they won't let anyone inspect their nukes. This is all about Israel taking over regions around them and getting even larger than occupied Palestine. Zionism will destroy America.

martin austin

Fake news

I agree that Pete Hegseth is correct. With that many US troops stabilizing Iraq, it probably would not have been a problem it is. The issue is that I seriously doubt Americans have the stomach for a multi-decade military presence in a country like Iraq where US troops are the only thing holding the place together. Maybe the Iraqis would have gotten their act together in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years. Who knows. Maybe if we wanted to pay for a million person State Department and multiple military expeditionary forces that stay in trouble spots for who knows how… Read more »
Benjamin Natividad

So we should've sent more Americans to Vietnam?

boycot gugle

So… what to do? Stay there until the end of time?


This channel is cancerous. The American people overwhelmingly agree it was a mess, this channel only follows the right wing party line

Abdur Harper

I can't help but ask what is the real motive behind this video? Who would have been the winners if U.S. troops would have stayed in Iraq? Defense contractors? Oil companies? How many troops would have stayed to maintain the mild peace between multiple fighting groups? How long would troops have been expected to stay there? How many billions were Americans willing to continue spending in order to prolong the war and refurbish deteriorating equipment? It sounds cute to say, "Obama lost the war", but what were the real alternatives?


Man, you guys are running out of ideas…

Eric Andrade

I hate to admit it… But, he's right…

Hans Blitz

Oy Vey, you Chosen racists wanted to send Goys to their death to get rid of Saddam, Israeli Public Enemy #1 1998-2003.



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