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Hannity: James Comey is a national embarrassment

Hannity: James Comey is a national embarrassment

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Hannity: James Comey is a national embarrassment

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37 Comments on "Hannity: James Comey is a national embarrassment"

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Linda Garza


Robert Hudson

Someone is asking for their brake lines to be cut. Learn some manners Sean. You don't criticise the FBI.

Richard Fletcher

Schumer is a butt licking, shit sucking, ball swallowing, piece of shit. He lies, then he lies, and finally he lies about everything. Fuck this piece of crap, stop licking
waters ass.

Jay Dee Johnson

my, Fox has quite the short memory.

praise Comey for pre-election gossip around Hilary…but as soon as Donald is under the light, fire him.

The hypocrisy rarely surprises me anymore

Jonathan Polanco

Comey on suicide watch.

jab smith

keep on licking trumps dick, hannity! with your dumbness we can build that wall


Dems are hoping Comey's firing will have the scandalous effect of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre. Problem is, so many of the Dems (up to and including Hil-LIAR-y) have weighed in with negative comments about Comey's competence. Hard to make Comey a martyr a la Archibald Cox when it will easily be undercut by THEIR OWN previous statements.

John Grytbakk

Well said Sean.

John Grytbakk

The "Democrats" are wackos.

Austin Perry

Chunky Crocodile Tears Schumer.

Traci Richardson

It was like he couldnt make his mind up on whether or not to be a crook or an honest man with scruples. IM SO GLAD HE IS FINALLY GONE. HOPE PRESIDENT TRUMP HIRES SHERIFF CLARK TO REPLACE HIM!!! #LOCKHERUP

Yvan Herrera

Great move Mr. President Trump- I lost credibility on James Comey, Trey Gowdy for new FBI director!!


Sean Hannity is an International embarasment. Kill yourself hannity, my dogs shit is more true than the bullshit that comes out of your mouth.

leos rule


M Schoenfuss

MAGA! Another great victory for the REAL American people!
Fuck the far left democrats!!! You all are a disease and we are serving you a cure! BaHahahaha hahahaha!

King Ofpain

Now, Hire Someone that will do his job and Arrest that Fkng criminal Hillary Clinton.

Blue Brick Wall

The "Destroy Trump and Anyone Who Supports Trump Media"


Let's close our eyes and just for a second imagine if Obama fired Comey after his Hillary investigation revelations just before the election. Now let's open our eyes again…and get back to most "fair and balanced" that tends to the flock of sheep with straw in lieu of brain. Trumpy firing FBI director in the middle of the his administration being investigated – priceless.

Scorpio Òne

thanks Hannity

Marvin Polynice

I dont understand… why did he only get fired now?
Hannity aint saying nothing about the timing. And I thought everybody hated comey. Can someone explain this to me cause seriously, Hannity didnt provide much 😛

Steven Kelley

you, sir, are the national embarassment! don't give up your crown so easily!

Clarke Hurt

Hannity is a national embarrassment. Hillary… Bahahahahahaha.

Blue Brick Wall

Comey is clearly a mentally disturbed man.
When he gets out of prison he should seek out psychiatric help.

YoYO Semite

WTF was that criminal bitch clinton doing sending and receiving PERSONAL emails during company time? On company equipment?

Rachel Barrenger

Comey fell on his sword for the Clinton's, Lynch, and the Obama, and he tried to backpedal too. The name Comey is synonymous with Homer.

Jack Walker

I'm so tried of winning


With Comey gone Hillary Clinton can now face Justice. Loose lips sink ships Clinton and your lips should have been shut but nope, you are about to go down in flames.

Dawn Hall

Yes, but little Hillary had no bad intentions when she did all that illegal stuff! She would not have had bad intentions when she had her goons take people's guns away or the alternative news sites shut down if she had won the election either. She only did all those bad things because she LOVES the American people and knows what is best for us! Chuckie Schumer looks like Gollum. He makes me sick to look at him……HILLARY FOR PRISON 2017.

Jay B

Sheriff Clarke is the best man for the job as the new FBI director followed by Trey Gowdy.

Raul Castaneda

Hannity you are a pice s–t I can't wait to see you go away @foxnews you guys are fake news…….

thirty-five cent

Hannity would show trump his pasty white posterior if he asked

Michael Funkerton

Trump fires people to deflect from his own swamp.

Freddy  Medina

Tell'em hannity!!!!

C Dorman

Trump is in a battle with the deep state

John Meego

Fire fire fire Fire fire fire Fire fire fire Fire fire fire, its over dueeeeeeeeeeeee !

Michael Justice

Well Sean, there's a serious flaw in your logic. Yet again there's video of Trump praising Comey for the very thing he was supposedly fired for. And not just one either! To be clear I'm glad the Asshole is gone, but the way it was done is so politically inept. In regards to the lefts outrage of the firing when before calling for his resignation… That was before anyone knew of the FISA warrent and the investigation into possible collusion. It's really not that complicated, firing the head of an agency that's investigating you looks really really REALLY BAD!

Jakhongir Siddikov

Talking trash after he's been already fired seems little awkward. Where were u before the president made the decision???



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