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Hannity calls out GOPers who voted no on ObamaCare repeal

Hannity calls out GOPers who voted no on ObamaCare repeal

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Hannity calls out GOPers who voted no on ObamaCare repeal

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12 Comments on "Hannity calls out GOPers who voted no on ObamaCare repeal"

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Tuan Tang

Treasonous 🐍

Wesam Saka

These aren't republicans. We call them filthy RINOs specially that jerk "war hero"

Debra Thomas

Just vote them out and start making these politicians do their job or they are out!


Paul Ryan came up with a intermediate repeal + partial replacement => GOP says why not straight repeal? => voted no
Now GOP came up with straight repeal first, and replace later within 2 years => GOP says why not replace together? => voted no

Sam Iam

Shhh….hear that sound? That is the sound of the DNC being flushed down the commode


Just like the Dems, the Repubs ALSO want Obamacare to stay bc that's what the insurance industry wants — their donors. It's a boondoggle for them.

Lubabalo Nqumse

reason why republicans are not doing justice to american people is because they are doing the same things

Facts for cuckservatives
Facts for cuckservatives

God bless the republicans who put country over party. O'care is imperfect but the GOP bill is death.

Oh, and Trump is an embarrassment.

Unsubscribed Disliker
Unsubscribed Disliker

Hannity is lying about McCain.
McCain voted YES to the procedural.
Do your research, because Fox won't do it for you.

Prince Planet

I agree with Trump. Obamacare is garbage. Obamacare has resulted in many insurance companies offering little to no plans in many markets. He needs to fire all the insurance companies and put them out of business. Then a good plan can provide health care for every American. GO TRUMP! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


RINO's need to resign and move out of the USA ! We don't need you !


Why isn't shultz being arrested ?



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