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Hannity: America’s information crisis

Hannity: America’s information crisis

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Hannity: America’s information crisis

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11 Comments on "Hannity: America’s information crisis"

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Jerry Rowden

Like him or not, Hannity speaks the truth.

Martha Castañon

Jail time for trump.

The Fudge Packer

Me got something much worst than a information crises , the boy at the feed-store me think just giving me some of his body crabs and now me gonna gotta figure out how to get rid of them and me got no money at all so me gonna gotta figure out a cheap way to make them go away, they laid eggs all over my underpants for the past few weeks !

Alpha 2007

Thank You Hannity! Keep fighting, this is a movement that's on the right side of history.🇺🇸

Mike Schwarzer
Mary Bartels

Its not just national news…its LOCAL media as well. No more reports on crime, alerts or detailed weather….nope
Its all bullshit cookies & cream! On Fox 5 las vegas 20 solid min. of discussions about pet bathing, toy drives christmas gifts & jokes while a murder happening just miles away. Huge traffic jams & fires burning in neighboring CA.
Nope we get to see JLo & her final performance.
Thanks for NOTHING


God Bless We the PEOPLE of Knowledge Truth LOVE and PEACEFUL Coexistence

ashley schaeffer

Yeah the crisis starts here on this show

Don Parker

eat garbage and hot dogs msm. 33m ttfd.

Lisa Mastrangelo

I am sick of how this can be put out publicly and they get away with it ! People should be angry and demand that they pay consequences for false reporting ! We banned all these fake news in our home ! We get our news from Fox and President Trump Tweets !



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