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Harlan Hill – Bipartisanship

Harlan Hill – Bipartisanship

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Harlan Hill – Bipartisanship

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☆☆☆Trump 2020☆☆☆


Harlan, great to see you here helping President Trump, miss seeing you on DML Walk and Talk.

Helga Linton

Trump 2020.

Imagine if you did this: invite reporters from local newspapers and tv stations across the country to come directly to the White House press briefings and ask a question. Imagine how they would cover it, as opposed to the MSM that seeks to undermine you at every turn. Where the MSM will always ask aggressive petty questions, the local journalists (by virtue of this singular opportunity) would ask legitimate, incisive questions. Where the MSM would bury any real news you have to share on their 14th page, you can bet that the small-town publications would run the answers to their… Read more »
Jon Mapa

If you betray us on immigration, don't expect our vote in 2020

Karen Diamond


Paul BBQ

harlan hill is a pathetic loser

Paul BBQ

gosh darn this guy looks like such a dick

Paul BBQ

can yall just fire harlan hill already

Takoui Souvadjian

I love Harlan. I love POTUS


The only way republicans and democrats will come together is if it is to screw white America and give illegals amnesty.

Ivan Kinsman

Take the best of the Dems (not fiscal deficit) and the Republicans (not environment) and knock some heads together. You can do it Donald if you get off your goddam mobile phone.

Tom McDaniel

Harlan rocks

DJ Rodriguez

I'm just so so sick of the politically illiterate or malevolent sordid venal cabal supporting degenerate anti-Trump.

Lisa Davidson
Well you are my president and I voted for you and you've got my hundred percent support. But I feel strongly you're starting to show that your faults and you are wishy-washy. Because everyday, I'm still waking up to poisonous chemicals being sprayed in my sky you're allowing NASA and these energy companies with these air machines and sew forth to control the weather you're also allowing the same to put all of these so-called cell towers everywhere that are part of the NORAD system which is also controlling the weather and you are increasing the radiation level across our… Read more »

Refusing your Tax Reform survey because it auto directs to the gop website. Many of us have left the party. How about when you send out emails, do not share our info with the evil GOP. Thx. 👍❤

Corn OnACob

Trump is a joke, he hasn't built a wall, he didnt repeal Obamacare, he ruined international US relations and is a manchild. So many blind Trump dick riders here Trump is the WORST POTUS EVER and completely incompetant. The orange needs impeachment

Janet Cummins

TRUMP! Best President ever! MAGA

Wilian Euceda

Donald Trump president 2020,2024. more power USA


Democrats are terrorist traitors and a Civil War should be declared on them

B My

He is the Best
2020. 2024 like one of the historic presidential



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