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Hannity: Time to end Mueller’s witch hunt once and for all

Hannity: Time to end Mueller’s witch hunt once and for all

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Hannity: Time to end Mueller’s witch hunt once and for all

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22 Comments on "Hannity: Time to end Mueller’s witch hunt once and for all"

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More demonrat Insanity ! It's suppose to be our turn to turn this country back to her glory, but the sitting career politicians who hate America as much as the demonrats are doing what they do best….NOTHING !!! Except, AIDING AND ABETTING THE DEMONRATS. The best thing God is doing in this circumstance is outting the enemies of our nation. The very People who have worked tirelessly over the last 50 years to destroy America. God will show us, but he allows US to choose IF we want this to continue. In other words he gives us choices.

Liberty Girl

Is it true that Mueller was the one who delivered the Uranium?


I call BS. If Clinton had won, there is no way Hannity would have supported her being able to shut down an investigation into her emails.

terra unplugged

Hannity failed to mention Trump has donated to Democrats more than any of then. – Liberals you can have Trump back, the dupped blind trumptard cultist are pandered by him. Real conservatives don't want him.

Doyle Hargrove

Build a wall around D.C. ..


Hey Hannity are you scared Muller will find Trump's pee pee tapes? lol


I think that those numbers are not accurate but still show misconduct and Bias Conditions to be in charge of their own False Investigations. Just Lock them up! The proof is in the Pudding!

I am Your Father

You wish!

Bassem Sarris

Fuck you Hannity you orangutang sucking cunt.


All true dear Hannity, rebel against all the destroying lies and biased, arrogant Mueller must go.

Juniper Hall

The day that Trump throws Hannity under the bus will be a beautiful, glorious day. Only a matter of time. All this good dick slurping Hannity is doing on Trump isn't gonna save him.

Dan Wolfe

I totally agree with you Sean. Good work. Go President Trump, the greatest President ever! MAGA

donald trump

"I gotta hand it to Sean-thunder thighs Hannity still peddling fake news to his ignorant audience.

Dorrie Roberts

The Last Laugh is on the DEMOCRATS! They LOST the Election in a Republican takeover Landslide! Mueller is an UGLY LIAR Wessel! Hillary is CROOKED! OBAMA is a MUSLIM LOSER! All the unmasking of THOUSANDS of innocent American Citizens is in VIOLATION of your 4th Amendment Rights! WAKE up People and Call CONGRESS & Demand JUSTICE! How dare this CORRUPT government at the AGs office of disfunction to go after us? What's that all about Loser DEMOCRATS? Give me an answer you stupid stupid Democrats!!!

Lisa Lovegren

You are SPOT ON Hannity! Thank you, stay on it!

wiseass 5000

You got to give it to this Manatee feller. He sure don't give up. Dumbass

Evade Money

✔Nation'sWealth Stolen
✔Intel/Tech Stolen
✔Soldiers Compromised
✔Congress/Law/Intel Extorted
✔Ratlines $/Human/Drugs/Arms

Evade Money

I was screaming special counsel conflict of interest from my roof top but nothing happened.
The neighbors yelled back stfu…
I'm trying to reach so many online. not easy.


Seth Rich


CNN is window licker media

Tony Carr

the only way the law will work if we the people shot them are self's there no law any more we can see that not one of them going to Jail its all bullshit pick the law's you like fuck the rest that the law we got now

Mike Wiley

Trump's top Russia defense lawyer, Ty Cobb, contributed to Obama and Al Franken. Whine more, Sean



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